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    Matching Make up and Hair

    Make Up and

    Match your make up and your hair

    “Make Up and
    Hair Match up”
    No matter what cut, hair color or length they’ve got, most women are dying to discover the best way to do their make up and hair! Dara Klein, a NYC-based freelance make up and design artist (visit her website at, explains how to use make up and complement-not compete with your hair.

    • Make Up and Hair Match up Tip~~“When you’ve got long hair that’s usually pulled back off the face-with or without bangs” Klein says that really clean brows and skin are a must.
    • Make Up and Hair Match up Tip~~“Women with short hair tend to find accessorizing with make up much easier,” says the make up and hair pro. “Now that there’s not as much hair to overtake the face, try wearing a brighter fuchsia or red lipstick to add ultra femininity to your look.”
    • Make Up and Hair Match up Tip~~“Women with bangs should rock dark, sexy eye make up. “It’s all about the smoky eye, a  a La Chrissie Hynde. Eye-skimming bangs take on a rock and roll edge-emphasize this with a dark charcoal or black-rimmed eye,” advises Klein. “Make sure to smudge and blend at the lash line to keep the look modern and not dated.”

    This Make up and Hair article courtesy of Harris Publications

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