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    Hairstyles with bangs! Are they right for you?

    Long hairstyle with angled bangs

    A hairstyle with bangs is a great choice for many of you

    Bangs or no Bangs . . . how many times have you labored over this question? It’s a big decision after all the time and effort it takes to grow bangs out. And, what if you hate them after cutting them in?

    The most important thing a hair stylist looks at when considering if bangs or fringe are an option for you will be your face shape. Bangs have the ability to make you look younger, heavier, more severe or softer. Now that’s a lot of power in such a small space!

    Here are a few thoughts about face shapes;

    We aren’t all perfect, a oval face shape, heart face shape or an oblong face shape however, we will fall within close range of one or two of these geometric shapes. The underlying bone structure of your face plays a role in the three-dimensional profile of your look.

    So, one thing to remember in discerning your face shape is to keep it simple. What is the overall shape you see? If you vary between a couple of face shapes, which many people do, which face shape is the more dominant? For specific instructions on how to determine yours check on my article devoted solely to face shapes


    Britney Spears in Long Layered Hairstyle With Bangs

    Oval Face Shape

    Britney Spears has your face shape. Go with what suits your fancy when it comes to choosing thou stick with angled, wispy, fringe, blunt cut or no bangs, whatever suits your overall style!

    Gwyenth Paltrow with wispy bangs

    Oblong Face Shape

    Gwyneth Paltrow has your face shape. This face shape is considered angular. Bangs will work well with your face shape, especially if you are a long oblong. They will balance well by giving the face a shorter appearance. Wispy, fringe, angled, piecey, will all work well for you. However, stay away from a blunt cut haircut with bangs, which will mirror the jaw line giving a more severe look to your angular face shape.

    Round Face Shape

    Isabella Rossellini has hair for your face shape. Generally, this face shape should stay away from bangs or fringe, if not worn, selectively, they can cut off your face and create an illusion of added weight. The exceptions may be, light wispy partial bang only over part of the forehead (as shown) and short, short wispy fringe hair type bangs. Also if they should be styled asymmetrically and mostly off the face.

    Michelle Pfeiffer with a medium lenght layerd haircut with bangs

    Square Face Shape

    Michelle Pfeiffer has your face shape. Many times it is hard to differentiate between round and square face shapes. They have very similar characteristics, in that they are both symmetrical by nature. The same rules apply to you as to round face shapes.

    Jennifer Love-Hewitt medium length hairstyle with bangs

    Heart Face Shape

    Jennifer Love-Hewitt has your face shape. Bangs are best worn off-center. You can wear wispy or fringe type bangs. Stay away from blunt cut bangs which will tend to exaggeration the width of your face.

    Elizabeth Hurley with medium length layered hairstyle with bangs

    Diamond Face Shape

    Elizabeth Hurley has your face shape. A diamond face shape is really a cross between an oval and a heart. Like the oval you can look equally beautiful with or without bangs. But, the only type of bang you should be cautioned about wearing, would be the blunt cut. . . . which like the heart-shaped face, can over exaggeration the width of your face at the cheekbone, eye area, making the chin line look longer and more narrow.


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