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How To Score These Hairstyles for Mid Length Hair

These Hairstyles for Mid Length Hair are Pretty & Versatile

A vast majority of my clients look their best with mid length hair. Mid length is what I recommend for those clients who’ve had the long straight look since their college days. Going from long hair to a mid length style is an easy transition to something new and different. Quit debating over whether to grow your hair past the shoulders, or to go short with something off the ears . . .  these two hairstyles for mid length hair are hot. Not too long, not too short, mid length hair can be customized to look good on any face shape. An on top of that, they are versatile and easy to maintain. These two looks will have you feeling like you just walked out of the salon with these simple DIY how-to tips.

This feathered bob is a great Hairstyle for Mid Length Hair

A Mid-Length Hairstyle with Razored Ends

  • THE CUT ~~ Mid-length hair is incredibly versatile when you pay attention to details. When women want to keep as much length as possible, Frances DuBose of London Hair in Mt. Peasant, SC, puts most of the focus on the ends. By lightly razoring sections in front, she adds an airy, feathery feeling to hair that’s otherwise blunt and thick.
  • THE COLOR ~~ Blonde this bright usually comes from lightening, then toning the hair. To keep the hair color in the realm of reality, a few golden highlights are also added for depth and dimension. Depending on your natural hair color, you will have to make a commitment to upkeep; but isn’t the best of blondes worth it?
  • HOW TO STYLE IT ~~ Apply a volumizing mousse through towel dried hair, dry most of it by using a wide paddle brush and large sections. While hair is still a bit damp, add lift and curve at the sides using a round brush, then curve the ends forward and flip them up. To help hair hold, mist ends underneath with a finishing spray.


mid length flip hairstyle

Mid Length Hairstyle With a Flip

  • THE CUT ~~ Beautifully thick mid length hair gets the high-class treatment from Frances DuBose, who graduates ends to add kick and keeps the top super-smooth. When flipped up, ends stack up on one another, becoming the focal point of the haircut.
  • THE COLOR ~~ Brunettes go for hot chocolate this fall, and this shade is perfectly matched to skin tone with a hint of underlying plum. While most brunettes have cool undertones, that’s not always the case. For the best color, find out if warm or cool brunette is best for you.
  • HOW TO STYLE IT ~~ Get out your hair styling mist and your medium diameter round hair brush. Remove excess moisture from your hair first, setting your hair dryer on high heat. Then mist on a styling gel and concentrate on turning ends up. Work in sections from front to back, and the bottom up. Then touch up ends again for a finish you’ll flip for.

For more great mid length looks check out our Pinterest Medium Hairstyles board.


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3 Edgy Medium Hair Styles in 1 Cut

Reinvent your medium hair style with this multiple personalities irresistible look!

For those of you who have grown tired of wearing the same old bob hair style you’ve worn forever, and want to make a quick change, you can easily make the transition into a look similar to this one. This medium hair style converts easily from an inverted bob or regular classic bob hair style. The ‘bob’ will never, never, ever go out of style, it just get’s a new tweek now and then, and this is but one more rendition of this ageless hairstyle.

Who says medium hair styles need to be repetitive or monotonous? It’s hard to say what I love most about this look, the color is drop dead gorgeous, and the cut can be coiffed to look funky, chic, or somewhere in-between. The beauty of this head-turner is there are 3 very distinct looks with just one haircut!

modified bob medium hair style

The Cut

The cut is what I’d call a modified bob. The back (everything behind the ears) is pulled back and cut blunt at the nape of the neck. The sides are left slightly longer. The hair is long, layered on top and the perimeter is chipped in to soften the edges. The bangs can be cut in any way you like.

The Color

There’s nothing like a bombshell red hair color to make a fashion statement! We’ve recently seen dynamic red hues like this one catching on like wildfire. However, these daring shades aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, and they certainly are not for the timid. Vibrant hues such as these, pack a powerful punch and the ladies who wear them turn heads where ever they go.

Who can wear it?

The hair color shade shown here work best on women with pale skin tones or pale with cool (pink) undertones, and blue or green eyes. For those of you with warmer undertones (peach or golden) to your skin, rich golden auburn’s and warm gold and red highlights work best. If you’re considering a big hair color change, but are finding it difficult to take the plunge, try on some hair pieces at your local beauty store or kiosk at the mall.  Since it’s hard to be objective about yourself, bring along a trusted friend to help in your decision-making. Red hair color tends to fade quicker than other colors, so if you decide to wear it, you’ll want to get the know-how on how to keep it healthy, shiny, and vibrant, from your hairdresser.  Here is what was used to create these dynamic looks.


