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    Popular Hairstyles Can Make You Look Younger

    Popular Hairstyles

    Want to Look Younger? Try these Popular Hairstyles

    Visual Makeover covered it in its article Hairstyles that Make You Look Younger. Your hairstyle can either age you or make you look younger. The question is, what do you want to achieve from your hairstyle?  I know, for myself, I’d like the latter of the two.

    Let’s take a look at how these popular hairstyles can give you that youthful look you are after. First, what does youthful hair look like? Youthful hair is often full-bodied and very shiny. Hairstyles that make you look younger should be loose and touchable. Here are some great examples of popular hairstyles that will help you achieve a younger look.

    This hairstyle is also full of body, just like Jennifer Aniston’s second look. Body and touch-ability go a long way in taking years off your look. Get body by setting hair on hot rollers or giant Velcro rollers. Either one will give you beautiful, touchable hair full of body.

    Poplular Hairstyles
    Drew Barrymore’s Popular Hairstyle

    Although Drew Barrymore has got the popular hairstyles part down with the big ‘do, she is missing shine, which is a key element in youthful looking hair.

    Poplular Hairstyles
    A Popular Hairstyle from Drew Barrymore

    A little shine serum goes a long way to create a younger looking hairstyle on Drew Barrymore. If your hair is dull or lackluster, you can use a shine serum to create a beautiful sheen like seen here.

    Remember, when trying to achieve a youthful look with all popular hairstyles, add softness, body and shine to achieve the look. For more great looks check out our Pinterest Aging Gracefully Board.

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    Hairstyles to Make You Look Younger

    Hairstyles to Make You Look Younger

    Hairstyles to Make You Look Younger is Universal

    “Hairstyles to Make You Look Younger”

    Visual Makeover covered it in its article Hairstyles that Make You Look Younger. The title of the article mentioned below jumped right out at me “Hairstyles to Make You Look Younger” That is like an instant magnet headline for someone about my age. I was more than half way through the article before I realized that it came from China News Daily.

    I chuckled to my self, when I visualized thousands of Chinese women my age struggling with exactly the same issues as all us Anglo-Saxon Europeans, Africans, Indians and . . . oh my I’m sure to forget someone and I’ll get nasty email from the politically correct storm troopers.

    The three major hair type groups of Asian, African, Indian and Anglo-Saxon are each very much different from one another, yet it is surprising how many rules apply to all four. This article reminded me of that fact. There is not one suggestion that wouldn’t apply to all four major hair types.

    Right now there is an Eskimo woman in an igloo somewhere looking into a mirror telling herself she needs hairstyles to make you look younger. The universality of hair styling is cross cultural, trans racial. We probably don’t even need a common language . . . I’ll bet I could communicate with any woman on earth about her hair with just a few hand gestures.

    Anyway take a look at what our Chinese sisters are doing to make themselves look younger with a hairstyle.

    Hair gets finer with age which means long hair can tend to look limp and lifeless. Only wear your hair long if it’s in great condition and have it well cut to fall around your face. A light fringe (bang) is more flattering than pulling your hair back from your forehead. If you’re not happy with your jaw line try softer, longer sides to disguise it.


    Read the entire article, Hair-styles to make you look 10 years younger and for more great looks check out our Pinterest Aging Gracefully Board.

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    How to Tell You’re Ready for a New Hairstyle

    Hairstyles to look younger

    Hairstyles to Look Younger

    Visual Makeover covered it in its article Hairstyles that Make You Look Younger. For years, it was known as the Ann Landers syndrome . . . professionals with waist-length, Cher-hairstyle. The 50-year-old with the poodle perm. The guy with the comb-over. The post-teen enraptured with bleached “big hair” and the aging rocker who still has to toss what’s long since shifted south. Celebrity impersonators aside, if you’re wearing the same hairstyle you did 10 years ago, its time for a new hairstyle. To get you going, here are our seven hairstyle sins that put you in the Hair Rut Hall of Fame. We even have solutions!

