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    Medium Hairstyles DIY Tutorial For Every Hair Type

    The Medium Hairstyles Guide to DIY How to Tutorials for Every Hair Type and Face Shape

    Do you find yourself ever saying, “If my hair was longer, then I could . . .” or “If I cut it shorter, my hair would . . .?”  With medium hairstyles it’s common to feel like you’re in-between styles, but take heart, there are some super hot hairstyles for medium length hair! Whether you’re style is chic and sophisticated, or relaxed and flirty, there’s a modern, feminine look for you. Here are 7 of the hotest looks on the scene right now that work with every hair type and face shape.

    A wavy bob medium hairstyle

    Go Wavy

    Who Does it Work For: This hairstyle works great on fine, medium, and thick hair types. Its ideal for oval, heart, and square face shapes.

    How to Style: If your hair is naturally wavy, apply a curl cream to towel dried hair and use a diffuser attachment on your blow-dryer for maximum volume and texture. For straight, wavy or curly hair, use a 1″ to 2″ curling iron on dry hair. Spray lightly with a flexible hold hairspray and comb your fingers through it to break up the curls.

    Recommended Product: Tigi Catwalk Curls Rock, Paul Mitchell Worked Up

    Tips: For an easier style, try loosely French braiding damp hair and allowing to dry naturally. Voila! Easy, natural looking waves.

    Kirsten Dunst: side messy pony tail with bang

    Pull it in a Pony

    Who Does it Work For: The pony is ideal for medium and thicker hair, fine hair can tend to look stringy. It’s flattering for oval, heart, and round face shapes.

    How to Style: Apply a dry shampoo on dry hair for a matte texture. Tease at the crown and smooth over with a comb. Tie it in a pony at the nape of the neck or to the side.

    Recommended Products: Big Sexy Dry Shampoo

    Tips: For a dressier look, wrap a strand of hair around the base of the pony.

    chocolate brown medium bob hairstyle

    Get the Long Bob

    Who Does it Work For: This style works for fine, medium, and thick hair textures. It’s most flattering for oval, round, heart, and square face shapes.

    How to Style: Blow dry section by section using a flat brush. Touch up with a flat iron and finish with a shine spray for a smooth and chic look.

    Recommended Products: Kenra Shine Spray

    Tip: For an edgier look, ask your hairstylist if a razor cut would work for you.

    blonde messy bun with bangs for medium length

    Do a Messy Bun

    Who Does it Work For: This style is easiest on fine and medium hair types and is flattering for oval, heart, and oblong faces.

    How to Style: Pull hair in a pony at the nape. Use a second elastic to tie hair in a loop. Pin pieces of the loop to the base of the pony. Use fingers to tug at pieces to create fullness and texture. Allow pieces to fall naturally around your face. Lock in the look with a firm hold hairspray.

    Recommended Products: Paul Mitchell Extra Clean Hairspray

    Tips: To dress up your look, try adding an accessory, like a headband, hair comb, or hair flower.


    medium length hair with side swept bangsRachel McAdams mid length hairstyle with bangs

    Try a Side Swept Bang

    Who Does it Work For: A side swept bang works best for medium and thicker hair. It’s ideal for oval, oblong, and heart face shapes.

    How to Style: Apply a smoothing serum on towel dried hair and blow dry with a flat brush. Finish off the look with a flat iron. For extra wispiness, apply a small amount of dry wax.

    Recommended Products: Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum, Bb Styling Wax

    Tips: For round and square face shapes, try a side bang.

    Medium lengths are not only flattering, but they are super stylish this year! Not to mention, there’s a variety of hairstyles for medium hair lengths. It’s time to stop lusting over long lengths and embrace your hair now, whether it’s a razor cut, wispy bang, or relaxed pony, there’s a variety of hot medium hairstyles to update your look today.

    For more great mid length looks check out our Pinterest Medium Hairstyles Board.

