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Get that Hair Off Your Face!

Round Face Shape or Beautiful Skin? Don’t Hide it

Get that hair off your face! Does that sound familiar? Do you remember hearing those words from a very young age?

I heard it from my mom often when my sisters and I were growing up. About the same time the nuns were measuring our bangs to be sure they were not touching the eyebrows, they were also measuring our skirts to ensure the hem would touch the floor when kneeling. It seemed to me to be too many rules on such minor details.

Who cared if your bangs touched your eyebrows? Was it the end of the world if they were a bit longer and anyway, it was a much cooler look than to wear the high-waters look, and God forbid, show a bit of a forehead. . . Yikes!

Rolled High Pony. Har off your face.

Well, these words come back to haunt me often these days. Only after years of being a hairdresser and helping women to find the right hairstyle have I had to admit that both my mom and the nuns knew something I didn’t. That is, we all look better with a hair style that is off our face shape. (If not the bangs pulled back, then at least some ears showing.) Especially if you have a round face shape.

Woman Wearing a headband helps get hair off your face.

Just today, I did a makeover on a woman who sent me three pictures of herself. Well, all three pics she sent had hair on her round face shape. They were the same except one she took her glasses off. Go figure! What gives? And she was in a hurry to get her makeover back. After reading the profile she sent me it was evident she was at a bad time in her life; recent divorce, job uncertainty and she mentioned low self-esteem.

colored bobby pins with wavy hair and red lips help get hair off your face

It’s hard for a lot of women to pull their hair back and show their forehead. (We can feel so exposed – like everyone can see into our soul or a bit closer than we would like.) In every class I teach, the women need to put a headband on, pull back their bangs and get the hair off their face shape, for me to do take a photo for the makeover. The majority of them cringe when doing it and can’t wait to take off the headband. The irony of this is, a good majority of them look better with a hair style that is off the face shape.

Some strategies to help get that hair off your face include:

By pulling hair off our face shape, we see more distinction of the person. So I guess it is an unveiling of who we are. You appear more confident and that you have nothing to hide. I think more inner beauty shows through.


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Hairstyles for Your Face

A perfect symetrical round face

How to Determine Hairstyles for Your Face

Fashion freaks over the world dread the fact of mismatching their clothes with the accessories and hairstyle. While choosing the clothes and accessories are quite easy, deciding over a hairstyle is comparatively difficult as there is a need for one to determine the face shape and take the personality into consideration. A right kind of hairstyle for your face is as important as hair care. It is also important if the person is able to carry off the hairdo in style. Here are a few tips for choosing the right kind of hairstyles for your face.“Getting Hairstyles for Your Face Right”

  • It is primarily important to determine the shape of your face. You can do this by tying you hair behind and watch your face closely in the mirror. Determine the shape of your face before you go ahead to choose the hairstyle. This is essential as the hairstyles done without taking the shape of the face into consideration your look may go awry.
  • If you have an oval face, you can say you are extraordinarily gifted, as any type of hairstyle will suit you. This will allow you to experiment different and innovative kinds of hairstyles. But the best tip would be to settle down on a haircut that gives a lot of volume to the hair with movements near the areas of cheekbones.
  • If you have a round face you need to be extra careful with your selection of hairstyle.  A wrong choice of hairdo and you can mess up with your looks. You need to focus on the hairstyles that make your face shape less round. Keep away from the fuller and round hairstyles. A side parting of the hair can make your hair appear less round. The right length for your hair is below the chin as this lengthens the features of your face. For more hairstyles that might make your face look thinner check out our Pinterest Hairstyles for Round Face Board.
  • Short and bobbed hairstyles are a strict no-no for the round faces. They make the face appear broader and spoil your look. You can create volume and fullness to the crown of your head by choosing a layered hair style. This also makes your face appear narrower. A hair color of chocolate brown or sandy blonde may also look great.
  • Short and straight bangs are also to be avoided. They draw attention to the widest parts of your face. Even if you want to have bangs in a short side swept effect. This works better.
  • For the people with an oblong face shape, the short to medium hairstyles will work best. Go for a hairstyle that has a side parting than at the center as a center parting may amplify the length of your face. Very short cuts or very long cuts are better avoided.
  • Whatever may be the face shapes you can choose the hair colors for the hairstyles according to the trend for example the right hair dye colors for Asians include black and brown.


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Fashion Glasses and Face Shape

Eye Glasses

Fashion Glasses and Face Shape . . . It all matters

“Fashion Glasses and Face Shape”

I would guess that at least 25% of the 15,000 or so hairstyle makeovers that I have done were on women who wear fashion glasses. I always make sure when doing my analysis of what hairstyles I’m going to recommend that the client have their fashion glasses on. Fashion glasses make a huge difference . . . it never ceases to amaze me how different a person looks when they take off the fashion glasses. With the fashion glasses off, the client might look like a round face shape, but with glasses on, it can appear a square face shape. The actual face shape is not important, it is what we see.

Any artist will tell you that they use optical illusions often to trick the eye into seeing something that really is not there. Likewise with hair styling we use optical illusions to create the effect that most flatters. My advice is to first get new fashion glasses that work with your face shape, then start considering what hairstyle will enhance the look. I found an interesting article on that can help you figure it all out.

A double bridge helps a nose appear shorter



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