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    Doing Ponytail Hairstyles the Right Way

    Why Ponytail Hairstyles Should Be 1 of the 7 Deadly Sins

    There are dozens of variations on this chic classic. Piled high on the crown like Wilma Flintstone’s or clipped low on the nape like Audrey Hepburn’s, the only caveat is not to pull your hair back too tightly over an extended period of time, because it can break and, over time, you can lose your hair (Go for 100 percent elastic without metal clasps. That tiny metal bit may seem harmless enough, but it really snags the hair.)

    Brush your hair back or part it on the side. (If your hair is curly, separate out a piece from the front, set it on a Caruso curler or heat curler for a few minutes, and let it hang smooth and loose.) Slick the top back with gel or pomade, and fasten with a banana clip, a ribbon, or a scrunchy—or, if your hair is really long, use several hands, spaced out every few inches. You can also smooth the hair back, bind it with an elastic, then separate a section of hair and wrap it around the elastic—or let it hang loose.

    The Relaxed Pony 1

    If you haven’t mastered at least a few new ways to create ponytail hairstyles . . . it’s high time you did!! Ponytail hairstyles not only top the charts for hairstyle trends, but they are also the easiest and most versatile hairstyles to create!

    There is an unprecedented amount of women who are wearing their hair long right now, at least in the celebrity and media world. One reason is baby boomers have checked-out on the old, but long held idea that 50 somethings need to wear short hair. They are growing their locks almost in defiance, are looking great and thereby are creating the new 50 (which is 30?) Love it! No matter if you’re young or (not as young,) ponytails are ageless and are stirring up a whirlwind! And the fact that the party season is right around the corner means it’s time to get your ponytail hairstyles skills in line.

    I’m pretty sure these ponytails can be copied easily enough by any of you who have worn a ponytail hairstyle before, but you may just need a little practice to get it down quick and easy. Slight differences in ponytail placement, curling, straightening, adding length, mussing-up or braiding and product usage, can give you a variety of ponytail looks to go with your mood!

    Elegant Ponytail Hairstyles

    Ponytail hairstyles can look totally elegant when swept entirely away from the face and are coupled with elegant earrings (and of course a diamond neclace). Either slightly backcombed on top or slicked down with a styling gel, these ponytails scream posh!

    sleek ponytail

    low ponytail

    Ponytail with Bump and Side Swept Bangs

    These ponys only take some backcombing and a touch of finishing spray for a flirty look. Straightened or curled ponytails with flattened side swept bangs look feminine, fun or dressy. Wrap the ponytail with some hair pinning it underneath for a finished look!

    Teased Crown Ponytail

    Side Ponytails are Versatile

    The side ponytail is showing up the runways are braided, coupled with braids, mussy curled and straight . . . anything goes. Remember, you can buy hair extensions to create big thick braids, or ponytail extensions for even easier hairstyles. A quick trip to your local Sally’s Beauty Supply and you’ll be surprised at how many options your have.

    Side Ponytail

    Side Ponytail with a fishtail braid

    One Minute Ponytails

    Playful Ponytail

    You can’t go wrong with an ultra-versatile ponytail. Last season’s look was sleek and modern, but now we’re seeing a shift towards soft and voluminous ponytail hairstyles.

    To get the look, use a 1″ barrel curling iron and curl your hair from root to tip. I suggest using the Hairdo Wrap Around Pony for an extra boost, so using the same curling iron, create curls on the ponytail as well so the hair matches overall in texture.

    Next, work a paddle brush through your waves to give your hair added bounce and body. Pull your hair back into a ponytial and attach the Hairdo Wrap Around Ponytail and spray with a medium hold hairspray to complete this look.

    Ponytail Extension

    Ponytail hairstyles are a feminine way to pump up the coquette side in you this fall and change some bad hair days into good. We’ve got dozens more head turning ponytail ideas on my Pinterest Ponytails board. Take a little bit of time to get down the mastery of ponytail hairstyles . . . And voila! . . . You’re adorable!!

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    Ponytails; 5 Great Looks

    Slightly Punk Short Spout Ponytail
    Ponytails Can’t be Beat For Quick and Easy

    These new twists on the good old ponytail take it from default hairdo to delightfully elevated.

    Ponytail For Short Hair

    The Spout ~~ With this length, it’s difficult to fit every last hair into an elastic—but this slightly punk look turns that into a virtue. “Little pieces sticking out give it a playful edge,” says Moiz Alladina, a hair stylist in New York City who created all the ponytails in this story. To do: Blow-dry hair straight, mist with setting spray to give the style hold, slide in an elastic, then work a dab of gel (such as Nexxus Exxtra Gel Style Creation Sculptor) through the ends of the ponytail for texture. For a bit more polish, blow out the loose bits in front and sweep them to the side. Spray in place.

