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    The Lowdown on Using Lemon Juice to Lighten Hair

    Using Lemon Juice to Lighten Hair

    Yes, Lemon Juice will Lighten Some Hair . . . But

    A recent question from a student in my online class Finding the Right Hairstyle for You, asks:

    I’ve been told that lemon juice can bring out high lights in hair, and I have tried this. In the summer I always naturally get lighter high lights in my hair as I spend time outdoors. In the winter I lose them. This winter I did try lemon juice once. It looked very dim and nondescript the first day, but then seemed to give me some nice high lights for a few weeks. Is lemon juice damaging to hair? Can it bring out lighter high lights in some hair colors?


    Lemon juice as a hair lightener will work for some hair types but, it’s not the best choice.

    Lemon juice has a low pH level and is acidic. Using this too often on healthy hair will make it brittle. It’s not controllable on chemically treated hair.

    Hair care products these days are formulated to have a balanced pH level which leaves the hair in better condition. Straight lemon juice on the hair will dry it out. Here is what I know about using lemon juice as a hair lightener:

    • Lemon juice, plus oxygen and UV rays, equals a bleaching product.

    • Lemon juice as a hair lightener is only effective on hair that is dishwater blonde or lighter in color. Its bleaching quality is only effective when used in the sun and will not lighten brunettes or red heads.

    • Using lemon juice on chemically treated hair can turn it an orange or brassy color.

    • It can also dry out the hair with its acidic quality and make the hair extremely brittle.

    If you still decide you want to use lemon juice in your hair, don’t use it straight without diluting it. Dilute one tablespoon of lemon juice in a gallon of water and use it daily as a rinse. Use it this way when you know you will get sun exposure and it will lighten your hair, but be aware of how it is affecting your hairs condition.

    Lemon juice high lights used sparingly may be fine in healthy, non chemically treated hair. Also think about this, if you use it too often, you will have bleached hair with roots growing in, now what do you do?

    Need I say . . . my first recommendation is to have high lighting done by a professional if you want it done right. It may save you lot’s of hair and headaches to come.

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    How to Get the Dark Hair with Caramel Highlights You Want!

    Dark Hair with Caramel High lights


    Learn how to ask your hairdresser for the dark hair with caramel highlights you want!

    Don’t go to your next hair color appointment unarmed!! You must do your best to communicate what you hope to attain for the result. For clients who have a hair color or a hair color technique that they are looking to create, I always would suggest they bring in a picture or two of what they have in mind. A picture in this case really does speak a thousand words! A picture in hand will put us both on the same page and from there we can talk.

    When it comes to asking for “dark hair with caramel highlights,” check out the slight differences these celebrities get because of the techniques used. There are a number of effects you could come home with in just asking your hair colorist for “dark hair with caramel highlights,” and knowing precisely what you are asking for may make the difference of having good or bad hair days to come!

    Dark Hair with Caramel High lights
    Kate Beckinsale Dark Hair with Caramel Highlights

    Kate Beckinsale’s dark hair was first lightened all over followed by then adding the highlights. Therefore there is less of a contrast from her dark hair and the caramel highlights than Elsa Pataky’s hair below. Kate Beckinsale’s caramel highlights are also more noticeable because when highlighting the hair colorist weaved out slightly larger pieces to be highlighted from slightly wider sections than those of Elsa Pataky’s hair.

    Dark Hair with Caramel High lights

    Elsa Pataky’s dark hair has subtle caramel highlights in it and it’s gorgeous on her! If you want this type of hair color effect, ask for caramel highlights to be placed in the hair by weaving very small amounts of hair out of very small sections. This type of sectioning makes the hair look sun-kissed all over rather than creating streaks of highlights throughout dark hair.

    Dark Hair with Caramel High lights

    Balayage Highlighting

    Eva Longoria’s dark hair only shows a few pieces of caramel highlights framing the face and on the crown in the left picture. This type of highlighting may be all you need to change-up your dark hair. This can be done freehand by hand painting the pieces in the area you choose. The term for this type of highlighting is Balayage, which originated in Europe. This type of highlighting affects the top layers of hair only.

    In the picture on the right, Eva Longoria still has highlights but they are placed in her hair by weaving fine strands out of very small sections. Instead of caramel highlights these are a bit warmer and show more warmth.

    Under Color Balayage

    This highlighting technique is unique and fresh! The underneath layers are lightened to contrast with the natural base hair color. Highlights frame the face but start a few inches from the roots. There is nothing symmetrical about this highlighting technique and when done in subtle hues, it has a ‘haunting’ effect. You definitely want to bring in a picture if this is your goal.


    Dark Hair with Caramel High lights

    Chunky Highlights

    Chunky highlights describes this highlighting technique quite well. When the high lighted pieces are this clearly visible, they are weaved in big chunks out of wide sections of hair.

    If you are looking to lighten your dark hair with caramel highlights, make sure to bring pictures of what you have in mind . . . you’re much more likely to come out with what you are hoping for! For more highlight ideas check out our Pinterest Hairstyles with Highlights Board.


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