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    Mens Grooming; Helping Your Man Look Better

    mens grooming

    Most Guys Can Use Some Coaching on Mens Grooming

    Men, we can’t live with them . . . can’t live without them. We love them for their masculinity. A five o’clock shadow is very sexy. Ladies, we could mostly all admit, at times, a little scruff is very handsome. At the same time, how much is too much? Gentle diplomacy is required when your man does not pay attention to the mens grooming issues the way you wish he would. Is he about to meet your parents for the first time or is a special occasion approaching? Why don’t you suggest for them to start using a facial cream to give them a glow before that special occasion? Have a look at this popular facial cream for men to see if they can be persuaded into using it.

    Start pointing out hair styles you think would compliment your guy and approach it as a compliment. For example,”Wow. You’d look great with that haircut.” It may take a few tries to get him thinking about mens grooming. Gift cards from the salon or barber shop you choose is a good way to gently nudge him in the right direction.

    Call in the professionals

    There is a huge difference between a barber shop style and a salon cut. Knowing what you are looking for and the difference between the two will help you to guide your beau in the right direction. Although there are many exceptions to the rules below, in order to keep it simple follow these basic pointers to be safe. You’ll have one shot at this and if it goes well your man will look fabulous and pay attention to mens grooming forever!

    Mens grooming

    Barbershop cutting is a breed of it’s own

    Barbers are experts with clippers and trimmers. This means they favor the buzzers for the majority of the haircut. They create what’s commonly known as a fade. This is great for the street style type or the clean cut military look. For a barber, scissors are usually used on the top of the head. If the hair needs texture they will use texturizing shears.

    Barbers also favor using a razor on the edges to finish the look. This is to make the hairline exact. This is why some guys leaving a barber will have a distinct line around the forehead and side burns. If you like a buzz cut but not the edges done with a razor, it’s simple to
    ask to not finish the cut that way. When getting a barber shop haircut it is best to return every 2-4 weeks. Barbering appointments are normally quicker. They tend to grow out faster due to the shortness of the hair which makes them lose their shape faster. These days barbering is really pushing the style envelope so ask around and you will find a barber creating trendy styles.

    mens grooming

    Hair stylist’s primary technique is scissors

    Hairstylists at a salon will generally use scissors to cut men’s hair. They will use trimmers to clean unwanted neck and beard hairlines. If you’re a female you don’t tend to have this as a issue. However, for men they need to keep control of there neck hair due to their Adams Apple. Lots of people have been wondering Why Do Men Have Adams Apple? and it’s simple, it’s in our male genetics. Typically in the salon, edges may be left more piecey making the edges more natural. This is done to compliment the blow out and products added along with the texturizing. Texturizing can be done a variety of ways sometimes razoring the hair itself for a looser free flowing effect or using the scissors to actually notch out extra hair. Salon cuts take more time typically and include a shampoo and blow dry. Men who like to cut their hair less often tend to prefer a salon cut being the softness is able to be cut in to the hair making it look not so definite as a buzz cut.

    Hair type matters

    Hair type comes in to play when picking the best method for men’s hair. Some hair looks great faded and makes unruly hair polished. Other hair types are shown off with a great scissor cut and the right styling product. Either way he won’t know until a professional consultation is done.

    Choosing the right hair stylist

    Every stylist has a specialty. Not all hairdressers are proficient in men’s cutting and/or barbering so don’t assume your favorite hair stylist is right for the job. On the other hand, know when to back off. If he does seem open to the idea you can find a good hair stylist simply by asking somebody where they got their haircut. When you see a great haircut on the street simply ask!

    Stay home, let the professionals do their job

    Most importantly never accompany your man to the appointment. If so go get a cup of coffee or hang out in the reception area. Hair stylists and male clients alike always hate hovering helicopter spouses so don’t be one! You wouldn’t want him interrupting your appointment so don’t barge in on his. Respect him and know you did your mens grooming research. After that . . . Hands off!!! The hair stylist will do the rest.

    Contributing author Katelyn Capko has provided clients with professional cutting edge styling and cutting techniques at the exclusive Carmine Minardi NYC salon on Madison Ave in the heart of the Upper East Side of Manhattan for the past several years. You can follow Kate on Twitter.

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    Mens Salons Just Got Better!

    Mens Salons

    Beer in Mens Salons Not Just For Fun!

    I imagine you’ve noticed the mens salons popping up nationwide, from franchised versions to the revised and updated down home barbershops. Mens salons are back with a vengeance and I’m glad to hear it! Guys have needed a place to go that caters to their grooming needs and life style interests.

