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Shear Genius 2


Shear Genius 2



Shear Genius 2 – a magnified version of your salon!

Shear Genius 2 was on last night and a new term to me was blondorexia, meaning over processed/excessive blonde hair – only in the world of reality TV!

“Shear Genius 2 Challenge”Truly, it is a reality show, for pure entertainment purposes, to be taken at face value. Whether you are a professional hairdresser or a guest in a hair salon receiving services, the show portrays a magnified version of hair salon professionals doing things their way with a twist.

The personality traits of the hair salon professionals they select for the show actually portrays hair deserss as entertainers first, with the (somewhat/sometimes) ability to do hair. One thing to keep in mind when watching the show it is a reality TV show. The flamboyancy of the hair dressers makes the show a hit as much as the skill sets the hairdresser possess. It was mentioned by one designer that The world’s best hairdressers are on the show certainly not true in my book!

I know two people that tried out for the show in the past and neither one made the cut. They are both true professionals in the hair styling industry. One of them travels around the world competing in hair shows. He also is a platform artist and trains other hairdressers for competitions. He isn’t out there in appearance, but he does have a phenomenal personality and top hairdressing skills, yet he didn’t make the cut. I don’t know if that is an indicator in the selection process, but it does tell me something. After all, how boring would the show be with only seriousness in the challenges??

Shear Genius 2
Blondorexia was color corrected!

When watching the 1 hour long show, keep in mind that all services are in a condensed version. The quick challenge of giving blondorexia guests a more natural look is not a quick process and can take up to 3 or more hours. In the hair salon we term it as ‘corrective color,’ which translates to very expensive and time consuming. There is a long process that includes replacing missing pigments and filling the hair to accept color, while doing your best to maintain the integrity of the their hair throughout the process.

Shear Genius 2
Hairstyle inspired by a food hair menu!

The elimination challenge was to be inspired by food hair. The hairdressers needed to create an avant-garde look inspired by a tasting menu. For those of you not in the hair salon profession, you probably wonder how you can be inspired by food. Inspiration is around you each day clothing, different textures, things in nature the list is endless. What inspires you may not work for the next person or their vision may be different. As I watched each hairstyle presented, I realized it is a pretty objectionable challenge, up to the eye of the beholder. The overall shape, execution and polished results are the keys to winning any challenge. I’m just glad I didn’t need to do this hairstyle! My favorite was Jon’s model!

In the beauty industry I learned 2 things long ago: not to judge a book by its cover and the gift of gab goes a long way in a hair salon! Both are SO true!

Just imagine working in a hair salon with all of Shear Genius 2 eccentric personalities it would make for quite interesting days for all!

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Shear Genius – Win a Trip to NYC

Shear Genius

Hurry, only 5 days left to enter the, “Nexxus Hairdo How-To Contest!”

I almost missed this one. I guess with summer vacations and all that goes with it, you can’t catch it all. Anyways, if you’ve got a knack with hair and would like to be in the running for some cool stuff, check this out.

This is a contest and a sweepstakes and it’s not open to professionals in the industry. As of today they have only posted 47 entries in the contest, so there isn’t much competition and if you have a bit of talent with hair, your chances of winning are good!

Basically, you submit 4 photos or a video explaining in four easy steps, how-to do the hairstyle of your choice. The hairstyle can be anything from an up-do to smooth and sleek, to tousled, wavy, curly or whatever. Video’s need to be less than 2 minutes long. The winner and a guest will fly to NYC to attend the Shear Genius Finale Party. They will also be featured on The winner is currently anticipated to be announced on August 15th, (The good news with entering this late . . . you can view the current entries to eye up the competition!)

The sweepstakes has been giving away a Nexxus Salon Hair Care Products Basket weekly. It has a retail value of approximately $50.00.

So, if you love puttsin with hair, it could be you and a friend adding lots more adventure to this summers calendar . . . but you got to get up and get moving now!!

P.S. Not a bad idea to use Nexxus products in your styling description. Here is all the information;

Good Luck!!


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Shear Genius is Back for Another Season

Shear Genius Jaclyn Smith

Shear Genius Second Season Debuts Wednesday Night

Hairstyling reality shows abound on cable TV these days, but they a pale by comparison to my favorite Shear Genius. It is unique in that it’s primary focus is identifying hairstyling talent rather than Hollywood reality TV antics designed to stir up audience emotions.

“Shear Genius is Back”Shear Genius second season will air on the Bravo cable network each Wednesday, 10pm eastern 9pm central. The first Bravo series shot in high definition. The format appears to be pretty much the same as last year with a few new judges and of course 12 brand new hairdresser contestants, competing for the $100,000 grand prize and lots of media buzz and hype.

It sounds like the sponsor, Nexxus, will be integrated into the content, so look for the Nexxus brand to be splashed everywhere you look. No biggie for me, I just hope they don’t overdo the Nexxus integration and spoil the entertainment value of the show.

I hope to comment on each week’s competition like I did last year, although I’ll be a bit late with this weeks episode as I’ll be on a houseboat floating down the Mississippi with family this week. So I’ll try to give you an update early next week.


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