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    Katie Holmes New Mid Length Hairstyle

    Mid Length Hairstyle
    Katie Holmes Mid Length Hairstyle is a Hit!!

    My hair salon is buzzing about Katie Holmes’ new mid length hairstyle that she debuted on the November cover of Elle Magazine. My clients are not the only ones who have fallen head over heels for this mid length hairstyle. Internet blogs and discussion boards are buzzing about this new mid length hairstyle too!

    How to Get this Mid Length Hairstyle

    Katie has naturally smooth, straight hair that is of a medium thickness. This hair type is ideal for this mid length hairstyle, but not absolutely necessary to get the end result.
    If you have hair like Katie’s, ask your hairdresser to cut a mid length bob with layering throughout and lots of texture.

    To style it, blow dry until 75% dry and then use a round brush to dry the rest into this style. Use a small amount of wax to get the texture and piecey-ness seen on Katie’s hairstyle.

    If your hair is thick and wavy like mine, you’ll want to ask your hair dresser for basically the same thing but have them add additional texture to get this hairstyle to lay just right. I would suggest blow drying with a paddle brush and flat ironing hair, flipping out the ends. Use a bit of pomade on the ends to add texture and shine.

    If you have thin and/or fine hair, you’ll want to ask for layering but have your hair dresser go easy on the texturizing as it can thin out your hair too much. Use a root amplifier like Sexy Hair, Big Sexy Hair Root Pump or other volumizing products, instead of texturizing hair products, which may weigh down your hair, to create Katie’s mid length hairstyle.

    This new mid length hairstyle has got to be my favorite Katie Holmes’ hairstyle. Here’s a look back at past Katie Holmes Hairstyles:

    Mid Length Hairstyles
    Katie Holmes’ Dawson’s Creek Era Hair

    This hairstyle is just ho-hum. Long, one-length light brown hair doesn’t do much for this girl.

    Mid Length Hairstyle
    Katie Holmes’ Long Hairstyle before Marrying Tom Cruise

    Although this long hairstyle is youthful, it still isn’t the ideal hairstyle for Katie.

    Mid Length Hairstyle
    Katie’s Short Hairstyle? Turned Heads

    Although I thought this was a bold hairstyle for Katie to go to, I think there were better styles to come on her.

    Mid Length Hairstyle
    Longer Hair Thanks to Temporary Hair Extensions

    I have to say I love this look on Katie. Dramatic color along with a beautiful and modern hairstyle is a great look.Overall, Katie’s latest mid length hairstyle is my favorite. I like it so much that I think this will be my next new do!

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    Celebrity Hairstyle Trend Alert for the Holidays

    Katie Holmes Inverted Bob Hairstyle

    Here are some celebrity hairstyle trends you might want to stay tuned to

    • Katie Holmes New Hairstyle ~~ Last week Katie Holmes showed up 59th annual Bambi Awards in Duesseldorf, Germany with a simple inverted bob hairstyle with chipped bangs and the media is falling all over themselves. I get such a kick out of watching the media hype this stuff. The inverted bob is not new,  it is a classic hairstyle that has been around since the 20’s. I wrote on it last summer. But with all of this media attention you’ll start seeing this style on the streets very soon.

    Stay up with all the happenings in hair trends by following our Pinterest Hair Trends or our Holiday Hairstyles Boards.

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    Katie Holmes New Hairstyle

    Katie Holmes’ New Hairstyle Will Get You Noticed

    Katie Holmes’ new hairstyle is likely to become a hot trend! Find a reputable hairdresser who is not afraid to take you into a totally new look and . . . you’ll get noticed.

    “Katie Holmes new hairstyle
    suits her well”

    We’ve been seeing more of the this new hairstyle lately after she followed in the steps of BFF, Victoria Beckham, and cut off a substantial amount of her hair. I like Katie’s new haircut. It was a bold move, and this hairstyle suits her well. The change fits her new mom lifestyle, no doubt easier to maintain and it has both a very sweet and alluring look to it.

    Celebrities may seem to take the plunge more easily than the general public, when it comes to making dramatic hairstyle or hair color changes, but then they do have a more vested interest. Instant recognition with lots of free press. (Not always good press, like Britney Spears new buzz job.)

    If you want to get noticed, make a statement, take on a new Katie Holmes’ new hairstyle image, or just shake things up a bit . . . Find a good hairdresser, (if you don’t have one, read my article on choosing a new hairdresser), and then go out and have some fun!! To stay current with what is happening with the celebs follow our Pinterest Celebrities Board.


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