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    Hot Prom Hairstyles for Spring

    Prom Hairstyles

    Prom Hairstyles are all about Bounce, Braids, Buns and Backcombing

    Now that you’ve found the perfect gown for prom night, it’s time to start thinking about how you’ll wear your hair. When it comes to prom hairstyles, there are many gorgeous options to choose from. Here, we’ll highlight several sophisticated options, but before we delve into the various hair styling options, we’ll first offer a few tips to help you select a hairstyle that’s just right for prom night.

    Choosing the Perfect Hairstyle

    First, you’ll want to be sure the hairstyle you choose is complimentary to both the shape of your face and to the dress you’ve selected. For example, if you have a longer face shape, wearing a style with lots of height at the top will make the face appear longer. Those with heart shaped faces (and wider foreheads) often find bangs very flattering. As for the dress, consider its style and neckline in determining whether to select an elegant updo or to wear the hair down.

    Next, consider your personality, too. Of course, the prom is a formal–and almost magical–event that will offer you fond memories for the rest of your life. However, you want to feel confident when you arrive, and selecting a style that is not too far removed from your personality will help.

    Finally, being trendy is generally considered a great thing among young fashionistas, but all trends (including hairstyle trends) fade away. Believe it or not, you will look back on those prom pictures years from now; therefore, you may wish to consider a style that’s classic and timeless.

    If you’re ever uncertain, you may want to do an impromptu test run at home, or you may want to schedule a free consultation with your stylist prior to the prom date. Scheduling a test run with your professional stylist will cost you, but if you have any anxiety after exhausting the first two options, the test run may help thwart any unwanted surprises.

    Styles with Bounce:

    Prom Hairstyles

    This gorgeous hairstyle allows you to wear the hair down, while offering a romantic look with plenty of bounce and volume. The flowery hairpins also add a subtle, romantic touch.

    Prom Hairstyles

    Half up, half down, but 100% gorgeous! The look is effortless, the curls create volume and the look works perfectly with any dress.

    Beautiful, Braided Styles:

    Prom Hairstyles

    While braids are certainly in vogue, this braided style is the perfect — and perfectly gorgeous — blend of bouncy curls and braided interest. As you can see, this style is perfect for young ladies with highlights.

    Prom Hairstyles

    This side braided style is a flirty and feminine look which offers a great deal of volume and interest. The flower pin (shown) adds a beautiful element, but gold accents would work just as well.

    Prom Hairstyles

    Braids work perfect for virtually any hair type, as seen with this braided style which elegantly features cornrow braids at the top. The hair is secured with an elegant band at the bottom for a very natural, yet finished, look.

    Prom-Perfect Buns:

    Prom Hairstyles

    A simple classic.

    Prom Hairstyles

    This look combines the updo with a simple braid across the top. A small piece of hair is pulled out from the front and left in a loose curl close to the face, allowing for yet another romantic touch on this head-turning updo.


    Prom Hairstyles

    Volume at the front and tasteful jewelry gives this hairstyle its dramatic flair.

    prom hairstyles 9

    Femininity, volume and lots of class.

    With these styles and tips, hopefully you’ll be able to pinpoint a hairstyle you will love for prom night.

    For more great prom hairstyle ideas be sure to check out my Pinterest Prom Hairstyles board.

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    15 Prom Hairstyles for Short Hair

    messy updo for short hair, twists

    Express Your Personal Style with a Hot Short Style for Prom

    Don’t be fooled into believing that prom hairstyles are only for long hair. There’s a ton of fun, flirty, and even glamorous hairstyles for short hair that are perfect for prom! So make an appointment with your trusted hairstylist, or your talented girlfriend, or with yourself, and plan on rocking one of these hot prom hairstyles for shorter hair lengths.

    messy updo for bob with side bang and braid and sleek updo for short hair

    cute updo for short hair with curls

    Dress it Up: with an Updo!

    Personal Style: If you love tradition and have been dreaming up your prom hairstyle since you were a little girl, then embrace all that prom has to offer with a sweet updo. You can also show off your flirty side with braids or twists.

    Ideal Face Shapes: Oval, Oblong, & Heart

    Hair Type: Fine and Medium Hair Textures, Straight or Wavy Hair

    Ginny Goodwin, messy pixie haircut

    blonde messy bob with side bang

    short brown messy pixie

    Mess with Tradition: with Messy Tresses

    Personal Style: If you have an offbeat style and like to be a trend setter,  a messy hairstyle is a great way to express your personality with a fun style that stands out from the crowd.

    Ideal Face Shapes:  Oval, Oblong, Round, & Heart

    Hair Type: Medium to Thick Hair Texture, Straight or Wavy Hair

    red hair with side bang smokey eye and flower headband

    Emma watson short pixie haircut with gold clip accessory

    Ashlee Simpson: sleek blonde bob with side bang

     Access Your Girly Side: with Accessories

    Personal Style: If you’re a girly girl at heart, nothing is more feminine than a pair of sparkly earrings, a floral headband, or a sweet barrette. Dress up your style and feel pretty with one of the adorable accessories in style this spring season.

