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    Lighten Hair Color That is Too Dark

    A woman who's hair color turned too dark

    Lighten hair color when your hair color is too dark

    Here is a typical comment from one of my most popular articles, Hair Color Too Dark:

    Hi. i had blonde hair. i just dyed my hair “cola brown” but it turned out almost black! not what i was looking for. how can i lighten hair color fast? i wanted brown but not black! i leave for school on Saturday, so it must be fixed. i also planned on dying more reddish-gold-brown or quote “cocoa brown” into it, but haven’t done so yet. what should i do? please help.


    There are many causes and considerations for home hair coloring going wrong when attempting to lighten hair color. When your hair color gets too dark, well, you now have “a horse of a different color” to contend with.

    “Let the Professionals Lighten Hair Color”

    In the last couple of years, celebrity hairstyles have been leading the way to a new surge in “beautiful brunettes.” The hairstyles are gorgeous with drizzles of colors in hues named, caramel, creme brulee or cafe au lait, that bring out surface strands and give a depth or warmth to the hair, unmatched by any single step hair color you can do at home.

    It’s not uncommon for those coloring hair at home to end up with a head of hair much darker than that which was intended. Home hair coloring kits fly off the shelves and into the hands and hair of the unexperienced. Top that off with the fact that reading directions is moot and . . . bingo . . . you’ve got problems; enough said.

    My absolute best advice is . . . carefully search for a hair colorist who is familiar with lightening hair color. Do not try to lighten hair color yourself, you’re sure to make matters worse, resulting not only in more expense, but more importantly, damage to your hair. A hair colorist who is experienced in how to lighten hair color can remove the unwanted dark dye pigment on a damaged and unruly head of hair, leaving it ready for corrective dimensional hair coloring. This is an extremely tricky procedure and to try this yourself is a sure accident waiting to happen.

    In my article, I give some home remedies you can try, but I give them reluctantly, just read directions and be careful!

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