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    How Do I Get My Natural Hair Color Back?


    Natural Hair Colors


    Getting back to your natural hair color? Don’t make it worse!

    Getting back to your natural hair color is most always more involved than you may have suspected when first making the decision to do a drastic hair color change.

    It’s natural to think hair color can be easily stripped or refilled when models and celebrities do it like chameleons, with gorgeous results mind you and no dull, dried out, or damaged hair.

    But getting natural hair color back is tricky. So what can you do? Every situation is different but here is what I can suggest for this reader.

    Help,About a month ago I wanted a hair color change. My natural hair color was a beautiful golden, light brown/dark blonde hair color. I dyed it dark brown and now that I have, I regret it. It turned out 3 shades darker than my natural hair color.Do I strip my hair? Will that even get it back to my natural hair color? I’ve heard that that would make it look like straw. But I’ve read that a good conditioner can make it better, but I’m nervous.Or, my second option, do I dye it as close to my natural hair color as possible? Please help, my roots are growing back and its fading all gross-like.,,

    DIY hair color removal

    I suggest you try an at-home hair color remover like Color Rid, seeing that the hair color you have now is so much darker than your natural hair color and this is the only chemical on your hair.

    “Get My Natural Hair Color Back” Color Rid is a gentle hair color remover that can be used a few times in succession if needed, to remove unwanted hair color. Follow the instructions! You can find Color Rid or a similar product at Sally Beauty Supply, Ulta, or other beauty supply stores by you. Be sure to ask the clerks for any suggestions they might have when looking at your hair. Sometimes they are licensed hairdressers. At least they should be knowledgeable about these hair color removal products.

    Some people with similar hair color situations like yours find they like the color they get when they lift out the old hair color and choose not to put another hair color on. That would be ideal. Take the time to see your hair dry after processing and if this works for you.

    DO NOT do the second option you suggested. You cannot throw on another hair color over your existing hair color that will get you back to your natural hair color. It will only add more hair color on top of color and turn out darker or muddy. It will not give you the result you are looking for.

    When choosing to change your hair color more than one or two shades, it’s best to have a professional hair colorist do the deed. What you don’t see with beautiful celebrity hair color changes, is our industries top professional hair colorists behind the chair making the changes look beautiful and effortless.


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    How Can I Get my Natural Hair Color Back?

    stripping hair back to natural colour

    A recently posted question on stripping back to your natural hair color

    I want to let my natural (almost pure white) hair grow in. I have very healthy, coarse-textured fairly long hair that I have been coloring honey blonde for years. Is there a way to match this bright white hair with some kind of streaks or hair high lights? Lately, on TV, I have been seeing young men with beautiful white or silver hair, so it must be possible — surely they could not have gone completely white/grey at such an early age! A couple hairdressers have suggested bleached hair high lights — but they say they cannot achieve a match with the white that is my natural hair color — it will just have to grow out, they say. Is this true? What do you suggest I do, especially to avoid damaging my hair?

    Comment by Laura — January 18, 2007


    From my perspective you have 3 options to get back to your natural hair color:

    1. Cut it short and let the hair color grow out, or bleach and tone.

    2. Bleached hair high lights, as the hairdressers you mentioned suggested but which won’t match your natural white hair color.

    3. Bleach up and tone back with a semi-permanent hair color. (My choice)

    Find a reputable hair colorist to do this and you’ll be happy with the results. They’ll bleach your hair up to a pale yellow hair color shade leaving your regrowth untouched.

    “Getting Back to Natural Hair Color”

    Then they can tone back all of the hair with a semi-permanent platinum hair color shade. Bleaching is the only way to get the blonde hair color out of your hair. A semi-permanent tone back will fade in 6 to 12 weeks or more.

    You may need to tone the regrowth to even out the hair color until the old bleached hair is cut out. As the toner fades, you’re left with your natural white hair color. Since your hair is very healthy you shouldn’t have a problem going this route, unless you have extremely long hair. It’s more difficult to lift color out of long hair evenly.

    Deep conditioning treatments would be good to do beforehand and afterwords. The young men you mentioned seeing on TV with white hair, no doubt had their hair bleached up and toned back to the hair color you’re seeing.

    Don’t miss our complete guide to hair coloring for more in-depth information.

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