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    Talking Dirty, Second Day Hair

    Dishwater Blonnde with Second Day Hair

    3 Reasons Why Dirty Hair is the Best Hair

    You probably feel the best you can possibly feel with freshly washed hair, clean sheets and a full cup of tea. However, you probably don’t look the best you could possibly look, because freshly washed hair is the most annoying type of hair to work with. Dirty hair is really the best hair – it’s the hair that will do what you want, it’s the hair that stays in place and it’s not as gross as it sounds. Embrace your dirty hair a little bit more and understand that freshly washed hair has an attitude that you really don’t have time for.

    Dirty Hair Will Do What You Say

    Dirty hair really doesn’t have the energy of freshly washed hair – it’s a little more broken down, it’s a little heavier and it’s willing to stay where you want it to go. After washing your hair, the best thing you can do it dirty it up again. Pop some Moroccan Oil on your ends, massage in some Kerastase Volumactive Mousse or pat in some Schwarzkopf Osis instant volume powder. Your clean hair just wants to fluff and drop, so you need to show it that you’re in control. Go to town on your styling – curl, straighten, spray and spritz away! It’s all for the greater good of creating the best possible hair-day tomorrow.

    Dirty Hair Doesn’t Need to Look Dirty

    Some turn their nose up at dirty hair and hate the feeling of oily or dry hair. If you can look past your feelings, you reap big dividends in manageability. This is the reason why dry shampoo exists! As well as being an absolute lifesaving product when you’re completely run off your feet, dry shampoo adds wonderful, beautiful volume to your hair, which you’ll become completely addicted to. It’s a very easy product to use – hold the can around 30cm (12″) away from your scalp and spray away. It will be loud, it will leave a white residue (blondes, you’ll love this, yet the brunettes and redheads may have to brush it in a little more) and it will instantly soak up that pesky oil that’s creeping in and threatening to ruin your look. My personal favourite is Klorane dry shampoo and it will probably become yours too.

    Dirty Hair Saves You Time and Money

    Let’s face it – washing your hair is quite the tedious task. The excuse of not being able to go out because you’re washing your hair is a legitimate excuse, especially for those of you with long luscious locks. Frequently blow-drying it, styling it and stripping it of all its natural oils isn’t really helping you in the long run – it’s actually drying out your hair more (which is why you have to wash it so much), you may be fading your hair colour if you’re not using the correct shampoo/conditioner combo and you’ll be wasting a whole heap of product when you really don’t need to be. Embrace your dirty hair and enjoy sleeping-in, product lasting longer, colour taking a long time to fade and ultimately, healthier hair!

    Nicola Wood
    Guest Author Nicola Wood is a freelance writer, traffic reporter for the Australian Traffic Network and has her own blog called First World Beauty Problems. She spends her mornings flying over Sydney in a chopper reporting on the delays, spends the middle of her days testing, trailing and writing about beauty problems for girls then spends the afternoons on radio. Connect with Nicola on FaceBook and Twitter.

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    Lazy Girl’s Guide To Second Day Hair

    Diswater Blonnde with Second Day Hair

    Getting out the Door with Second Day Hair

    Going to the hairdressing salon walking out with a gorgeous blow dry, sleeping on it and waking up with bed hair . . . UGH, a woman’s worst nightmare. In this competitive culture we all live in, who really has the time these days to be shampooing, blow drying and styling their hair every day?

    Here are a few easy tips that in few minutes the morning after can save the day and make the most of that flat, limp and most likely oily hair.
    Woman in Shower with Shower Cap

    A Partial Shampoo

    To restyle a little, pull your hair back in the shower with a headband or shower cap and wash just the bangs or front section of your hair. It will give a freshened look to your hair without a complete shampoo, blow dry and style.

    A Dry Shampoo

    There are many dry shampoo products on the market, one of my favs is Fudge Dry Shampoo in a can. A good dry shampoo will absorb oiliness while adding life back into your hair, alternatively talcum powder does the trick too if you’re in a pinch. Apply the product lightly on the oily areas, massaging it in thoroughly and then brushing your hair. I find dry shampoos a much gentler solution to continuous shampooing which can dry out your hair and strip out too much of the natural oils your hair needs to stay healthy.

    The Messy Ponytail

    The Old Reliable Ponytail

    If you prefer to just put the hair up in a messy pony tail is the way to go, lightly tease your hair at the crown and pull back into a low ponytail pulling out a few pieces to soften your face, it’s a casual trendy way to make the hair look like it was done that day.


    Head Bands

    Headbands were made for hiding second-day hair, try experimenting with stretchy fabric options, skinny silk scarves, or hard “Alice” bands. This is an especially useful accessory for blondes as you’ll be able to hide your part, which is where oil can make your roots look even darker.


    Wear a Hat

    Another option is big floppy hats, which I love for their versatility as they hide a multitude of sins.

    Hope these tips help you ladies and save many a painful second day hair occurrences

    Hairstyle Blog contributing author Lindsay Hausch
    Contributing author Kimberly Louise hairstylist and owner of NV STYLING HAIR & BEAUTY in Sydney Austraila Kim is a stylist and makeup artist with 15 years experience in the industry, being able to be creative and inspire others with her work is her passion. You can follow Lindsay on Twitter and FaceBook.

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    No Shampoo Hair Experiment Is Worth Tracking

    Dry Shampoo

    This No Shampoo Hair Experiment Should Yield Some Interesting Results

    Do you think it’s possible we may have all been duped into believing we need shampoo, expensive, exotic brands that claim to make our hair thicker, shinier and full of luxurious body it otherwise wouldn’t have???

    “One Day We All Could Have No Shampoo Hair”

    After reading this you may rethink your beauty routine . . .

    I have commented before on the no shampoo hair concept, its not a novel idea but, it is a controversial one.

    I admit the longest I’ve gone, using the no shampoo hair routine was probably about 7 days, just to try it out, but I wasn’t being challenged to go longer.

    The theory says, that during the 6 weeks of a no shampoo hair routine, your hair will go from smelly, oily and greasy to it’s natural sweet smelling, bouncy natural state. See what the participants have to say! I’ll do a follow up article in April when the experiment ends.

    The theory that shampoo destroys the balance of your hair’s natural oils, is being put to the test by some dedicated fans of ABC Radio in Sydney, Australia. “The Great No Shampoo Hair Experiment,” started on March 09, 2007 challenges any willing participant to abstain from using shampoo for six weeks and report back what family, friends, hairdressers etc. have to say about their new look.


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