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    Are You Washing Your Hair Too Often?

    Woman shampooing her hair with 2 in 1 shampoo

    Am I Washing My Hair Too Often?

    It’s a question I get all of the time from my custom makeover clients and my readers. Well Kaaronica Evans-Ware, BellaOnline’s Ethnic Beauty editor, takes the time to run the experiments that answers that question for herself.

    In my experience, that is the only way to find what your best hair care routine should look like. Kinky or very tightly curled hair is the most fragile of all hair types and we can only speak in generalities when suggesting how often you should go between washings. But, the difference of washing your hair once a week or four times a week, makes a huge difference on the appearance of your hair..

    Your lifestyle and hair type will determine how many times you should wash your hair each week. A favorite book of mine for your hair type is, “Andre Talks Hair,” by Andre Walker. The book is full of great tips and advice on the care and styling of your hair, especially if you have kinky hair types.

    I need to be honest here, I have limited professional experience with kinky hair, but of the experience I do have with all hair types. Don’t go just by what you’ve read or heard, regarding hair care, do your own experiments!.

    At the end of the experiment, I found that I could wash my hair everyday but it would probably create more problems than I’m willing to put up with. I’ve never had dry scalp and I’m not about to start just for cleaner hair. The time commitment was the easiest component to incorporate as it became part of my healthy mind and body goals


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    Update on the “No Shampoo” Controversy

    Woman combing wet, long, dark blonde hair with a wide tooth comb

    No Shampoo, the results are in and this is sure to “curl some hair!”

    A while back I wrote a controversial article that encouraged women with curly and frizzy hair, try no shampoo in their hair. I took a lot of heat for that recommendation, but alas I have been vindicated.

    In late March I reported on an interesting experiment going on in Australia about women going six weeks with no shampoo and the results are in.

    The No Shampoo Challenge

    You might think this is nuts but . . . numbers don’t lie and the majority of people who took the six-week, no shampoo challenge say . . . they will never go back!! They reported with 523 legitimate votes.

    On March 9th, Richard Glover, a radio talk show host in Sydney, Australia, initiated a six-week challenge to find the truth to the question . . . Is shampoo a rip-off? This came about after he learned, a certain London Times columnist and political sketch writer, hadn’t washed his hair for 15 years and apparently looked good in spite of it.

    The question whether we really need to shampoo our hair or not has been thoroughly put to the test. When we strip away the hairs natural oils with shampoo, could we be triggering our bodies to produce more oil to replenish what we’ve taken away? We continue to use chemicals to strip away a natural conditioning process. The theory suggests our hair will have more body and natural beauty from being nourished by its natural process of oil production and less shampooing with drying chemicals.

    “No shampoo
    is for real”

    The idea is that we can effectively clean our hair by going through the shampooing gestures with water only and we will have a more luscious head of hair. It takes about six weeks to get your system into its natural balance of producing oil.

    Eager participants tossed their shampoos and reported the good as well as the bad results along the way.

    For the majority of people who decided to go no shampoo, here is how I would summarize their reports;

    • For the curly-haired —- it made the curl more defined and less frizzy.

    • For the thin haired —- it gave more weight and body.

    • For those with dry scalp, psoriasis or dandruff —- unequivocally, these problems went away, even for those who had used expensive treatments for years unsuccessfully!

    • For those with fine hair —- became easier to work with, felt thicker from the natural distribution of oil and didn’t need products to give them more body.


    The no shampoo-shampoo may not be the answer for everyone, but clearly seems to be a good answer for many. To feel the inspiration, you’ll need to read some of the comments for yourself.

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    Brooke White Hairstyle a Second Day Lived-In Look

    Brooke White Hair Style

    Brooke White Hairstyle goes back to the 70’s

    Hairstyles of the 70’s are showing up on American Idol. I had my suspicions that Brooke White, of American Idol was either our first successful artist clone of the twenty-first century or, a reincarnation of a 70’s idol (if you can be reincarnated before the original actually passes over?) But anyway, by putting her picture side by side with the 1970’s folk fave, Carly Simon . . . I’m sure of it!


    Brooke White and Carly Simon Hairstyles
    Brooke White and Carly Simon Hairstyles

    Never have been quite sure how singers can learn not only how to sound like their idol, forgive the pun, but also begin to look like them. Maybe it has to do with the phenomena of how couples start to look-alike after years together, or even the quirky trait of how some people seem to resemble their animal . . . Egads!

    Anyways, I do love Brooke White’s lived-in looking hairstyle. This is the second-day sexy looking hairstyle that is the big trend this season. To get this loose, spiral look;

    • Use at least one volumizing product ie; shampoo, root lifter, spray
    • Mist lightly with a thermal spray
    • Wrap large sections around a wide-barrel curling iron ( 1 1/4″ is my favorite size)
    • Allow to set and gently slide off the iron
    • Finish with a shine spray
    • Tousle with fingers

    Another way to get these loose, tousled curls is to do pin curls. Pin curls turn out different every time, so be sure to experiment with size, how long to leave-in the hair and how you dry the hair previous to curling. Start by curling around two fingers on dry hair and go from there!

    See Hairstyles Trends for Spring and Summer as Redken’s Creative Artist, Guido Palau shows simple and easy ways to style your hair, and stay current with what is happening with the celebs follow our Pinterest Celebrities Board.


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