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    2015 Hairstyles; A Little Bit Naughty

    Trendsetting 2015 Hairstyles Will be Slightly Naughty

    You’ll find us Harlots dancing together and goofing off at our salon in Venice Beach, CA, but we are quite serious about the upcoming trends we see and are creating. We are fond of saying that the trendsetting 2015 hairstyles are combining upscale with just a tad bit of naughty! With the perfect, slightly naughty haircut, any woman is ready to rule the world. As we head into holiday season, I’ve rounded up three sexy looks for all of you lovely ladies to rock day-to-day or for a special occasion. One of these ‘do’s ought to tickle your fancy.

    Expensive Boho:

    2015 Hairstyle the expensive boho

    Calling all free-spirited flower children! Do you desire a color change but aren’t ready to commit to a totally different hair color? The expensive boho is the look for you. This style combines authentic color blocking to create a very posh hairstyle. It’s hair chalking for grown ups. You can’t go wrong with this look, no matter how short or long your hair is.

    To style:

    • Dye a couple of thick sections of hair a drastic, pastel color. Don’t worry about getting the dye placement perfect. The more uneven and unnatural, the better.
    • Create heavy waves with a thick barrel curler.
    • Tousle those strands so the color meshes in the hair.
    • Add some flowers in your hair for a truly bohemian look.

    Gypsy girls, this look is to dye for . . .

    Lazy Fringe

    2015 Hairstyle the lazy fringe

    Summer is long gone, but don’t fret, my dears. You can still get lazy, beachy waves with this style that I call the Lazy Fringe. It’s uber low maintenance, so skater chics and beach bums with medium-length hair, this is the look for you.

    This trend brings edge to the forefront with unique hair color, shape and texture. Sex it up!

    To style:

    • Keep the natural color at the roots and paint a worn-in, artificial tone at the ends.
    • Cut your bangs to a longer fringe. I’m all about adding a sultry addition here and there to styles and these bangs are totally bangin’.
    • Texture the shape to marry all of the elements together. I can sense love in the air!

    I adore a lackadaisical look that doesn’t try too hard but is still risqué, what about you?

    Strong Bob

    2015 Hairstyle the Strong Bob

    Naughty sistas with a charming side, take note. I present the strong bob . . . a classic bob with a twist, so it’s perfect for anyone. Yes, I mean you!

    Make it uniquely you by upping the ombré game to your favorite soft-hued color and setting the part on a different side of your head than where you normally have it. This look is so versatile and fierce, perf for flip-flopping from work to happy hour. I’ll meet ya there!

    To style:

    •  Cut your hair to the collarbone and let it dry naturally.
    • Weave cut the hair. First, determine where you want weight, volume or looseness. Then take a thin slice of hair and weave your shear scissor back and forth through the slice.
    • Slightly close your scissors and backpedal to the head. This technique allows the texture to come alive on its own. Weave cutting is great if your client wants to keep their hair one length but also wants volume on the crown.
    • Color the ends a pastel color, which will look stunning against natural hair color, trust me.

    It’s called a strong bob for a reason. Now go out there and rock it!

    These trendy 2015 hairstyles are NOT for the weak of heart. Don’t just turn heads, ladies. Break necks. These looks will make you stand out in all the right ways, so what are you waiting for? Indulge me: I want to see your interpretation of these ‘do’s! Snap a pic and tag me on Instagram: @kokentheharlot.

    Marylle Koken
    Contributing author Marylle Koken is owner of The Harlot hair salon in Venice, CA is an accomplished professional and celebrity stylist. As an industry trendsetter, Koken takes her skills around the world with Wella Company and Sebastian Professional Educating hair stylists. Koken still manages time in her hectic schedule to work on exclusive Los Angeles clientele. Koken’s salon The Harlot has been voted as the #1 hair salon in greater Los Angeles by InStyle magazine.

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    Fall Hairstyle Trends


    Redken Creates Fall Runway Hairstyle Trends from New York, Paris & Milan

    Simple, natural, relaxed or polished and ladylike are the words heard over and over again at the Fall Runway Hair Trends Show in New York, Paris & Milan.

    If world-renowned fashion and runway hairdresser, Guido Palau has it right, styling your hair to go with just about any look this fall, will be a breeze . . .

