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    Layered Hair Styles For Every Type Hair

    Long layered hair

    Which Layered Hair Style Suits You Best

    Want volume and movement in your hair style? Let there be layered hair cuts! Not only can they liven up your look, they can control thick hair or fatten-up fine hair types. Layered hair also allow you to partake in the texture trend. Roller-set or iron-curl layers, and hair is so much livelier!

    Of course, face shape plays a big role, too, which is why it’s always best to leave what type and where up to your hairdresser. In the meantime, use this guide to become a smart layer player.

    Short Hair layered

    Fine Layered Hair Style

    Short Hair Layers

    Fine Layered Hair Style

    Layered Hair Styles For Fine Hair

    When your hair is fine, layered hair cuts can act as problem solvers. Limp, baby fine hair types tend to lie flat, but they can’t take a lot of layering either. What to do? Add long, subtle surface layers. Snipped to slightly uneven lengths, they add texture and volume where you need it most. Round brush hair styling can give you volume, as long as you stick with lightweight hair styling products used at the roots only. You can also pair a graduated back with long, subtle sur­face layers that are snipped in small sections to create irregular lengths.

    Says Frances DuBose of London Hair in Mt. Pleasant, SC, “Done correctly, a layered haircut can do more than a blunt cut with fine hair, but they should be vertical, not horizontal. The layers must also work with the perimeter of the haircut. You can’t add a lot of layers below the flat of the head or the occipital.” If you aren’t sure if your hair can hold up lots of layers, have just the ends detailed so they frame your face and enhance your cheekbones. For more of a texturizing than layering technique, hairdressers can notch into ends with their scissors, then slide the scis­sors through strands to create long layers. Of course, short and even uniform layers work if your hair is very short.

    Layered Long Hair Styles

    Long Chunky Layered Hair Style

    Layered Hair

    Unblended Layered Hair Style

    Layered Hair Styles For Thick Hair

    Thick hair that’s straight needs help looking bodified and textured. If this is your hair type, ask for a chunky layered hair style, then have ends soft­ened with a razor to add extra movement. Fine but abundant hair can also be shagged out if you accommodate your locks’ natural softness. Another option: Unblended lay­ers that progress from short to longer at the sides. This results in a deconstructed shape.

    Depending on your haircut, you can get short or long layers. DuBose says face shape mat­ters a lot with thick hair; for a round face, get more layers in the interior, so you take weight off the sides and slenderize the face shape.

    “If you have a wide forehead, add more top layers, which lets the hair fill in more at the bottom,” she adds.

    When it’s straight and cut somewhat short, this is one of the few hair types that looks great with uniform layers, or ones that are all the same length. On the other hand, super-dense manes let you opt for a super-strong bob without any layers whatsoever!

    Layered Hair Cuts

    Coarse Layered Hair Style

    Layered Hair Cuts

    Coarse Layered Hair Style

    Layered Hair Styles For Coarse Hair

    If your hair is coarse, you should avoid over-layering and razored layered haircuts. Because of its wiry texture, coarse hair can be difficult to control and the wrong type of layering only makes ends pop out.

    “For coarse hair, we work with the outer form, creating short-to-longer layers and removing the hair that flares out,” says DuBose. “This hair can be the hardest to work with, depending on how coarse it is— you actually need to sculpt in the shape you want with layers.”

    Layered Hair Cuts

    Straight Layered Hair Style

    Layered Hair Styles For Straight Hair

    Depending on whether or not you have a little hair or a lot, you can have long, progressive, short or uniform layers. Just remember that straight hair shows every cut-in line, so unless you want an avant-garde or otherwise strong shape, have your layers blended.

    With a double form line or a bi-level cut, you can go with short layers on top and long ones on the bottom. Of course, the shorter your hair, the shorter layers can be, right up to boy-style strands that stick straight up. Not sure? Start with a few long layers, then add more as you go.

    Layered Hair Cuts

    Curly Layered Hair Style

    Layered Hair Styles For Curly Hair

    Curly hair can be challenging to layer because it tends to take on a circular shape as it grows. What you want is curl control!

    “With this hair type, layers should create an indent at the sides,” notes DuBose. “I always look at the face and body shape. If the face is longer, layers should go from mid-shaft to ends, not on top. Doing this creates more side width.”

