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    Kate Delivers Baby, Asks for Hairdresser

    Kate Middleton

    Royals take backseat to Kate’s hairdresser

    The whole of the UK has been celebrating this week with the arrival of Prince George Alexander Louis. Many congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on their new arrival and wishing them lots of luck and happiness.

    One of the things that really tickled me was that the one person Kate requested to see after giving birth was her hairdresser! And it took me back to when I had my daughter – you have so many people coming to visit you and see the baby taking photos – its a really special time to remember and of course you want to look your best so I thought I’d put together some easy ways to get your hair looking groomed when you don’t have a lot of time to spare and can’t afford your own personal hair stylist!

    First things first; good products 

    With any good grooming the very first thing you want to invest in is good products. When you’re pregnant and breast feeding or even just with all this hot weather your hair can become dehydrated and straw like. I’ve been using the Philip Kingsley remoisturising shampoo and conditioner and it has totally transformed my hair to silky smooth! The consistency is rich yet it still lathers nicely and it doesn’t weigh your hair down at all – although it may be too rich if your hair is very fine.

    The other product I’m loving is the Philip Kingsley Elasticiser – this product wins award after award and really is the best hair treatment I’ve ever used. It’s a pre shampoo treatment – brilliant to sit with in the steam room at the gym as the steam opens the cuticle and really penetrates into the hair. The other thing I’ve been doing is sleeping with it in then shampooing my hair in the morning – this works really well too. This product will help restore the condition and elasticity in your hair and not weigh it down so your hair is still lovely and bouncy afterwards.

     The right tools

    So now you’ve got your hair looking and feeling good you just need some simple ideas to finish your look!

    I demonstrate a Yogi wand on QVC and quite literally this wand has changed my life – I use it on everyone its amazing! It is so fast and easy to use and can turn your hair around in minutes! You simply plug it in put on your glove and wrap some hair around the wand for around 6 seconds and voila you have a beautiful curl! There’s no need to blow dry the hair first as the tourmaline within the barrel smoothes down the cuticle and actually adds shine – so good! My favourite wand if you have longish hair is the fat barrel as it just gives you a loose wave or curl around the bottom very like how Kate wears her hair!

    Hairstylist curling clients hair with a curling iron

    You should end up looking like:

    Kate Middleton

     The quick ponytail

    An even quicker idea is a ponytail, damp the front of your hair down and add some gel, my favourite is the Fudge hair gum. Simply comb your hair up into a high ponytail and secure with a band or a hair bungee is my favourite.

    If your ponytail looks too fine or thin simply wrap some hair extensions around your hair like I’ve done in this photo, secure the fake hair with a band then take a piece of hair from underneath and wrap around to hide the join and you’re good to go! Or in this photo I used another section of hair extension and plaited it, then wrapped the false braid around to hide any joins.

    Or if you have nice thick hair you can tong the bottom of your ponytail – tong it all in the same direction then brush it out carefully with a bristle brush. Then add some hairspray! My absolute favourite hairspray is Fudge Sky Scraper – this is a flexible hairspray that wont turn your hair to rock and it smells amazing – like coconut sun tan lotion!

    If you have short hair remember to have your hair cut just before the baby is born so your haircut is still sharp and easy to manage!

    And invest in a good hairdryer! The amount of people who show me their hairdryer and its some rubbish looking thing like my Nan used to have! A good hairdryer will shorten the time you take and also give you a much better finish! My favourite is the Babyliss Ferrari! This hairdryer is awesome! Its built with a ferrari engine and boy does it go! Fantastic heat and speed settings, the only downside I would say is its noisy just like the car!

    Well I hope that’s helped you become a yummy mummy!

    Contributing author Natalie Shirlaw With over 20 years experience in the hairdressing industry and having worked in some of London’s top West End salons, where she provided services for the likes of Warner Bros, QVC, ITV and the The Sunday Times. Natalie made the decision to escape London life and move to the country where she operates the quintessential English countryside salon the Shirlaw Sanctuary.

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    Royal Wedding Hairstyles

    Kate Middleton

    Royal Wedding Hairstyles

    Royal wedding hairstyles that are fit for a princess come in all shapes and sizes; short, medium, long, bangs and no bangs and they are adorned with tiaras, hats and veils that trail from here to eternity. It’s a Royal affair!

    So far, I’ve kept from jumping into the raging debate of what hairstyle and what dress we think Kate Middleton will wear on April 29th. Who will do her hair?  Will it be up or down? Or both up and down?  I recall somewhat similar speculation that went on with Princess Di and Prince Charles nuptials, but seriously, with the evolution of the blogosphere, Internet and Social media, the hype has risen to a fever pitch!  It’s exhausting to watch!

    But feeling just a little left out and in a strange way, filling a need to connect with this monumental occasion, (I do think it will be a splendid affair) I thought pictures of past Royal Wedding hairstyles, dresses and headdresses would be fitting!

    The perfect Royal Wedding hairstyle is simple, elegant and a comfortable fit for the princess bride!

    Royal Wedding Pictures

    Grace Kelly weds Prince Rainier III of Monaco

    Grace Kelly was a perfect princess, with a most simple but elegant updo and a dress of silk taffeta with 125 year old rose point lace and a thousand tiny pearls! Stunning!

    Royal Wedding Pictures

    Peter Phillps, Autumn Kelly at St. Georges Chapel, Windsor

    Kate Middlton

    Royal Wedding Pictures

    Swedish King walking daughter, Crown Princess Victoria down the aisle!  Storybook stunning!


    Kate Middleton

    Royal Wedding Pictures

    Princess Di and Prince Charles, a fairy-tale wedding. Wedding hairstyle simple, dress . . . fairy-tale!

    Kate Middleton

    Royal Wedding Pictures

    Camilla Parker Bowles wears her normal hairstyle with feather hat for simplicity at 2nd Royal affair.

    Kate Middleton

    Royal Wedding Pictures

    Fergie wears her normal hairstyle with bangs in Royal Wedding to Prince Andrew

    Kate Middleton

    Royal Wedding Pictures

    A simple hairstyle with vintage wedding, Anne Boleyn Tudor dress and headpiece!

    However Kate Middleton chooses to wear her hair for this Royal affair and whatever style of dress she walks down the aisle in, it’s certain she will be a most lovely Royal bride!

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