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    Natasha Richardson’s Hair Styles

    Natasha Richardson Hairstyles

    What Do Natasha’s Hairstyles Tell?

    “Natasha Richardson
    Hair Styles”

    Hair styles go around and come around, as all fashions do . . . that’s just the way of it. More often than not, a slight updating twist to an old look will bring it into vogue once again in it’s right time. Natasha Richardson wore various hairstyles which reflect this phenomenon.

    I swore when first hearing the sad news of Natasha Richardson’s passing, I wasn’t going to get on the bandwagon and write about her.  I wasn’t looking to write anything about her as I wasn’t really familiar with much of what she had done. Then, the other night I saw old footage of a number of interviews she had with her friend, Charlie Rose, over the years and she impressed me with her natural beauty inside and out. The other thing I noticed about Natasha Richardson, was the variety of hair styles she wore over the years!

    To a hairdresser, those people who change their hairstyles easily, reflect a very healthy sense of self assurance. (Surprisingly, in the interview with Charlie Rose, Natasha Richardson candidly admitted to feelings in earlier years of not feeling “pretty enough” to which Charlie just about fell off his chair.) But none the less, she did change her hair style often and here are just a few of the hairstyles she wore.  Now, she does have the advantage of having a beautiful oval face shape and a hair type that is easy to work with, but she didn’t appear to be shy about changing her hairstyle . . . which indicates an attitude of a beautiful, self assured woman!  RIP

    Natasha Richardson Hairstyles
    Natasha Richardson in 1986 “Gothic”

    The Boho look, (in vogue once again) was big in the 80’s and Natasha Richardson wears it here in “The Gothic” 1986

    Natasha Richardson Hairstyles
    Natasha Richardson in “Patty Hearst”

    Natasha Richardson wears a “stacked bob” (similar to inverted bob) in “Patty Hearst”

    Natasha Richardson Hairstyles
    Natasha Richardson 2001 GLAAD Media Awards

    Natasha Richardson wears full bangs with long straightened hair . . . vogue once again!

    Natasha Richardson Hairstyles
    Natasha Richardson and Liam Neison February 1993

    She wore bob’s beautifully!! Longer bob, lightly layered around the face only, with longer bangs.

    Natasha Richardson Hairstyles
    Natasha Richardson May

    Layered bob, curled into ringlets with curling iron

    Natasha Richardson Hairstyles
    Natasha Richardson February 2009

    Natasha Richardson with a texturized, razored flip cut, flat-ironed with bangs.

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