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    Haircuts for Men

    Zach Efron Haircuts for men

    Haircuts for men — consider face shape

    We have all noticed that haircuts for men have been changing somewhat dramatically over the years. Gone are the days when you only see women peaking out behind foils and weaves at the salon. Nowadays they are giving up their chairs to more and more men. Men have been taking a more eager approach to hair styling thanks to the constant reminder of hair fashion across the big screens.

    Male stars have been gracing pictures with their up-to-date coifs, leaving the rest of the average Joes to go and get a not so average hair cut. I think this new generation is fantastic! I mean it is about time that men start putting in the same effort to looking good as women have been doing forever. So if you want to hop on board to getting more dates or clinching a great first impression, read on to find out how to get the best hairstyle for your face shape.

    Mens Face Shapes

    Haircuts for men shouldn’t be a cookie cutting ordeal. If you want a great look, your face shape needs to be taken into consideration before just getting it . . . cut off. Face shape is the starting place for a great haircut. What you hope for when you visit a barber shop toronto (if you live in this area of Canada) is that you build a good relationship with the barber and even if you have no idea what hairstyle you want, the person cutting your hair will be able to give you a hair cut that complements your face shape! The same should go for whatever barber you visit. Once you have determined the face shape of a person then you can go on to designing the best style for them. Generally we think of round, square, oblong/long, oval, and heart when thinking of face shape; for men it is pretty much the same except with a more pronounced jaw line and stronger features the shapes change slightly. Men are generally: round, square, rectangle, triangle, or pear shaped.

    Pick a Shape

    Round Jack Black
    Round Jack Black-The ultimate round face shape

    • Round ~~ A classic round face with men tends to show up on an older or larger built man. A round face can also come from a young man that still has a little bit of baby charm to shack. With a round face you want to lengthen and slenderize the width of the face. The lines and sections of the hair should create depth and length from the eyes to the chin. Allow for the haircut to frame the face, if you want it short keep it close to the face but add a little height at the crown to give a visual of length. When you want to have a tad more hair to play with, really texturize the ends and work in a more layered cut to keep the eyes moving up and down the shape and not side to side.
    Brad Pitt
    Brad Pitt is square-triangle
    • Square face shape ~~ The square face is the most tricky in my book . . . unless you are Brad Pitt. A large number of men fit into this category; however, the square can be one of two shapes. There is the perfect square and the in between square-triangle. This shape is complimented best with a clean cut over the ears style. Even though the hair is short make sure to sauce it up with stronger side burns and lots of texture in the ends, work through a strong styling wax so you can see the dimension in the cut.
    Ethan Hawk
    Ethan Hawk is a perfect triangle
    • Triangular Face Shape ~~ Out of all of the face shapes having a triangle is pretty rare, most men are boarder line square triangle. A face shape that has such severity in the jaw is best complimented by cropping the haircut. Make sure the hair is close to the face, avoid spiky do’s that add length, and it’s not a bad idea to add some flattering facial scruff
    Clint Eastwood
    Clint Eastwood’s classic look
    • Rectangular face shape ~~ Unlike women, men can have a hard time balancing a long face shape. It is always a good idea to work some facial hair into your style. Sideburns and a hint of over grown shadow, or even a goatee works wonders for this face shape. Work in lots of layers to this cut, add fullness to the sides and leave the hair longer or down at the forehead to shrink the length between the eyes and chin. Hats are a great accessory to add too, for interest and balance.

    Haircuts for Men 1

    Zac Efron
    • The Pear or Diamond face shape ~~ A pear or diamond shaped face is almost the opposite of the other shapes. The jaw line with pear shapes tends to be wider than the upper part of the face and with the diamond you can get a slight point to the chin. Diamond shapes really need to balance the width in those cheeks by adding fullness behind the ears. A haircut with a fuller fringe works miracles for those of you with pear face shapes. It adds volume through the temples which balances out with the fuller jaw line. Try to always keep the hair a little longer at the temples, if it gets too short there, it can make this face shape too pointed through the top.

    C’mon guys join the ever growing wave and become knowledgeable on face shapes and consequently on the different options you have for great looking haircuts. The new haircuts for men today fit a wide range of personalities and lifestyles. Don’t settle for a cookie cutter hairdresser, find one that will give you great options. I know trying new things can be scary, but I promise this is one thing that can change your life. Us gals do it to give you something nice to look at, so guys now it is your turn to repay the favor.

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    6 Must Have Hairstyles for Men

    Men's Hairstyle 106

    Hey men, are you looking to do something different with your hairstyle? Now may be the perfect time to do so.

