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    A new organic cosmetics blog and podcast

    Andrea Kane has started an organic cosmetics blog. It looks like she is doing a good job of covering the organic cosmetics space, she discusses natural cosmetics like those you can buy from A market that I must admit, I know nothing about; so I’ll be a regular reader. But I’ll be even more interested in watching her new weekly podcast which she announced in the same press release.

    “Orangic Cosmetics Podcast”

    I have watched carefully the podcasting market pretty carefully, as eventually it would be a natural extension of my focus of the hairstyle space on the Internet. There have been a handful of tries from the fashion and beauty industry, all pulled the plug after just a few broadcasts.

    Creating audio is more work than it appears. I learned that from producing the audio and video for my class Finding the Right Hairstyle for You!. It would require a very patient statutory with a lot of front end work. The podcasting world is struggling to find a monetization strategy that makes sense. So those that are in it right now are doing it out of their passion for their topic, so give Andrea some support, encourage her and anyone else you see in the fashion and beauty arenas that is sticking their necks out for the rest of us. I think podcasting has all of the earmarks of becoming a very big part of our lives; the technology is still new to us all.

    I’d be interested to hear your opinion . . . would you download a weekly podcast on hairstyling issues? Leave me a comment on this article on what topics you might find interesting?

    Here are a couple of snippets from Andrea’s press release as well as a link to the entire article.

    “I started The Organic Beauty Expert blog because I wanted to offer consumers a one-stop resource for natural, handmade and organic cosmetics products,“ said Andrea Kane, editor and author of the blog. ” Since I have been a manufacturer of organic cosmetics products, I can offer consumers a truly objective opinion on the products currently on the market that they won’t get from someone who just loves to shop.”


    “Online shopping has removed personal connection from the purchasing process,” explains Kane, “and by interviewing the people behind these companies, I give consumers information about the organic cosmetics products they can’t get from a magazine or newspaper and I give companies the chance to reach a new audience.”


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