    • You won’t let go of the idea that your superfine hair can be waist-length . . .  Give it up already.Look in the mirror, cup the ends of your hair under and check out how moving the length up a bit will brighten your face and take off years. You can also get softened, chipped or beveled ends—as long as they’re shorter. A few layers and the right hair styling products will give you more volume than you ever imagined. The new hairstyle snipped shorter, your hair will look lots healthier—and thicker.
    • At your 25th high-school reunion, friends think you’re your mother. Same hairstyle, older face than they remember: Chances are, you’ve got mom’s gray hair, too. If you like your particular cut, and it’s already short, think about shifting the shape. A good hairdresser can make your hair fuller on top or face-framing. Or, the sides can go geometric to look more updated. Just a few layers will add movement, while blunt bangs look more stylish when they’re razzored at the ends. When it comes to that hair color, even the chemical-phobic have to admit that gray hair makes you look older. Opt for a shade that’s a bit lighter than your hair was when you were young. If taking years off your look doesn’t convince you that change is good, nothing will.
    • Your photos never change. Sometimes actresses don’t want to try a new hairstyle because it’ll date their headshots and they’ll have to pay for new ones. But take it too far and you aren’t fooling anyone; they eventually see you in person, and you’ve changed—except for your hairstyle. If your hairstyle looks like it did in your prom photos, make a list of what you actually like about your hairstyle in the photo: the length, the color or the volume. Sometimes, you’ll discover what you really like is that you looked younger. Look through magazines for contemporary new hairstyle with the same attributes you like best, and get yourself to a hair salon.
    • You rely on your hairstyle for an emotional boost. Women tend to define themselves by their hairstyle, and frequently, they wear the hairstyle they had when they were happiest in life. Disengage, and get to the heart of how that hairstyle made you feel. Was it feminine? Powerful? Whatever the emotion, realize it comes from more than a hairstyle, then ask your hairdresser for ideas on a new hairstyle that taps the feeling you want. If the look was super-chic then, ask what’s stylish now, You might be surprised at how a little change will make a big difference. After all, today’s new hairstyles are influenced by eras past, but are updated for the here and now.
    • You get no professional respect. To be taken seriously on the job, you have to look the part. Baby bangs and little-girl looks aren’t right for the high-powered lawyer. Long, straight hair or big-bubble hairstyles don’t do much for career advancement either. At your next professional conference, check out what other women are wearing. If you find someone with a look you like that’s different from your own, ask for a hair salon referral. Sometimes, just checking out your hairstyle against your facial shape and body proportions tells you what’s wrong. Women on the shorter side may be overwhelmed by waist-length hair. hairdressers have gotten so much better at adjusting looks to work with face shapes that it’s best to get an expert’s opinion.
    • You’ll never be mistaken for a celebrity. A Cool hairstyle is part of looking put-together all the time. Look to the celebrities to check out what hairstyles they’re wearing. Make certain you’re looking at celebrities close to your age, who also have your hair type. They have the best advisers in the world telling them what the greatest haircut for them is—and they change their looks often. Nothing’s wrong with being a copy cat with your new hairstyle, if you’re a cool one!
    • You are mistaken for a man. Sure, you like short, easy-care hairstyle, but if you’ve become so attached to comb-and-go that you’re wearing a ‘70s “androgynous” hairstyle, you haven’t checked out what’s new in effortless looks. Not only are dozens of darling short cuts cropping up—today’s hair styling products and tools make them easier than ever to style at home, You’ll also find they’re lots more versatile than those old, short snips. Check out neo-geo bobs, layered crops and cuts that let your natural texture do all the work. Once, super-curl wasn’t considered a good thing, but today, sassy spirals are simply fabulous for a new hairstyle.

    Article courtesy of Harris Publications

    For more great looks check out our Pinterest Aging Gracefully Board.

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