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Hairstyles for Heart Shaped Faces

Hairstyles for Heart Shaped Faces

What are the Best Hairstyles for Heart Shaped Faces

The first question you should ask yourself before picking hairstyles for heart shaped faces is,“What face shape do I really have?” Generally, face shapes are classified into four broad categories: oval, round, square, and heart shape. What might suit an oval shaped face may not go with a square shaped face and vice-versa.“Haircuts for Heart Faces”

Heart shaped faces are broader at the top and tend to narrow down at the bottom. Reese Witherspoon, Halle Berry and Jennifer Love Hewitt are some prominent celebrities with pronounced heart shaped faces, and you can learn a lot from these ladies on the right hairstyles if you have such a heart shaped face. Reese Witherspoon, a fashion icon in her own right, has an especially prominent heart shaped face and always manages to look wonderful.

Hairstyles for Heart Shaped Faces: What Works, What Doesn’t

Going back to Reese Witherspoon, you will notice that she is rarely seen without bangs – prominent or otherwise. This is because heart shaped faces tend to be much larger at the forehead and bangs do a wonderful job of diverting attention from the forehead to the eyes and mouth. She also carries off long, wavy bobs with aplomb, which accentuates her facial features and complements her face shape. Clearly, for heart shaped women, she is one celebrity to follow.

What Works

1.      Bangs

Hairstyles for Heart Shaped Faces

Heart Face

Bangs, whether straight, side-swept bangs, or simply kept unruly and wild, work great with heart shaped faces, especially if you have large eyes. Bangs look their best with heart shaped faces when kept long – long enough to touch your brow [Pro Tip: cut bangs when your hair is dry. Wet hair shrinks and may not give you the best idea as to how long your bangs really are].

2.      Wavy, Long Hair

Heart Face

Haircuts for Heart Faces

Long, wavy hair with side-swept bangs look great with heart shaped faces. This is a long layered haircut that places emphasis on the chin by letting the hair flow downwards naturally.

3.      Outlining the Face

Hairstyles for Heart shaped Faces

If bangs are not your thing, this is the cut for you. By outlining your face shape and letting the hair fall down naturally, this shoulder length cut directs attention to the strong, pointy chin that is a characteristic feature of heart shaped faces.

4.      Pixie Hairstyles

Hairstyles for Heart Shaped Faces

Haircuts for Heart Faces

Halle Berry is the first person you think of when you picture the pixie hairstyle. This short, easy to maintain hair style works wonderfully well for heart shaped faces. The pixie hairstyle is a rather risky endeavor for most and can go terribly awry on a square or oval face, but on a heart shaped face, it almost always looks amazing. A few color high lights make this hairstyle look even better.

5.      Chin to Shoulder Length Bobs

Haircuts for Heart Faces

Heart Face

Shoulder length bobs combined with bangs are a staple of haircuts for  heart shaped faces. This hairstyle directs attention to the chin and cheeks instead of the forehead, especially when the ends are slightly tapered to further accentuate the chin.

What Doesn’t Work

If you have a heart shaped face, you should try to divert attention from the forehead towards the chin and eyes. A haircut with heavy layers at the crown would make your face look very top heavy. At the same time, there is a tendency to get carried away with heavy layers around the chin, which will only make your face excessively pointy and long.

For heart shaped faces, the moderate path is often the best. Accentuate your chin but not excessively. Focus on the eyes, try out different lengths, experiment with bangs or even try out pixie hairstyles until you find something that works. For more ideas about face shapes and hairstyles check out our Pinterest Hairstyles for Face Shape Board..

Guest blogger James Weaver is a hairdresser and blogger. He regularly writes about hair loss solutions on his website on provillus reviews.

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Hair Stylists on Face Shapes and Hairstyles

Hair Stylist Expert Barb Quinn Doing Hair Style Analysis
Face Shapes and hairstyles . . . hairdressers need to spend more time with clients on the issue

As this article points out, cosmetology and beauty schools spend time now teaching students about the relationship of face shapes and hairstyles. The result is that the typical hair stylist should be competent at designing a hairstyle that is compatible with the clients face shape. So why is it then that I see so many women who have a face shape and hair style mismatch?

Here is how I think it goes. The client walks into the appointment with a photo of a celebrity or model and says to the stylist “that’s what I want to look like”. (Clients don’t typically have training on the balance of face shape and hairstyle but rather just know what they like.) The hairdresser, not wanting to shatter the clients dream, cuts the hair like the picture, disregarding what they know, or else they never did understand the concept of balancing face shape and hairdo to begin with.

So, if the hair stylist relents and gives the client just what she wants, it’s a pretty big failing on the their part, wouldn’t you say? Don’t you pay your hair salon to keep you from making face shape and haircut faux pas?

Can you imagine walking into your doctors office, asking for a procedure you read about and having her do it, only to see later it was terribly wrong for you? Your doctor would refuse to perform the procedure, or at least you would expect her to, if he knew it wasn’t right for you. Shouldn’t your hairdresser be doing the same?

Anyway, thanks to the Minneapolis Star comes this nicely done piece that explains some hair design principles, so you can arm yourself with some of the do’s and don’ts about matching face shape and hair styles.

Look to the stars’ face shapes and haircut do’s and don’ts
By Allie Shah

Minneapolis Star-Tribune

Thinking of getting a sleek new Sienna Miller haircut this summer? If your face shape is oblong like Sarah Jessica Parker’s, you might want to reconsider.

What’s becoming on a heart face shape may not flatter a woman with an oblong or square face shape. A perfect oval face may be able to pull off many different hair lengths and styles, but a soft-featured, round face shape looks most pleasing in longer hair.

Knowing the contours of your face shape and what compliments it is the key to choosing a haircut that’s not only in style but also looks right on you. “It’s one of the first things we look at,” said Shane, owner of Mask Hair Designs and Day Spa in Minnetonka, Minn., and Plymouth, Minn. “It’s such an instinctive thing for us that I guess we don’t speak about it out in the world.”

So important is face shape in determining how to cut hair, she says, that many cosmetology schools devote two days to the study of face shapes and hairstyles.

Lyndon Barsten, an educator at Aveda Institute in Minneapolis, wrote a chapter on face shapes for a textbook that’s used to train students. In the book, called “Introduction to Styling Hair,” he identifies seven face shapes and advises which hair styles best suit each one.

The heart face shape, diamond face shape, round face shape, pear face shape, oval face shape, square face shape and oblong face shape— are meant to serve as guidelines, he says, as some people have a combination of face shapes. For example, a person may have an oval forehead and central area where the cheekbones are located, but a square jaw line.

A good way to determine your face shape is to pull all your hair back away from your face, look in the mirror and trace your face with a soap bar or lipstick.

Many consider the oval face shape ideal because almost any hairstyle and length is flattering. Heart face shapes are marked by wider foreheads and a pointed chin. Their most flattering hairstyles include medium to short lengths and wispy bangs.

People with square face shapes have a square hairline and strong jaw line. Curls soften the edges of the face. Parker is a perfect example of an oblong face shape. Bangs swept over the forehead help make the face look more oval, and people with this face shape should avoid too-short or too-long haircuts.

Round face shape are wide across the cheekbone area and round at the chin. Hair that falls to the shoulders is ideal as it helps to create a longer, less round look. “Feathered” and longer layers are also flattering.


Read the entire article, Look to the stars’ face shapes for haircut do’s and don’ts. For more hairstyles that might make your face look thinner check out our Pinterest Hairstyles for Round Face Board.



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