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Make Scarf A Great Accessory

A great scarf as an accessory
Make Scarf Part of Your Accessory Routine

Women with great style understand that it takes more than a great hairstyle or a stunning outfit. We often make the mistake of not paying attention to the little things. Great fashion is a head to toe focus. So many times just an ordinary look can be turned into a WOW! by something very simple like a hat, hair clip, earrings and one of my favorites the Scarf. Personally I love a colorful patterned scarf, it really sets you apart as someone who really pays attention to looking great.

I ran across a Korean site that has a some great tips for how to make scarf part of your fashion lineup.

2. On the head

Another way to look stylish is to cover the head with a scarf and tie only half your hair into a ponytail. Matched with simple outfits and sunglasses it can’t fail to look stylish.


Read the entire article, Tips for the Make Scarf Season

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