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    Learn How to Perm Hair!


    How to avoid perm surprises

    Perming your hair is something that you should approach with caution and only after a good understanding of the downsides of how to perm hair. Here is a great place to get up to speed thanks to Beauty

    Learn More About How to Perm Your Hair!

    Want to change your hairdo? Aside from a mohawk, one of the most exciting ways to alter your look is with a “perm” or permanent wave. It can increase the fullness of soft, fine hair, put a curl or wave into straight hair, or simply make your hair easier to style. How to Perm Hair

    Once, anything other than a professional salon perm put you at risk of looking like Don King. But today, there are excellent, easy-to-control home perms for every type of hair. The key to success in home perms is choosing the right product for your hair.

    Curls 101


    • Hair is curly or straight because of complex physical and chemical bonds. A permanent changes hair by breaking those bonds. You use rods to reshape the hair, then neutralizer to let the bonds reform.
    • Make sure to treat your hair with the proper conditioners prior to the perm process.
    • Sectioning and blocking involve dividing your head into uniform working areas. This requires a lot of practice and is a big advantage of a professional perm.

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