    Ponytails For Long Hair

    Side PonytailThe Sidewinder ~~ If your hair is straight, give it some wave with hot rollers; if it’s curly, blow-dry it with a big, round brush to loosen the curl some. Tease the roots at the crown. Loosely gather your hair in an elastic just below one earlobe (it’s OK if a few pieces escape), tying it close to the scalp to give added volume on top. Camouflage the elastic with a strand of hair from the ponytail and secure it with a bobby pin.

    Long Ponytail

    The Cheerleader ~~ The secret to this look is, again, a two-pronged strategy: First part your hair horizontally with a comb from the top of one ear to the top of the other (stick the upper portion in a clip for the moment). Tie back the bottom half tightly in an elastic just below the crown. Next, unclip the upper section and gather it into another elastic, right above the first one. Finish by wrapping a strand of hair from one of the tails around both elastics and securing with a bobby pin.

    Ponytails for Medium-Length Hair

    A hair style with two ponytails

    The Daily Double ~~ To get this look (which suits wavy or straight hair), first loosely pull back the top of your hair, from forehead to crown. Hold it up with one hand as you tease the underside for height. Secure the section with an elastic and wrap a strand of hair from the ponytail around the band; keep it in place with a bobby pin. Then gather all the rest of your hair into another elastic at your nape. Camouflage the bottom ponytail holder with a strand of hair, as with the top one.

    Twisted Ponytail

    The Twist(s) ~~ Prep dry hair with setting spray to ensure that the final look lasts (try John Frieda Root Awakening Strength Restoring Hair Spray). Part your hair down the middle in back, then twist the hair on each side of the part tightly toward your nape. Hold each twist in place with an elastic at the base of your neck. Hide the elastics with a strand of hair from each ponytail, securing each wrapped strand with a bobby pin (this will also help keep the twists from unfurling).

    Article courtesy of Real Simple Magazine.

    For more great longer looks check out our Pinterest Long Hairstyles Board.

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    Ponytail Hair Styles with a New Twist!

    Hair Ponytails

    Ponytail hair styles make life easier!

    All you long haired ladies should be happy ponytail hair styles are staying so chic!  There appears to be an endless variety of ponytail hair styles to choose from;  the side ponytail, the braided ponytail, high ponytails, low ponytails  . . . doesn’t look like we’ll run short of ideas for ponytail hair styles anytime soon here!

    With just a little bit of practice, you can get so many looks and all you need do is keep an eye on hairstyle-blog. As long as hairdressers keep coming up with new ways of creating these updos, we’ll keep bringing them to you. We promise to bring you the newest, coolest, most unique and sometimes quirkiest looks in hair styles, updos and hair color trends so keep posted!

    Hair Styles for Ponytails

    Ponytail Hair Styles

    This ponytail hair style is from the Sado show, a spring and summer collection 2011, how simple, soft and feminine! To get the look, simply twist the ponytail back onto itself and pin into place.

    Hair Styles for Ponytails

    Pontail Hair Styles with a Twist

    This classy and sophisticated ponytail hair style is simple and elegant! This style comes to us from the folks at PureOlogy and has been prepared with their products to give it its highly polished look. PureOlogy hair products have won the ‘best shampoo, conditioner and more at the ‘hairdressers Choice Awards” the last few years as well as the “Professionals Choice Awards,” which is always a great acknowledgment!

    Healthy hair makes for beautiful styles and great conditioning and shine products help to create a healthy, sleek and shiny look.  Products used to create this look were;  Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner;  Essential Repair ColourMax;  Essential Repair Instant Repair;  Power Dressing; Hydrate ShineMax; Nanoworks ShineLuxe

    • Leave hair damp
    • Put shine products into hair and comb through or brush through using a boar bristle brush for smoothest results
    • Split hair into two sections at the nape.
    • Tightly twist each end individually section with even tension, smoothing as you twist and secure with an elastic.
    • Twist the two ponytails evenly around each other and secure into one elastic.
    Hair Styles for Ponytails

    Side Ponytail with a fishtail braid

    This side ponytail hair style with a fishtail braid is so quick and easy, you will love it!  Don’t let the finished look fool you, the fishtail braid ranks at the top for ease as well as prettiness.  If you haven’t tried it check out this how-to fishtail braid video that will show you just how easy this side ponytail hair style is to do!

    • Blow-dry hair with round brush for volume on top
    • Tease top for height
    • With off-center part, brush hair back into long side ponytail separating out bang area and some face framing layers.
    • Fishtail braid over the shoulder. For a more casual look, don’t use elastic to bind your ponytail at the nape.
    • Use a curling iron to curl face framing layers, pinning some pieces up for a casual messy effect.
    Ponytail Hair Styles

    Jessica Alba Twisted Side Ponytail Braids

    This one is simple and easy and gets a modern twist by creating height on top.

    • Lightly backcomb top of hair and smooth over
    • Brush hair into a low ponytail and secure
    • Wrap some hair around elastic and pin for a finished look
    • Mist ponytail with a thermal spray
    • Comb through ponytail. Using a curling iron ,curl tightly with one big curl

    For more great braid ideas check out our Pinterest Braid and Long Hairstyles Boards.

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