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    How to Go From Messy to Sexy Hair

    What Celebrities Know about Sexy Hair That You May Not Have Considered

    If you’ve ever been on a hair photo shoot you’ll have noticed the big fans at the ready . . . for the sexy hair shot. Let’s face it the sultry “I want to run my fingers through your hair” is a look that should be high on your list of options to consider.

    Not every one of us can wake up with gorgeous, supermodel-like sexy hair. However, it would appear that London escorts can! But that is not stopping you from dreaming about it or even trying your best to style your hair with such an effortless chic look. In some cases, even if the mind is willing, we’re just too lazy to spend the next half hour trying to create our ideal hairstyle. But don’t despair! There is a way to rock your slept-in hair and make it look sexy and stylish. With the right styling tricks, you can make messy hair look polished.

    Jennifer Anniston with Sexy Hair

    Here are some styling ideas worth a shot:

    Tousled and Down

    Taylor Momsen with sexy hair

    This is the easiest way to style your messy, slept-in hair, but the hardest to pull off, too. In case you have bangs, smooth them out using a curling or flat iron. You must then create Beachy spiral waves in your hair using a one-inch curling iron. Make sure you bend the curls away from your face to frame it. Alternate curling the upper section of your hair and then the sections underneath it to ensure uneven curls that look more natural.

    Finish off your hairstyle with a hairspray. Once your curls have cooled, apply a small amount of sea salt spray at the bottom. Use your hands to scrunch your curls

    Chain-Knot Bun

    Chain Knot Messy Bun; Sexy Hair

    Chain Knot Messy Bun: Sexy Hair

    Do not be intimidated by this hairstyle – it only looks complicated, but it is very easy to do. Start off by forming your hair into two pigtails. Fasten your hair with the use of elastic bands. Then, form the pigtails into a chain knot. Knot your hair up for as low or as long as you want your hair to be (it varies with your hair’s natural length). You can secure the hairstyle by sticking a few bobby pins around the nape of your neck. You have the option to leave the ends hanging loose or tie it up into a low bun, whichever you prefer.

    Braided Bangs

    Braided Bangs; Sexy Hair

    Braided bangs are fairly common hairstyle these days and a lot of women are going for this trick to hide their bangs. But did you know that this is also a good trick on messy hair? This is especially recommended for busy ladies who do not have the time (or patience) to get their messy hair organized. It is also an excellent trick for concealing the oily feeling around the hairline and gives your hair more staying power.

    To create this hairstyle, simply separate about two inches of hair from your hairline starting from the part and extending towards the ear. French braid that isolated section of hair along the hairline. To keep the braids from falling off or getting out of place, secure them with bobby pins.


    Eva Mendes in a scarf for sexy hair

    If you are trying to deal with messy hair, vary it up by using accessories such as a head scarf. A lot of famous celebrities such as Eva Mendes use this technique to look chic while doing errands. You can also follow suit.

    You can put your hair up or down, whichever you like. Then, fold your scarf lengthwise and wrap it around your head (make sure it is long enough). Tie your scarf like a headband at the top of your head. As previously said, you can tuck the loose ends of the hair underneath the scarf or leave it be.

    Side Braid with Bobby Pins

    Side Braid with Bobby Pins for a sexy hair look

    This is an easy way to fix messy hair and to create a fun look. But before you attempt this hairstyle trick, here is an important styling tip to remember: minimize brushing prior to styling. You do not want it to look too smooth. There has to be enough volume and shape.

    Start by dividing your hair into a deep side part. Form the hair into a side braid and secure the ends with an elastic tie. If you can, try a fishtail, then go for it! Add a couple of bobby pins to your hair for a feminine finish.

    Retro Twisted Updo Roll

    Retro Twisted Updo Roll a sexy hair look

    Messy hair? No problem – try out this quasi-retro twisted updo roll hairstyle that has all the edge and attitude of a runway model. The best part about styling your hair into a retro roll is that it is a suitable hairstyle for any length.

    Start working at the front right side of your hair and twist them inward. Keep twisting the hair as you follow the hairline. Use bobby pins to flatten out the sections that tend to fall out. Repeat the steps but this time work on the other side of the part. When you reach the end, twist the two ends together to form into a bun.