    It was already 4 years ago that I posted this article “Mens salons have a big future” which includes a LA Times snippet of a man who saw the market for new mens salons and within 4 years time opened, Major League Trim . . . great name! He was a pioneer in introducing the modernized barbershop including barber stations, each with its own 13-inch TV with access to cable sports stations.

    “Mens Salons Inovating With Beer” Since that time there have been many mens salons that have cropped up with services including, scalp and hand massages, hot towel straight edge shaves, shoe shines, manscaping (shaving or waxing off excess hair) and the sale of mens skin care, hair products, sports paraphernalia and even cigars!But recently I heard of the newest mens salons service menu offering, The Beer Rinse . . . Brilliant!! There are mens salons that serve the occasional beer or wine to their clients but, A mens salon in New York City has improved on the concept by offering a beer rinse as a hair service. Using beer as a rinse for the hair isn’t new, but it is new in some salons as a service to add shine and make hair appear thicker.

    Supposedly, real brewed beer contains vitamins and proteins that nourish the hair and add body and texture to hair. It’s also said to have an acidic quality that strips the hair of product buildup and contains added sugars that tightens the cuticle for extra shine. I haven’t tried it, but If you want to try a “beer rinse” treatment at home, open a bottle of brew, take a few sips and let it sit on the counter to become flat and room temperature. Simply shampoo and rinse as usual. Pour remaining bottle of on hair and massage in. Rinse thoroughly with cold water.

    First, mens salons brought in flat screen TV’s with sports, ESPN and cigars, and it keeps evolving. Now ‘beer’ is served as a relaxing beverage AND as an old hair remedy revisited.

    For more great looks check out our Pinterest Men’s Hair Board


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    Men’s Grooming for Success

    Mens Grooming

    Grooming is an Indicator of Character

    Everyone has heard the saying: “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” In today’s competitive world it is more important than ever to look your best at all times. Some find it easier to maintain a consistent and groomed appearance with the support of some cool gadgets you could find through this gadget list for men. You never know who you are going to run into and how it may affect what you are trying to accomplish in your life.

    We are all at various stages in our lives. You could be looking for a job, a mate, or have a current job where you are easily recognizable. This is why it is more important than ever to be prepared for a chance encounter. Another well known, but often forgotten fact is the better we look and feel, the better we perform.

    Some suggestions for always looking and feeling your best:

    • Hair: Make it a point to always keep a well groomed and maintained haircut. Getting a haircut often does not mean you have to wear your hair short. It just means you will always keep your chosen style up to date.
    • Facial hair: Whatever type of facial hair you choose to wear make sure you beard always has a clean outline combined with a clean shave. You don’t ever want to look like you just rolled out of bed or haven’t showered in days. Tips for getting your best shave:
      • Clean your face with a moisturizing soap or face wash.
      • Hold a warm wash cloth or small towel on your face for 30-60 seconds.
      • Massage light oil on your face. You can use expensive pre-shave oil or something as inexpensive as baby oil. When you shave you scrape away the natural oil in your skin so it is very important to add oil before shaving. This cuts down on razor burn and softens the beard. These types of oils (and other facial products) are online at
      • Use a warm, moisturizing, shaving cream. If you put a cold gel or cream on your face it will close the pores and cause the beard to lie down. This will cause you to have to press harder with the razor which will result in razor burn.
      • Rinse your face off with cold water to close the pores.
      • Make sure to apply mens aftershave. You can even apply an aftershave moisturizer with Shea butter. This is an anti-inflammatory and will soothe the skin helping to avoid razor burn.
    • Casual Clothing: Most important always be wrinkle free. You never want to look like you slept in your clothes or took them out of the hamper. When wearing sneakers or casual shoes make sure they are clean.
    • Dress/Formal Clothing: Always wrinkle free. Make sure your shirt is tucked in and tie centered with a perfect tie knot. Keep your shoes shined so clean they look like they just came out of the box.

    Some of this may seem pretentious or like a lot of work but could be the difference between attracting the attention of your soul mate, getting that dream job, or making that chance connection that could make your year, or even better, your career. And for more great looks check out our Pinterest Men’s Hair Board

    Master Barber Greg Zorian
    Guest author Master Barber Greg Zorian is a third generation barber, educator and manager of several successful barbershops. Greg is in high demand as a barbering instructor and workshop leader. Greg’s work has been featured in Milady’s Standard Professional Barbering textbook and DVD series as well as many national and international publications including Travel and Leisure Magazine and Four Seasons Luxury Travel Magazine’s “Top 5 Haircuts in the World” category.

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