    The Holidays are here once again and you know what that means? Your girlfriend or spouse is already thinking about what to wear to whatever shindigs you may be attending this year. AND how to do a little different twist to her look by changing up her hairstyle a bit. Whether a color change, new hairstyle, or new way of styling her hair you can be sure she will be doing SOMETHING different.

    “A little hairstyle
    change can go a long way on men”

    Now admit it, don’t you like it when she changes things up a bit and shows another side of her beauty? Well, the Holidays are a perfect time for you to take such leaps of faith and do something a bit different with your hairstyle too. Now I’ll be the first to admit, a radical hairstyle change isn’t for all men, and I’ll even go out on a limb and say it may not be for a majority of men.

    The most important thing with a style change for men is that you stay true to your nature. Wear a style you are comfortable with. If you’ve got a bit of flair hiding in there and have the confidence to pull it off, your gal pal, as well as others will surely take note.

    Take a look here at what Steve Elias, California hairdresser and NAHA winner, has come up with when asked by American Salon Magazine to bring on the classic looks of Cary Grant or Rock Hudson with a modern twist. If you have a desire to be able to change your hairstyle, these changes can be achieved mostly by learning how to use a flat-iron and a round brush with your hair dryer.

    Ask your hairdresser to walk you through how to achieve a certain style that appeals to you. Your girlfriend or spouse may also be a good resource for teaching you how to use hair styling tools and the right hair care product.

    Men's Hairstyle 107

    For this change-up to a more groomed finished hairstyle, Elias first flat-ironed the hair and then added products that would hold the hairstyle in place and give it shine. He used Aveda Men Pure-Formance Grooming Clay and Pomade.

    Men's Hairstyle 108

    A severe side part, using Liquid Pomade and finishing with Grooming Clay was all Elias needed in this models straight hair to achieve this hairstyle.

    Men's Hairstyle 109

    Blow-dried again using a small amount of Liquid Pomade and a paddle brush.

    Men's Hairstyle 110

    In this look, Elias used Grooming Cream on wet hair and blow-dried. Use either a vent brush or an oval bristle brush, not to smooth out all natural wave.

    Men's Hairstyle 111

    Again a flat-iron was used after blow-drying smooth. Then a lot of Liquid Pomade was used to give a shiny, slicked-back look.

    For more great looks check out our Pinterest Men’s Hair Board.


    Barb Quinn on Google+  


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    Mens Hair Products

    A soft tousled mens hairstyle lookThe Most Suitable Hair Styling Products for Guys

    A guy should not only focus on the clothes he wears. He should definitely have the hairstyle to complete the look, and what better way to create the hair than to know the perfect hair product. Knowing the current hairstyles is not enough. It is essential to keep up with the latest trends in fashion and you should have the hairstyle to go with it.

    During the years, hairstyles for men are persistently shifting. If you would notice, best dressed guys have adjusted to more modern hairstyles. In doing this, they can get a hold of their unique personalities while embracing the hottest trend. In this case, you have to know the hair styling product that would be perfect for your new hairstyle.


    If you are into the ‘messy’ look, pomade is your best choice. A small amount would be sufficient to give texture and body to your hair. Use medium-weight pomade (try Graham Webb Wax Pomade) to hold hair waves together. You can catch Ed Westwick, Mark Ronson and Robert Pattinson styling with pomade.


    This is a hair product that will go with any hairstyle. On wet hair, it will give you a shiny and sleek look while on dry hair, you can style your hair the way you want it. It will also keep your hair in place during the day without any sticky residue.  For a smooth look, I suggest applying a small amount of mousse like L’Oreal Tex Aero Mousse, and blow-drying hair with a large round brush. Celebrities like Lapo Elkann Ryan Reynolds and James Franco make use of this product.


    Any type of hair will hold in place if you use good gel product. You can use it in different styling techniques such as freezing, molding, scrunching or even sculpting. Dispense a nickel-size amount of gel in one hand and use both hands to rub it into your towel-dried hair. Using gel will assure you that heavy blustery winds are never a problem. My recommendation here is American Crew Styling Gel. Gels are commonly seen with celebrities such as Brad Pitt, Jake Gyllenhaal and John Ham.


    Shine and thickness can add versatility beyond just holding power. My recommendation here, is the award-winning
    TIGI Catwalk Your Highness Thickening Gel Creme. In just a few sprays, you can create a desired look without getting dirty hands. Leonardo Dicaprio, George Clooney and Javier Bardem are frequent users of hairspray.

    Guest contributor Mary Albert is an editor of  Happyhealth the review center of the med alert system and other similar items. Additional information is available at

    For more great looks check out our Pinterest Men’s Hair Board.

    Barb Quinn on Google+  


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