    Ideal Face Shapes: All Face Shapes

    Hair Texture: All Hair Types

    finger wave short hair

    Katherine Heigl Hollywood wavy hair and red lipstick

    fingerwave on bob length hair

    Wave it Like Hollywood: with Glamorous Waves

    Personal Style: If you love red carpet style and Hollywood glamour, nothing says glamorous more than a sleek vintage wave. Pair it with a dramatic lash and bold lipstick, and you’ll have award winning style.

    Ideal Face Shape: Oval, Square, Oblong, Round, Heart

    Ideal Hair Texture: Fine to Medium Hair Texture, Straight or Wavy Hair (doesn’t work for curl resistant hair)

    Anne Hathaway: Smooth short pixie cut

    smooth bob hairstyle with bang

    Be Chic: with Chic Smooth Hair

    Personal Style: If you have a simple sophisticated style, consider going with an understated, smooth hairstyle. Bring out your natural beauty with smooth shiny hair and understated makeup for a gorgeous, natural style.

    Ideal Face Shape: Oval, Heart, Round, Square

    Ideal Hair Texture: Medium to Thick Hair Textures, Straight or Wavy Hair

    Don’t feel limited, just because you have short hair! Whether you’re style is traditional, playful, girly, glamorous, or natural, there are a ton of short hairstyles that work great for prom! So now that you’ve got the hair covered, it’s time to go shopping for a fabulous dress . . .

    Hairstyle Blog contributing author Lindsay Hausch
    Contributing author Lindsay Hausch has provided clients with professional cutting edge color and cutting techniques at exclusive Paul Mitchell and Bumble and Bumble Signature Salons for the past seven years. She co-founded Sedona Beauty Team, which represents a team of artists that offer luxury, on-location beauty services. She enjoys writing articles that share her expertise. You can follow Lindsay on Twitter and FaceBook.

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    Sexy Prom Hairstyles for Short Hair

    Short blonde prom hairstyle with rhinestone barrette
    Try one of these irresistible, sweet, short prom hairstyles!

    With such an important event as prom, don’t you know all eyes will be on you?  Make sure it’s for the right reasons with a hairstyle that meshes with your dress. A short hairstyle is more flexible than you may think and  lots of short hairstyles can be pinned up or dressed-up with just the right accessory that will make you look amazing. Get inspired by celebs that know how to work their cropped hairdos, and enlist a trusted hairdresser to help you with ideas fitting for your dress, or better yet, to do your hair for this big night.

    Emma Watson in a short slicked back pixie hairstyle perfect for PromAnything-but-Plain Pixie

    Celebs from Emma Watson to Carey Mulligan love the way a pixie cut makes them look sophisticated and smart. If you rock a cropped cut like this, try a totally edgy look for prom. Smooth shine serum through your pixie haircut to bring out its gloss, then use a bit of pomade or gel to smooth your hair in place. For a special touch, work glittery hair clips or fun feathered fascinators into your hair.

    Brooklyn Decker in graduated bob hairstyle


    Sweet Curls

    Show off your sweet side with this flattering hairdo, which uses large barrel curls to create a soft, flirty short hair style. Roll the bottom ends of your hair using barrel rollers or a large curling iron. With this hairstyle, you can also work some cute hair accessories into the mix if you want to take it up a notch or just smooth those curls with an anti-frizz shine serum. Either way, you’ll be stunning with this simple hairdo. You’ll need a graduated bob to copy Brooklyn Decker’s sweet, angelic curls.

    Katy Perry wearing a short asymmetrical pink bob hairstyle perfect for prom Bob Hairstyles

    Short bobs never go out of style, as celebs like Nicki Minaj,  Lady Gaga and Katy Perry know.  Blunt bob cuts include straight-on bobs, stacked bobs, and asymmetrical styles like Katy Perry’s slightly pink do’. To work this hairstyle, flat-iron your hair until it’s sleek and straight, and get make a deep side part and get your shine on with smoothing serum. Accessorize the hairstyle or not, it’s all up to you. You can’t miss with this great look on prom night.

    This great looking French braid is a perfect prom short hairstyle

    French Braids for Short Hair

    If you’ve got a  bob and want to wear it up, or short hair that’s just long enough to be pulled back with some sexy tendrils falling to frame your face, you can make a updo with French braids. For this style, pull your hair back and do a French braid or two over the top of your head. If you like, leave some face-framing ends out; they’ll draw attention to your features and emphasize your prom makeup. Tuck the ends of the braid under and pin. Pin-in a flower to match your dress and celebrate spring.You’ll end up with a sexy-looking updo that will turn heads at the prom.

    Gwen Stephani pompadour or quiff hairstyleRetro Pouf

    A fun quiff retro updo, for short-haired divas who can just pull back their hair. The shorter front tendrils get pulled into a pouf, while the back of your hair gets slicked back, or pulled into a low pony or bun. Use a pomade stick to make your hair shine, and push the pouf up as high as you dare to go, securing the hair with bobby pins. Try this look with a retro or vintage prom dress for a sweet style that’s sure to get you noticed.

    For more great looks check out our Pinterest Wedding Hairstyles, Prom Hairstyles and Braid Boards.

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