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    Fashion Glasses and Face Shape

    Eye Glasses

    Fashion Glasses and Face Shape . . . It all matters

    “Fashion Glasses and Face Shape”

    I would guess that at least 25% of the 15,000 or so hairstyle makeovers that I have done were on women who wear fashion glasses. I always make sure when doing my analysis of what hairstyles I’m going to recommend that the client have their fashion glasses on. Fashion glasses make a huge difference . . . it never ceases to amaze me how different a person looks when they take off the fashion glasses. With the fashion glasses off, the client might look like a round face shape, but with glasses on, it can appear a square face shape. The actual face shape is not important, it is what we see.

    Any artist will tell you that they use optical illusions often to trick the eye into seeing something that really is not there. Likewise with hair styling we use optical illusions to create the effect that most flatters. My advice is to first get new fashion glasses that work with your face shape, then start considering what hairstyle will enhance the look. I found an interesting article on that can help you figure it all out.

    A double bridge helps a nose appear shorter


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    Get the Right Hair Styles for Glasses

    Haircuts Glasses

    Hair Styles for Glasses Should Compliment

    Your glasses, like your hair style, are an integral part of your appearance. They are worn throughout the day, whether you are heading to work, to school, or just out with friends. Choosing the right shape glasses can greatly accentuate your appearance. Choosing a complimentary hair style that works with those smart, chic glasses can make you look like an entirely new person.

    The Right Hair Style for Glasses with Wide Frames“Hair Styles for Glasses”

    When the frames are wide, the hair style should draw attention to the top of the head, rather than the sides. Choose a hair style that has plenty of volume on the top while keeping the volume on the sides low. Long hair styles are complimentary to wide frames only if they don’t have a great deal of volume. Short hair style will work best if they have strong, vertical lines.

    The Right Hair Style for Glasses with Large Frames

    Oblong face shape looks sharp with large frames. These glasses should be balanced out by the hair style, however, or they can easily become overwhelming. To keep the focus on you, and not on your glasses, choose hair styles that have long layers and plenty of volume. Straight hair styles hang close to the face, creating extra emphasis on the glasses. Short hair styles also put additional focus on the face, and on the large frames that were chosen. Long layers, however, are the ideal solution. The shorter layers on the top are not as weighed down, creating additional fullness and volume, and overall balance with the glasses.

    The Right Hair Style for Glasses with Small Frames

    Square and heart face shapes look fantastic with more delicate, smaller framed glasses. These small frames do not need to necessarily be balanced out by the hair style, but can benefit from having attention drawn to them. Very square shaped hair styles and those that close in on the face should be avoided. Long, blunt hair styles that brush the face, short, cropped hair styles, and any other hair styles that draw attention to the face can also draw attention to the fabulous glasses. The overall effect can be stunning.

    Choosing the Right Hair Styles for Glasses

    Even though you may take your glasses off for the actual haircut, you should be wearing your glasses when you talk to your hairdresser about what you’re looking for. This can help you and your hairdresser choose a hair style that works best with your glasses. If the glasses are subdued and don’t stand out very much, you can easily choose a bold hair style. However, if the glasses make a statement by themselves, choose a subdued hair style that will help balance the look.

    Choosing the Right Hair Color

    Imagine the horror of having the perfect hair style for glasses, and then finding that the look is ruined because your hair color actually clashes with those perfect glasses. When choosing glasses or hair color, keep in mind the hair color of what you already have. Redheads can wear frames in almost any color except white or yellow. Brown hair color looks great with metal or dark-colored frames. Light and blonde hair should be matched with frames that are transparent or very light in color.

    Choosing the right hair style and color for your hair and choice of glasses can make the difference between looking okay and looking fantastic. When the glasses don’t work with the hair, the overall look will be less than flattering. Knowing the glasses and hairstyles that work best together can help you enjoy a look that is highly flattering. These are some of the best polarised sunglasses that you can get that’ll suit a range of different hairstyles and face shapes.

    For more ideas about face shapes and hairstyles check out our Pinterest Hairstyles for Face Shape Board..

    Guest author Sara Roberts writes for Just Eyewear, an online retailer of prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses.

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