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Prom Hairstyles for Long Hair

Lon Hair Styles for Prom

This Year it’s Long Prom Hairstyles

Prom hairstyles come in all shapes and sizes and it’s not too early to choose whether your inspiration should evoke a ‘twilight’ vampire vibe or perhaps a flashy number reminiscent of the ladies of ‘high school musical.

Of course the long hair styles for prom that will suit you best is the one that best matches the mood you want to set. Will you be the glamour gal; the tantalizing coquette; the rock ‘n’ roll queen; the romantic enchantress; the funky fun type; or maybe the sweetest of the sweet? Whatever style you’re shooting for, be sure you create the complete package! You will need the killer dress with killer shoes and accessories and, of course, a drop dead gorgeous long prom hairstyle!

Here are a few long hair styles for Prom that you can give a try before the big event . . .

An elegant, glamorous look!

Get the look: Set hair with hot rollers and with a side parting, pull back into a loose, low ponytail. Take two sections and pin-up to extend curls of the ponytail. Leave out a couple of face framing layers and softly curl with iron. Side swept bangs are hot, and will soften the look and draw attention to your eyes.

Rock ‘n’ roll style!

Long Prom Hairstyles
Get the look: Set hair with hot rollers, leave out long swept bangs and smooth with round brush/hair dryer. Pull hair into two high side ponytails from a side part, leaving out some face framing layers. Curl face framing layers away from face. Take one inch random sections and pin above and around the ponytail elastic, to widen and lengthen into more cascading curls. For the look of more hair, purchase a ponytail or hairpiece with a clip or comb securing it into your hair.

The tantalizing coquette!

The coquette hair style also known as the sided ponytail

Get the look: Set hair with hot rollers or curl using a curling iron throughout to create loose curls. Create a deep side part, leaving out a two-inch section in bang area to braid or twist. Pull rest into a low side ponytail, secure with elastic. Wrap a small section of hair around the elastic and pin underneath. Braid the bang section and pin behind ponytail. Lightly tease ponytail to make a ruffed-up texture and lightly spray.

Funky n’ fun!

Long Prom Hiarstyles
Get the look: long swept side bangs are a must for this funky hairstyle.  Straighten hair and bangs using a hair dryer and paddle brush keeping some volume in the hair. Pull hair back into a high pony tail securing with clear elastic. Pull hair straight up and clip at crown using a wide, hair clip and letting hair fall over top of the hair clip. Lightly backcomb at crown.

The sweetest of the sweet!

Long Prom Hairstyles
Get the look:  For a 70’s look this long prom hairstyle is pulled into a side ponytail and twisted until it wraps onto itself. Pin in flowers and softly curl face framing tendrils.

Soft and feminine prom hairstyle

Long Prom Hairstyles
Get the look: pull hair back into a chignon leaving a few two-inch pieces out around hairline.  Curl pieces pull back and pin leaving curled ends showing. Pin in aromatic, spring flowers for a most feminine touch.

For more great longer looks check out our Pinterest Long Hairstyles Board.


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