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    Shear Genius Season Final Episode

    What to Do With Curly Hair

    Anthony . . . You’re Shear Genius Season Winner! Congratulations!

    Anthony surely conducted himself wonderfully throughout the entire competition and was well deserved of the title of Shear Genius season winner. I think Ben and Daisy should have been given some type of 2nd and 3rd place awards for their accomplishments in this competition. I also think a running total of how the hairdressers ranked in each event might be a better way to compile scores.

    For a hairdresser to be eliminated because of one bad round seems incomplete in some way. So, I’m sorry to see the end of this series, and I hope it will return for another Shear Genius season. It wasn’t clear whether it will be back or not. Bravo did a lot of things right in making this an exciting, competitive hair show to watch.

    “I’m sorry to see
    the Shear Genius Season end”

    As a hairdresser, it was easy to feel nervous for the pressure these people were under to perform consistently under fire. Most hairdressers I know, have expertise in a limited amount of areas. To become truly a “shear genius” in all aspects of hairdressing is, in real life, rather unreasonable. Time doesn’t allow for it. It’s not unlike any other profession where we have “specialists” in different aspects of the profession.

    It takes determination, passion and dedication to become great in any field you choose to go into. Just to make it on the Shear Genius season demonstrated this groups passion and determination, for their trade. You could see it and hear it in their voices as they each proclaimed they were here to win the title of Shear Genius season winner. They also made evident their determination and dedication by their sheer courage to stand up to any challenge thrown at them, knowing they have some areas they are weaker in performing. That’s putting yourself on the line in front of friends, family and thousands of viewers to see all your imperfections.

    In most all of the exit interviews, gratitude was expressed for being given such a great experience. They added the fact that they had grown from their participation in this competition …. I’m sure of it! Bravo, bravo, bravo . . . to all the contenders! You are all winners in the bigger picture of it all!

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    Shear Genius – Episode Seven

    deep side part with sleek straight hair runway style

    Shear Genius – and then there were three!

    One more time the producers came up with a great show. Two excellent challenges that had me on edge for all four hairdressers. The elimination challenge was awesome. The four hairdressers were to create a specific “look” for a photo shoot with world renown fashion photographer, Matthew Rolstron. Matthew expressed what was important to him for end results on every model and worked with them during the photo shoot as well. They would be judged on, how well they worked with Matthew, creativity and their end product.

    They had 3 hours to produce the look and needed to share that time with a makeup artist and a manicurist. Whew! Daisey took the win for her representation of “sex kitten” which Matthew wanted done “wet.” She started by curling the hair with a small iron which was then wetted down, she was able to manipulate in piecey soft waves. She also made the smart choice of not using too much hair care product. She knew when the hair would be soaked down with water, that it would turn to a milky looking mess of hair. Kudo’s Daisey!

    The favorite of mine in this competition was Ben with his interpretation of “retro rocker.” I found myself sweating with him when after two hours working with his model, he had nothing! I think he intuitively knew what to do but didn’t have the confidence in himself that he could pull it off. He pulled off his “rocker” look in the final moments during the photo shoot. Matthew wanted a look of “vertical” in this style that Ben hadn’t achieved to his liking. Ben was able to work with Matthew during the photo shoot to meet his expectations . . . and then some.

    Anthony, what a great team player he shows himself to be today. Having won the first challenge, he had first choice of what “look” he wanted to take on. He then divvied out the remaining looks to his competitors. He chose to give the others a style “look” that he knew suited them or that they would be most comfortable. They clearly all liked what he chose for them. Even though he fell short of pleasing the judges and Matthew with his “retro-glamour girl” horizontal hair, he won in my book for sportsmanship and camaraderie.

    It’s too sad any of these talented hairdressers have to lose now, but, Dr. Boogie was the one who had to go. In over correcting his work, he weighed down the “diva star,” lighter than air look, he was suppose to achieve. His model looked better at the beginning of the shoot than at the end. He also showed a lack of “team” skills during the photo shoot, that hurt his chances of moving into the final round.

    Next week is the final episode . . . I’m not ready for this fun show and competition to end!

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    Dana Gets My Vote in Episode One

    Entertaining, For Those of us in The Trade, But Will it Attract Others

    Reality TV comes to the hair styling. Hair dressers are thrown into the ring where they’ll either make it or break it. And that they did in the first episode of Bravo TV, “Shear Genius,” which aired on Wednesday.

    I’ve got mixed feelings on the show, but I’ll be back next week to see how things change-up, so I guess they’ve done their job.

    Twelve hairdressers clip, sweat and flex their creative muscles to be the last one standing, and winner of the “Shear Genius” title. This episode had two competitions and eliminated one hairdresser in the end.

    In the first competition the judges were a bit vague about their expectations. I wasn’t sure what the judges were looking for and I’m not sure the hairdressers knew either. I think the challenge was to create their, signature short-hair-style, on a mannequin head in one hours time. Interesting challenge, mannequin heads are not easy to cut, style and be made to look good, no matter how much time you have. Only one of them did a short hair style.

    The second round the hairdressers were given $75.00 and 10 minutes to shop in a craft store for items to create a,”hair art masterpiece”. This was an all out free-for-all to show their flair and creative imagination. Each hairdresser picked their own model from a group of 12 and had two hours and their native abilities to accomplish a masterpiece. This was a tough competition, they were putting themselves out there. Some fell flat, with concoctions that no one would want to own up to.

    My fav, was by Dana, she created a really creative look with a headband and balls of twine. A panel of three judges, and guest judge, Frederick Fekkai, founder of the hair care line with the same name, did the evaluating. I was surprised at who they eliminated, Paul-Jean. I thought he showed more potential than some of the others, although his “hair art masterpiece” was a disaster.

    Check it out if you have a flair for hair, or if you want to see an artiste come to fruition, you can view the entire episode online. They have ways for us to get involved too . . . an online challenge . . . and my favorite, a call in text-messaging vote for your choice who was the top “drama queen” of the episode. You’ll be eligible for a drawing for $5,000 and a hair style from the Shear Genius winner as the prize! Believe me there were a number of the hairdresser vying for this episodes drama queen title . . . Paul-Jean was the winner this episode, but Tabatha gave him a run for the money.

    That’s entertainment! Check it all out.

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