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    Holiday Hairstyles – Jessica Alba

    Jessica Alba

    Holiday Hairstyles Series Part II

    Ahh . . . classic elegance! Ok, I know, so you’re face is not Jessica Alba’s face, but if you’ve ever been told, “your hair looks good off your face,” give this one a try. It’s not only easy to do, but can be the ultimate elegant look, especially with a strapless gown!

    Wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo and do a deep conditioning treatment to add extra body and shine like, Paul Mitchell Super Charge. Be sure to leave it on your hair for at least 20 minutes and ideally apply heat and wrap up so it penetrates deeply.

    “the ultimate elegant look, especially with a strapless gown! “

    Your final rinse should be with cool water to close the cuticle. When styling, try a shine serum or smoothing cream like, Tigi’s Biggie After-Party.

    Whatever styling technique you use, curling iron, round brush with blow-dryer, roller set or flat iron learn the best way to use the tool to get the most healthy, shiny look to your hair. Your hairdresser can help you with this, just ask.

    When your face is out in front like this, makeup application can make or break you. Around the holidays, especially, the big department stores have free consultations with makeup artists. Take advantage of these talented women’s expert advice and get some new ideas on how to update your makeup application and technique.

    Have some fun and start experimenting now with different ways to style your hair for those upcoming holiday bashes! For more great holiday hair looks check out our Pinterest Holiday Hairstyles and Celebrities Boards.


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    Jessica Alba Updo Hairstyles

    Jessica Alba

    Jessica Alba Hair, Pregnant and Looking Beautiful!

    News of Jessica Alba’s pregnancy with longstanding boyfriend, Cash Warren, has hit the tabloids big time. Her rep, has confirmed the news with People magazine and reports her due date to be this spring or early summer. In my calculations, that means she may be a couple of months pregnant in some of these recent photos.

    Jessica Alba short styles looks best with a messy, casual updo pictured above. Set the hair with large hot rollers or use a large rod curling iron (1¼” barrel) to create soft waves. Here she pulls her hair back into a low, messy bun and dresses it with an antique pearl barrette . . . sweet.

    Do women become more beautiful when pregnant? Do they actually have that certain . . . Glow? I can tell you first hand, many women experience a healthier head of hair when pregnant. I’ve experienced a large number of clients whose hair texture changed with pregnancy, became thicker and developed more body and shine than before pregnancy. Why? Hormones and the increased attention to a healthier diet, seem to clearly have a positive effect.

    Mega multi-vitamins doctors prescribe for their patients, has a positive effect on the texture as well as growth of the hair. However, don’t mistake mega-vitamins as an answer to all of your hair woes, but do count a good diet and exercise program as a positive influence.

    Jessica Alba Updo

    It doesn’t get much more casual that this! Be sure to wear smashing drop earrings!!

    jessica alba updos

    Another low, casual bun with side swept bangs and . . . a great dress.

    jessica alba haircut

    Don’t forget the half up-do hairstyle. Use a pretty, sparkly barrette to clip sides in back, and softly curl tendrils around the face.

    jessica alba's hair

    This classic ponytail with created lift on top, looks spectacular on Jessica Alba with her beautiful face and skin. Especially if you have a nicely shaped face and are blessed with good features . . . Go for it!

    For more great looks check out our Pinterest Wedding Hairstyles, Prom Hairstyles, Braid, and Celebrities Boards.


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    Hair Color Correction Back to Natural

    Hair Color Correction Jessica Alba

    Hair Color Correction Question

    Getting back to your natural hair color is a challenge that Rosy faces

    My natural hair color is a light blonde and for the past couple of months I have been dying it dark brown with a semi-permanent hair color. I really want to go back to my natural color but I’ve got no idea how… I’ve tried to use a permanent dye similar to my natural hair color to dye over the top, but it didn’t do anything! Is there anyway of getting rid of the brown, without having to just grow it out! Would love some advice :)Thanks xxxComment by Rosy

    I’ll give you a little background on hair color and what they are actually doing to your hair. Semi-permanent hair color is most often used to go a shade or two darker than your natural hair color. Many people like a semi-permanent color because it is less damaging to the hair and tends to fade out for a soft out-growth. On the other hand permanent hair color penetrates deeper into the hair cuticle providing a longer lasting color with a more defined out growth.

    There are a few ways you can get a good start at becoming blonde again. The only home remedy I would suggest is to try a clarifying shampoo a few times a week until you feel you have reached maximum results. The clarifier will slowly remove any build up of hair color in the hair. It is a less damaging approach to lightening the hair but, it’s not a guaranteed way to remove all hair color. Aveda’s Hair Detoxifier and Bumble and Bumble’s Sunday Shampoo are two great clarifiers to choose from.

    Your other option would be to call a hair salon and see a hair coloring professional. Going lighter once you have dark hair is much more difficult to achieve at home than vice versa. The problem you are having with lightening your hair is color will not lift out previous color; you have to remove it. Putting a blonde hair color over dark hair has the same effect as using a highlighter on black paper, it does nothing.

    By going into a hair salon a hairdresser can take a look at your hair and formulate what will best suit your needs. The hairdresser could take a dramatic route and do a bleach and tone on your hair to remove the old box color. This option could potentially be very damaging to the hair depending on how the box hair color lifts out of the hair.

    A better approach would be to do a foil/high light in the hair. The unfortunate side to this option is, you will not completely get rid of the brown. The benefits to this option are:

    • Appearance of hair color being lighter all over
    • You will save the integrity of the hair
    • You will have great dimension in the hair
    • Your outgrowth will be less harsh and more natural looking

    Let’s face it, no one naturally has one single, solid, hair color right? You can have the best of both worlds by adding high lights to your brown hair and be adding depth and interest as well!


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