    If your hair is long enough to pull back into a ponytail , or even a faux pony with an added extension . . . You’re in luck! The ponytail, in slightly different variations, is what Guido kept returning to most often in this fall’s shows with collections from, Versace, Marc Jacobs, and Calvin Klein to mention just a few.

    Check out this video showing the hairdressers creating the ponytails for the runway looks. For the first look session hairdresser, David Cruz, uses Redken’s Fabricate Spray and a flat iron to create a sleek and shiny look to this ponytail hairstyle. He also uses Redken’s Workforce 9 Spray to finish the look and rid the model of any fly aways or frizzies.

    When a sleek straight ponytail was what Guido was after, he would use Redken Extreme Shampoo and Extreme Anti-Snap, a leave-in conditioner. Guido styles the second model into a simple low ponytail hairstyle adding an extension and teasing the hair for a more artsy look to compliment the hats and dress. He used Redken’s Fabricate Spray and lets the hair dry naturally to add more texture. Fabricate, is a heat activated, texturizing spray. He meticulously adds a center part (a big look on the runway) and adds a bit of baby powder to take out the shine. All ponytails were tied low on the nape using just a band, or covering the band with a strand of hair and securing it underneath with pins. Products were used to create either a polished shiny finish, or a loose, natural, relaxed look.

    Stay up with all the happenings in hair trends by following our Pinterest Hair Trends Board.

    Barb Quinn on Google+  


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    Hair Ideas and Trends

    Hair Ideas and Trends

    Hair Ideas and Trends are not Always Fashionable
    By Gina Palumbo

    “Hair Ideas and
    Hair Trends”
    I always like to consider myself fashionable, but there is a fine line between being a trendsetter and following a hair trend. Your hair style speaks volumes about you and no matter what shape or size your hair style may be, it is part of your personality. Your hair style is part of what defines you as a person. If you want to have your own style; why not be the trendsetter? There is no better feeling than for someone to come up to you and say “Oh my god, I love your hair! Where did you get it done? (Although, you hope they don’t become a clone of you.)

    I loved Posh’s first bob hair style and blond high lights, and so did everyone else, it quickly became a hair trend. I’m sorry but looking like twenty other people on a Saturday in the mall, is not what I’d call fashionable. The key is taking something from a hair style and making it your own, not becoming a clone. If we all had the latest hair trend of Jennifer Aniston’s high lights, Posh’s bob, or Gisele’s hair style, who would we be?

    Getting hair ideas from a particular hair style and then owning it and making it your own, that’s what makes you fashionable. Looking like your best friend, is not particularly the best look to go after either. You can both go to the same hair hairdresser, but change it up a little. Make something about the hair style you wear, your own.  It might be cute to mirror your best friend at fifteen, but not beyond.

    Hair Ideas and TrendsHair Ideas and Trends
    Jennifer Aniston’s set her trend hair styleA young Jennifer Aniston hair idea

    Then there are the trend hairdressers who give the same cut and color to everyone. Every person who leaves they’re chair looks the same. It doesn’t matter the hair texture, shape of the face, or the clients opinion, they think every client should have a bob, because that’s what’s in. Be sure to speak up and tell your hair hairdresser what types of looks suit your personality and lifestyle and maybe even more importantly, what doesn’t!

    The last tip I have is this; Let’s say you have the hair style that everyone has said they love on you. They love the hair style, the hair cut, the hair color, everything about it fits you.  But now I need to ask, how long have you had the exact same . . . well everything?

    If you are too afraid to break out of the mold, out of your comfort zone and you find that year after year, hair trend after hair trend, you stay with what you know is comfortable . . .  you, my friend need to make a change. If you can look back on pictures over a couple years and there you are with the same hair style you’re wearing today, let’s just say, it’s time for you to be back on top again.

    Remember, to mix it up once in a while. Look at pictures of celebrities, or pictures in magazines, but take a little from each and make it your own. Who knows maybe you need a new hairdresser with a new perspective on things, who can offer some great ideas?

    Hair trends are good when you’re the trendsetter. Stay up with all the happenings in hair trends by following our Pinterest Hair Trends Board.

    Barb Quinn on Google+  


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