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    Must Have Long Hair Styles

    Long Hair Styles

    Punch up Your Long Hair Styles

    It is the time to wear hair long hair styles primped to its finest. Amy Winehouse showed us that a long hairstyle can be worn to the extreme, but this year the extreme is done with grace. Just because the hairstyle is long doesn’t mean you have to let it dangle in that goody two shoe manner, it is high time to infuse those long hairstyles with some attitude.


    Long Hair Styles That Make You Appear Thinner


    A long hairstyle that is worn one length can come across a tad boring and dull, but with the right highlights you can really change things around. A two toned effect will add depth and dimension. Highlights are always a good idea, but changing it up will make things more interesting. Keep the stripes smaller and more blending to the base hair color, and add a few colors to the mix. This will add transition and reflect light-giving-depth to the hair. For more inspiration on highlights check out my article Hair Highlights for All Hair Colors.


    Long Hair Styles


    This is a great haircut if you are working with long curly or wavy hair. One of the biggest problems with curly long hair is that the cut lies too flat at the top and explodes through the bottom; before you know it you resemble a Christmas tree. The layers will transform the curls, cascading the hair and making it look fuller from start to finish.


    Long Hair Styles

    Multiple Layers

    When your hair is straight and very thick the multi-layered look can also be a great haircut to use. It removes the excess weight from your hair making it easier to style. However, be careful not to cut the layers too short, all that extra weight removed will allow the hair to bounce up leaving you with a bowl shape at the crown.


    Long Hair Styles

    Face Framing Layers

    Ladies, if you are one of the many who defines yourself as being “hairstyling impaired,” or not blessed with the hands or talent to do your own hair, then look no further. This long haircut keeps all the length through the back blunt, but allows for flattering layers to frame the face. This is a classic haircut that has been revised over the years to bring more attitude to the table. It is important your hairdresser works this long hair style to accentuate your best features. Cut the layers around the face to high light your cheekbones or your lips. And, if you have killer eyes that you want to be noticed chop in an eye grazing fringe to seal the deal. And if your looking for more ideas on utilizing face framing layers as a strategy check out my article Layered Haircuts Are Hot!


    Long Layered Hair Style with Bangs

     Whatever long hairstyle you luscious lasses choose to wear, remember to have fun with the overall picture. Long hair is like a blank canvas, there is so much to do with it . . . play around, have some fun and don’t be afraid to try new things.


    Long Hair Styles

    For more great longer looks check out my Pinterest Long Hairstyles Board.

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    Long Prom Hair Styles: So Pretty, So Easy

    Long Prom Hair Styles

    Long Prom Hair Styles . . . Go Casual, But Shine!

    The prom hair routine of not so long ago was a completely different story than today. Lucky you! I have memories of way too much time spent at the hair salon getting shampooed followed by a roller set that was so tight, it left you with a headache and a face lift at the same time. You then sat under the hair dryer till your ears and face turned red. Next came a violent comb-out, in a sort of rip and tear kind of way.

    After that came the main prom hair styling technique of the day, RATTING! These hairdressers knew how to RAT, that is, back-combing or teasing, taken to a violent extreme which made your hair like a rat’s nest and stay put for months. Some-how after lots of combing over, spraying, twisting and pinning, voila . . . the masterpiece . . . love-locks.

    We all had long prom hair styles, we all looked the same and basically we all them. Tears, were shed by many as they left the salon that hopeful day, feeling older than dirt. And, that’s just what you asked the hairdresser NOT to do! “Please DON”T make me look old.

    Good news for you gals, formal hair routines have evolved eons since that time. If you’re talented with hair styling techniques you may be able to recreate some of these casual long prom hairstyles at home. But, don’t leave it to chance! Practice and if not you’re happy, make that appointment with a professional hairdresser. There are subtleties in making a casual long prom hair style look casual and still have it hold all day and through prom night and make you shine.

    Prom Curly Hairstyles
    Here is an idea for a long prom hair style from Eva Longoria. This prom updohas a casual, yet polished look but it’s styled to HOLD for the entire evening. Check out my article Prom Updos for more.

    Prom Hairstyles for Long Hair

     This long prom hair style on Eva Mendes is sooo cute! Check out my other article for more prom hairstyles for long hair.
    Long Prom Hairstyles
    Easiest to achieve, this curled and teased pony tail long prom hair style can be a real head turner. For more on prom ponytails.

    Prom Hair styles for Long Hair
    Steal the show with this long prom hair style, but this one is best left to the professionals. For more on the Twist Updos for prom.


    Long Prom Hair StylesLong Prom Hairstyles
    Easy to achieve but still needs practice prom hair styleFront View of prom hairstyle

    Even though long prom hair styles are casual this year, this is still your night to shine. You’ve got the fabulous prom dress, shoes and accessories, now don’t miss out on wearing a knockout hair style! For more great looks check out our Pinterest Wedding Hairstyles, Prom Hairstyles and Braid Boards.

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