    Hairstyle Blog contributing author Lindsay Hausch
    Contributing author Lindsay Hausch has provided clients with professional cutting edge color and cutting techniques at exclusive Paul Mitchell and Bumble and Bumble Signature Salons for the past seven years. She co-founded Sedona Beauty Team, which represents a team of artists that offer luxury, on-location beauty services. She enjoys writing articles that share her expertise. You can follow Lindsay on Twitter and FaceBook.

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    Mid-Length Hairstyle How To

    Mid-Length Hairstyle

    If You’re Looking for a Mid-Length Hairstyle Try This Stunning Look

    Bring your thick, mid-length hairstyle to life with long layers that add kick to the ends. When hair is roller-set, you can go longer between trims because the shape is set-in. To customize the cut, Eman Ellaham of Fantastic Sams in Southern California parts hair asymmetrically and adds shortest layers on the heavy side. This adds soft curve and makes the most of naturally thick hair. The longer back is cut into a slightly curved line, so the back blends into the sides perfectly. Even if you don’t set your hair, it takes on the swing and movement that’s the hallmark of healthy locks.

    • This Mid-Length Hairstyle Works Best If:

      • Your hair is medium to dense in volume and medium in texture.

      • Your hair is straight or has some natural wave.

    • This Hairstyle Requires:

      • A roller set. For a long-lasting set, start with damp hair and use medium and jumbo-sized rollers. Set the sides in the medium rollers, winding just the last few inches around the roller. Set the entire back on jumbo-sized rollers for body and curve. Once hair has dried, unwind rollers, brush out curls gently and turn the back under.

      • A trim every 6 to 8 weeks.

    • This Hairstyle is Not Recommended If:

      • Your hair is too fine to create lush curls when set.

    For more great mid-length hairstyle check out our Pinterest Medium Hairstyles board.

    Barb Quinn on Google+  


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    Medium Hairstyles for Women with Thick Hair

     Meium Hairstyles

    Medium Hairstyles You Need to Try This Spring

    Those of you who have thick hair have hair that most of us would give up our first born for, but have some special challenges which the rest of us should know about before calling the adoption agency. That is finding styles that will work with a thick hair type. Here are some ideas:

     Medium Hairstyles

    Layers with Chipped Ends

    This great look is cut into long layers and chipped ends, frames the face while giving a sexy silhouette to any face shape.

    Medium Hairstyles

    Straightened bob hairstyle with chipped ends

    This smooth look is the perfect length for Gwyneth Paltrow. A shoulder length bob is a classic cut; not too long and not too short . . . the perfect medium length haircut.

    Medium Hairstyles

    Modified Inverted with Jagged Layers

    If edgy is more your style, opt for a medium cut with varying lengths. A modified inverted cut with long jagged layers and long side-swept bangs is purrrfect!

    Medium Hairstyles

    Layered Chin Length Bob

    This chin length bob is lightly layered for fullness, texture and movement and its medium length packs mega sex appeal!

    Medium Hairstyles

    Face Framing Layers and Solid Bangs

    Medium hairstyles include lengths that just graze the collar bone. A solid fringe, face framing layers and chipped ends, give shape and softness to this medium hairstyle.

    Medium Hairstyles

    Top-heavy Inner Layers and Razored Ends

    Precision top-heavy inner layers with razored ends combine with crimson streaks and a disconnected fringe to makes this funky medium hairstyle a head turner.

    Medium Hairstyles

    Choppy Long Layers

    The choppy long layers of this medium hairstyle make styling a breeze for medium and thick hair. With all this added texture in the cut, you’ll be out the door in seconds flat!

    Medium Hairstyles

    Medium Bob Shorter in Back

    This medium length bob which is cut just slightly shorter in back, is a classic. It’s modern, chic, classy and easy to style.

    Medium Hairstyles

    Faux Bob

    Medium Hairstyles: Taylor Swifts glamorous faux bob hairstyle at the Video Music Awards 2013 is a medium length hairstyle option for long haired girls.

    Barb Quinn on Google+  


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