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    Hair Style News Roundup January


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    TimesOnline ~~ Has an interesting article about the beauty gadgets that were introduced last year. A very thorough article including evaluations and tips for usage. The gadgets include:

    • The ZENO its goal is to zap zits. It uses a low dose of heat to kill the bacteria that cause spots.
    • TUA VISO, its aim is to tone facial muscles and give the skin a nonsurgical lift. It sends an electrical microcurrent through the muscles to make them contract and plump up, thus tightening the skin.
    • The TRIA its goal is to permanently defuzz anywhere, except near the eyes (ie, legs, armpits, bikini line, upper lip). It uses laser pulse is absorbed by the pigment in the hair, which disables the follicle, thereby reducing hair regrowth.
    • The NUFACE its goal is to reduce wrinkles and firm sagging skin. It uses an electric microcurrent to tone the muscles, which leads to a plumper, smoother complexion.


    Bravo Renews Tabathas Salon ~~ The reality show built around “Shear Genius” contestant Tabatha Coffey and her no-nonsense, tough-love approach to revamping failing hair salons. While I loved Shear Genius, I found Tabatha’s Salon high on drama and low on fashion and style ideas and tips. But for you fashionistas who are into reality shows, you’ll love it.

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    Hair Style News Round Up

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    Keeping my ear tuned . . . hairstyle articles you might have missed recently

    • Shear Genius is Back ~~ Bravo has just announced that it is bringing back it’s popular hair styling reality TV show, Shear Genius for a second season in 2008. The press release does not indicate an air time but I’ll watch it and let every one know well ahead of time. It should be sometime in early April.

      I’ll plan to give you my take on each episode, like I did last season. I had misgivings when the show was announced, but by the final episode I was on the couch well ahead of airtime and the remote control was off limits to hubby for a change. Casting has just gotten under way and those of you who want to participate in the show can apply online.

    Farouk WEE CHI Ceramic Hairstyling Irons

    • Farouk Curling Iron Recall ~~ If you own a Farouk WEE CHI Ceramic Hairstyling Iron, heads up! It may not shut off after you have turned the switch to off. Fire and burn hazards have been reported. Best to stop using it and return it to Farouk for a refund, details are on their website.

    • Hair Care Product Safety Database ~~ Environmental Working Group is getting serious about the harmful chemicals that can show up in hair care and cosmetic products. At this site you can enter all of the products in your beauty arsenal and find out if there is any harmful stuff therein. They have also got an online form for you to send to your congressmen if you want to see a bunch of new laws. I passed on this one, personally I think we have too many laws already on the books that aren’t being enforced.

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