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    Holiday Hair Blunders

    A formal updo holiday hairstyle with several glittery hair accessories

    Holiday hair blunders and oddities!

    Hope you’re all having some fun this holiday season! What a blast the holidays brings with plenty of reason to stretch your artistic flare with everything from cooking, decorating, hosting, wrapping and specially, getting all dolled-up! And, when it comes to holiday hair styles, it’s cool and fitting to do something different with your hair.  But, we don’t want you to make any of these faux pas when it comes to doing up your hair for the holidays!

    Katy Perry with glittery hair accessory

    Hair Accessory/Jewelry Overload

    Don’t get me wrong, I love hair accessories and there is never a more suitable time than the holidays to have fun with these sorts of things. But, keeping everything in perspective, the rule of thumb for hair accessories is, don’t mix hair jewelry with other big jewelry!  (So Katy Perry actually gets it right.) Too much of a good thing can happen in a flash and what was fun and festive, can become gaudy and overdone before you know it!

    Headshot of Katy Perry with Pink Hair

    The “Misfit”

    The ‘misfit’ can easily take place if the hair stylist doing your hair for the evening doesn’t really know who you are. It happens all the time ladies, (need I remind you of your first prom up-do.) Or a misfit happens when your hairstyle is either overly sophisticated for your dress or too casual for your attire or event.

    If you go to the salon to have your hair done, bring a picture of what you will be wearing.  Let the hair stylist know your style . . . bohemian, classic, natural, edgy, fun-loving . . . the likely hood of getting a hairstyle that makes you feel great, will be greatly improved.

    Headshot of woman with stiff hair from too much hair care product

    The Untouchables!

    Too much hair care product can spoil a good thing!  I’m a strong advocate of the “three product rule”. . . if you use more than three hair styling products, you risk ruining a good thing. A product for texture, shine and hold, is all a girl really needs.  Lately I’ve been loving for texture, for shine and for a finishing spray.

    In my opinion, any more styling product than that starts a build-up that works against all your hard work. (Have you ever created a good thing, just to ruin it by adding one too many products?) What promised to give you lots of volume and shine now turns to a dull, heavy, mess of strands unable to hold a curl.  I’ve been there, done that . . . whatever your choice of hair styling products, stay within the “three product rule” and you will thank me in January!

    Headshot of Britney Spears with her head shaved

    Don’t take it out on Your Hair!

    The holiday hair blunder message here is . . . try to take holiday stress in stride and for @#%*’s sake, stay away from sharp objects like scissors or clippers! We don’t know all the psychology behind this phenomenon, but too many women seem to make a similar decision to “cut it all off” in stressful moments. (Albeit, most don’t go as far as Britney Spears) If you find yourself wanting to do this, take a deep breath, do something else, don’t listen to your thoughts and find a friend who will talk you out of it!

    Britney is back big time (thank the Lord) from a time where this hair blunder was the best idea she could come up with! Congrats on her new album, Femme Fatale’ and on her new engagement!

    For more great holiday hair looks check out our Pinterest Holiday Hairstyles and Celebrities Boards.

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