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    Finding the Right Hairstyle for You!

    Finding the Right Hairstyle

    Shameless Self Promotion Time

    The next session of my very popular online class Finding the Right Hairstyle for You starts Tuesday. The class is offered at over 300 colleges and educational organizations across the country. Enroll now and for only $83 and you and I can spend the next six weeks together. Here is the outline:

    Course Description

    Look in the mirror. Is your hair drab and unfashionable? How much more alive would you feel with a customized makeover. This online class provides professional mentoring and hair care how-to. Topics include: What is right for your face shape – Hair type and texture – Color and you – Tools of the trade – How to create great looks – Shampoos & conditioners, what shall it be? – Styling products simplified – Stretching your $$ between appointments. After sending your photos to Barb, an analysis will be digitally superimposed on your image and recorded onto videotape. Photos will be provided that you can take to your hairdresser. Runs for 6 weeks and is self-paced. Complete the lessons on your own timetable. Course requirements include intermediate PC skills. For more information visit Don’t forget to include your email with registration.

    Course Outline

    Week One

    Tuesday, Lesson 1

    Knowledge is power! ~ You and your hair will get along much better when you learn to go with the grain. In this lesson we will examine the makeup of hair and identify the different hair types and the category you fall into.

    Friday, Lesson 2

    Is your hairdresser an artist or a cookie cutter? ~ Finding the right hairdresser can seem like a daunting task or a shot in the dark. This lesson will help shed some light on the subject of this important relationship.

    Week Two

    Tuesday, Lesson 3

    Taking care of your locks ~ It’s not rocket science. Simply knowing what your hair type needs and having a routine is all it takes.

    Friday, Lesson 4

    Damage Control and Hair Loss ~ Day to day handling as well as chemical processing can take a toll on your locks. In this lesson we’ll look at the ways we damage our hair and share some salon secrets for keeping your hair looking fabulous.

    Week Three

    Tuesday, Lesson 5

    Face Shapes ~ Do you know your face shape? We will examine the common geometric face shapes and help you determine your face shape.

    Friday, Lesson 6

    Creating Illusions ~ Back in grade school art class we learned how different shapes next to other shapes can create illusions. It all holds true with your face shape and the hair around it!

    Week Four

    Tuesday, Lesson 7

    Color 101 ~ What color are you? Do you lean more towards cool or warm? We’ll determine your natural coloring and answer your most frequently asked questions.

    Friday, Lesson 8

    Color 102 ~ We will examine the different types of color. The “Rules of Coloring” and most common mistakes.

    Week Five

    Tuesday, Lesson 9

    Products, products everywhere ~ Got a cupboard full of styling products and still don’t know what to use? This lesson is your lifeline to breaking through the hype.

    Friday, Lesson 10

    Hair types and product recommendations ~ Less is better than more. Styling products can be the backbone of a good-looking style when used correctly. We will examine what . . . and how!

    Week Six

    Tuesday, Lesson 11

    Tools of the Trade ~ Styling tools multiply like rabbits. In this lesson we will help you build your toolbox and explore how they function.

    Friday, Lesson 12

    How do they do that? ~ Now we come to making it happen at home. Here we will examine those tricks and secrets that hairdressers know in achieving today’s great look. And, of course, complete instructions on getting your makeover from Barb.


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