    Thick, curly hair needs control to achieve sexy, loosened curly hair styles. This means care­fully contrived layers that sculpt in a shape. Paired with a short cut, uniform layers bring curl to life. When hair is long, surface layering should be fairly long, lest you end up looking like the Great Pyramid.

    Layers for this hair type can be fairly heavy because you want them to be visibly defined . . . unless, of course, your hair is both curly and fine. Hair like this will show your scalp too easily if you add a lot of layers, especially if it’s worn short. Your best bet is to tell your hairdresser your likes, dislikes and goals, and have him or her decide.

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    Long Layered Haircuts Favorites at AMA

    Carrie Underwood

    These Long Layered Haircuts are Winners!!

    The long layered haircuts at the AMA Awards, were showing up everywhere. Here are some of my favorites of the evening: Country singer Carrie Underwood wowed me once again with her great hairstyle! Carrie Underwood worked this long layered look by giving us a curly long bob with subtle layering throughout. I loved the way that her bangs were pulled back and to the side giving her hairstyle a down-home wholesome look but also with a bit of extra pizzazz.

    You can get this look by spraying a heat styling spray like Redken Fabricate 03 on hair, then rolling hair up into large hot rollers and allowing hair to cool before removing them. Next, fluff up curls by turning upside down, lightly pulling through hair with fingers and then spraying with hair spray. Take bangs and slightly backcomb and pull them back and slightly to one side. For extra pizzazz like Carrie Underwood, secure your bangs with a sparkly hair barrette.

    Leona Lewis
    Long Layered Haircuts Retro look like Leona Lewis

    Leona Lewis showed off her long layered haircut by wearing loose waves to the AMA Awards. This look with long layered, loose waves is a throwback to retro hairstyles of years past. She also has most of her hair pulled to one side, giving this layered haircuts look extra Old Hollywood glamor.

    If you want a look like Leona Lewis wears, work your layered haircuts by adding in a curl enhancing cream like Mop C-System C-Curl Curl Enhancing Cream , through hair before curling all over with a large barreled curling iron. To finish the look, bring all your hair to one side and lightly mist with a finishing hairspray.

    Fergie with Long Layered Hairstyle

    Long layered haircuts like Fergie’s are best defined by their big loose curls and we saw plenty of these looks at this year’s awards. Paired with her raven colored strands and a center part, this gives her a bombshell look in my opinion.

    Fergie’s layered haircuts look for the AMA Awards is simple to style at home. As far as long layered haircuts go, this type of hair styling is easy to do at home.  Start by parting your hair down the middle. Next, run a styling cream of your choice through hair to give a bit of hold and shine. Curl hair away from face with a curling iron, preferably using a size 1¼” for Fergie’s length of hair. Once you have curled all of your hair, lightly separate curls with fingers and mist with a light hold hairspray to keep strands in place.

    For more great longer looks check out our Pinterest Long Hairstyles and Celebrities Boards.


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    Look What Layers Can Do For a Hairstyle

    Layered Hair

    Layers are the secret behind every great haircut

    Want proof? Check out these super styles from Umberto of Beverly Hills.

    • Layers Enhance Curl. (Pictured above) ~~ Got natural curl? When paired with a short haircut, layers make it come to life. Here, Kaydra Hailey keeps hair to a few inches long, so that when uniform layers are added all over, it goes full and curly without the bother. Longer top layers let you add volume, while shorter side layers make it easy to curve ends under or flip them up. Now your natural curl gives you incredible volume and movement. To style, blow-dry in sections, then touch up layers with a curling iron, lifting the roots as you go.


    • Layers Create Crown Spikes ~~ Here’s a take on texture that short hair aficionados will love. Super-short bangs, carved out around the face, frame it beautifully, styled up or down. The modern pixie is snipped into short layers so you choose between a smooth style or softened spikes. Umberto cut in short sideburns at a blunt angle to strengthen the face-framing effect. To do, style your hair with your fingers to increase root lift. Then use a round brush to direct the front to one side and hair at the crown straight up.


    • Layers Break Up The Surface ~~ Longer hair won’t get lots of volume with layers; instead, it gets surface texture and movement. For mid-length hair, shorter layers frame the face while longer ones add mobility to ends. When small sections are loosely spiraled around hot rollers, you get curve and curl all over. Once rollers are removed, keep the curls separate and finger-style them as you add finishing hairspray at the roots. Marlena Sater recommends the look for anyone who’s tired of smooth, super-sleek styles.


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