Smooth Modified Bob Medium Hair Style

The Smooth Version

1. Mist with KIS Leave-In Sealing Spray
2. Apply KIS Gel Wax to wet hair dry
3. Flat iron with KIS Thermal Protecting Hairspray
4. Apply KIS Shine Serum

Curly Modified Bob Medium Hair Style

The Curly Version

1. Mist with KIS Leave-In Sealing Spray
2. Apply KIS Root Lifter to the root area
3. Next, apply KIS Spray Gel to ends
4. Blow dry and flat iron with KIS Thermal Protecting Hairspray
5. Apply Shine Serum


modified bob medium hair style

The Textured Version

1. Mist with KIS Leave-In Sealing Spray
2. Apply KIS Root Lifter to the root area
3. Next, apply KIS Spray Gel to ends
4. Blow dry and flat iron with KIS Thermal Protecting Hairspray
5. Apply Shine Serum


Remember your bangs can easily be altered to make a new style statement too; blunt bangs, side-swept bangs, bangs with wispy edges, or bangs cut in an asymmetrical edgy sweep with hard edges like this cut . . . whatever, medium hair styles never need be tiresome or humdrum again!

Thanks go out to Behind the Chair, Tressa and Kis, for bringing this our way. Hairdressers can find the hair color formula, cutting and styling techniques for this medium length hair style at BTC Tressa and Kis Organic Transitions Collections.  Now that’s RED!  Love the color, love the cut!!

For more great medium hair style looks check out our Pinterest Medium Hairstyles board.


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Gorgeous Medium Length Haircuts for Fall

Medium Length Haircuts

Medium Length Haircuts You Need to Try This Fall

We’re over-the-knee boot deep into these hot looks for mid-length hairstyles this season.  When it’s too cool to don a short cut (unless you’re Miley Cyrus,) but you want to freshen up your style by losing a little length, a Medium length haircut is the perfect transition. You can still tie it back with ease, but it won’t weigh you down or clog up your shower drain. Don’t let medium be synonymous with mediocre! Snag any of these fabulous styles to max out your medium length haircut this Fall.

A Season on the Edge

Textured layers and jagged rough edges spice up this medium length haircut and gives it a punky edge. Oblong face shapes look balanced with this choppy do, but it complements a oval and heart-shaped faces as well.

Medium Length Haircuts

This edgy hairstyle for medium length haircuts is funky and fun but it doesn’t have to be just for the younger crowd. For a more grown up style, soften the edges just a bit and focus on the layer work that can be done in the hairstyle.



Although it can be done with curly hair, this textured look thrives when it’s straight so you’ll want to take a flat iron to your hair if you don’t already have fine or pin straight hair. Using a styling gel or wax, like Kiehl’s Creative Cream Wax, tug on the ends to create a super sharp point at the end of each layer, and especially if you want drastic and dramatic bangs!

Medium Length Haircuts

What About Bob?

Medium Length Haircuts

Bobs are back and, normally thought of as a short hair cut, medium length bobs are a Fall favorite. The best thing about a medium length bob is that you can wear it stick straight with fine hair, curlicued and thick, parted in the middle or to the side–it doesn’t matter, they all look good!

Medium Length HaircutsMedium Length Haircuts

To achieve a wavy bob like Nicole Richie’s, use a round brush to blow dry hair away from the face and then loosely curl 1-inch pieces of hair, starting from the middle of the strands . If your hair is fine, you’re going to need to volumize with a product like Pantene Pro-V Fine Hair Solutions Root Lifter Spray Gel and for all bob-heads to keep those waves rolling all day, apply Sally Hershberger Supreme Head Style Primer for Wavy Hair before styling.


Beautiful Low Bun

Medium Length Haircuts

Sometimes you just want your hair pulled away from your face, whether it’s for going out or you’re bumming around the house and medium length hair shouldn’t serve as an obstacle for achieving that look. The low bun is popular this season and works well for medium length haircuts of all types. It can incorporate those little bitty pieces that often stick out in a pony or top knot and is elegant enough to wear to a dinner party or concert.

Medium Length Haircuts

Cop this style simply by pulling your hair into a low ponytail, wrap the hair around the pony’s base (covering the elastic) and secure it with several bobby pins. Hairspray is a necessity for this up-do and Bumble and Bumble’s Spray de Mode is lightweight and versatile so that you can use it for all medium length haircuts you decide to try.

Medium Length Haircuts


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