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Hair Thinning Product Nioxin Buyout by P&G


Thinning Hair Care Product Nioxin Bites the Dust

Hairdresser Michael Quick writes,
“Nioxin Hair
Thinning Product”
Well it has happened once again. Another large professional hair care products company has been bought out by a large corporate entity. This time around it is Nioxin, that has been purchased by Proctor and Gamble. (Proctor and Gamble also own Wella.)

Nioxin is the recognized leader in thinning hair care products with its entire line catering to the thinning hair market. P&G has intentions of increasing product development and brand awareness worldwide, which is great for both the retail consumer and for the hair salon professional.

While this purchase should mean business as usual for the average thinning hair consumer, it may mean a supply disaster for the hair salon professionals.  Nioxin has always been known for its rapid packaging changes which immediately forces inventory liquidations to keep things current. Now the problem will become that quite a few distributors that carry Nioxin and sell to hair salons are owned by either L’Oreal or other direct competitors to P&G.

These distributors will naturally stop carrying Nioxin. This same thing happened when P&G purchased Wella not long ago. And judging by the past transition with Wella, this transition should be long and arduous one to say the least.

Despite this initial backslide, this merger should help Nioxin move to the next level as a professional thinning hair care company. This in turn will be a plus for all of us, both consumer and professional alike.


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