    Messy Pixie

    Carey Mulligan in a messy wet pixie sexy hair look

    Jennifer Lawrence with a messy pixie sexy hair look

    If you have a pixie and your hair is a mess, it does not have to spell disaster. In fact, a messy pixie is a chic look that has been seen on famous celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence and Charlize Theron. Make it your own by intentionally mussing up your hair. The more texture, the better! Due to the length of the hair (or lack of it), you can go liberal with trying to mess up the look because it will not be too overwhelming for your face.

    What is your favorite way to fix messy hair?

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    Contributing author Abby Pringles is a writer who likes to write about topics relating to beauty, hair, and fashion. You can check her personal blog, Life in the Fash Lane, to read more of her works. Aside from fashion and beauty, Abby is also a hardcore basketball and tennis fan. Connect with her on Twitter and Facebook.


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    Sexy Hair Secrets

    Sexy Hair

    Sexy hair . . . Show your seductive side

    You probably thought you’d never be able to duplicate the sexy hair worn by the biggest stars or the ones shown on the pages of your favorite magazines, While many of those looks may seem impossible to maintain once you’ve left the hair salon there are several tricks you can try to release your inner sexy hair side. We’ve come up with a few to give you a head start.

    • Sexy Hair Volume ~~ Craving big, beautiful, boy-baiting hair? Hit the heights anyway you can—either through back combing roots or allover curls. Stock your secret hair styling arsenal with root-booster a hair dryer jumbo-sized Velcro rollers and a teasing comb, then work that body to the hilt!


    • Work a Foxy Fringe ~~Once a mane-stay for pigtailed cuties, modern bangs are glamorous and all grown up. Add full ones to a sleek bob or mini-fringe to an edgy crop, then bring them down over the forehead or sweep them coquettishly to one side—the ideal sexy hair style for gals prone to batting their lashes.


    • Get Come-Hither Hair Color ~~ Whether you go risky with red, bold with blonde or beautifully brunette, a flattering new shade can warm up your skin tone, rev up your current hair cut and make your sexy hair appeal skyrocket. Dark roots, however, are not so sexy—have regular touch-ups and keep your hue looking new with hair color-enhancing shampoos and conditioners


    • Keep it Moving ~~ Send his pulse racing with tresses that beg to be touched. Skip sticky sprays and heavy-duty hair styles; instead, go for natural-looking sexy hair styles like layered bobs, mid-lengths and crops that swing and sway around your pretty face. Regular trims keep edges from looking frayed and fuzzy and promote serious swing.


    • Make Strands Shine ~~ With regular conditioning, trims and shine-enhancers, your locks will shimmy and sparkle in the light, If you really want your tresses to twinkle, have dimensional high lights painted through the surface and seal that cuticle—that means a final rinse with cold water after shampooing and one last blast of cool air when blow-drying.


    • Flaunt Your Curves ~~ Tiny twists, luscious loops, sizzling swirls . . . to add real appeal to your strands, make good use of your hot rollers and irons. Depending on hair’s length, you can use two different-sized barrels for the most natural-looking curls. Trust us, men love curves anywhere they can get them!


    • Luscious Layers ~~ Wispy, blended or blunt, When done just right, layers make sexy hair and stylish — no matter how you style them. Perfect for removing weight from thick hair, layers can also give short hair the illusion of appearing longer. You decide!


    • Try Tantalizing Texture ~~ Playing up your hair’s naturul texture is a turn-on every time. If your locks are on the straight side, get them strikingly sleek and Chic with smoothing balm, paddle brush and flat iron, For sexy hair with texture, run style gel through the surface let air-dry and dash off to your date.


    • Choose a Playful Pin-Up ~~ Moving your hair up to reveal a bare neckline is as sexy as it gets. Starting with a multitude of ringlets, pull hair loosely up toward the crown and secure in place with beaded bobby pins, For a different twist, slick hair back with gel and fasten with a coated elastic,


    • Borrow Bed-Head Beauty ~~ If you follow fashion trends, you now that messy is a mane attraction. That just-out-of-bed-beauty can be accomplished with waxed fingertips Usually lifted from the crown outward undone ‘dos definitely add Spice to Strands that are straight or curly.


    • Give Him the Edge ~~ Nothing shows him you’re up for a bit of adventure like a punky hair style Give it a go with ends that have been razor-cut, edgy color, or trendy styling, For versatility he won’t be able to resist, keep a stock of temporary shades, style gels, and crèmes


    • Be A Tease ~~ A great haircut makes it easy to tease him every time. Use a wide-tooth comb to lift, tease underlayers and then move strands back into place, A firm hold spray will keep your sexy hair from dropping while you dance the night away!


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