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    10 Short Bob Hairstyles to Die For

    Short Bob Hairstyles

    Short Bob Hairstyles for any Occasion!

    Your hairstyle drives your total look. Whether you want to be playful, sexy, edgy, glamorous, classic or simply the girl next door, the hair style you wear is your best accessory. If you’re one who likes to express the many sides of your personality, you’ve got to take a peek at the options which short bob hairstyles have to offer.

    This versatile haircut has a way of reinventing itself over and over again and it’s not going anywhere soon. Short bob hairstyles include; A-Line bobs, stacked bobs, layered bobs, one-length bobs, short bobs with side-swept bangs, bobs with long spiky bangs, short wavy texturized bobs, curly short bob hairstyles and . . . hmmm, what others am I missing?  Maybe the biggest bonus with these hairstyles is that they have so many styling options which give you a variety of looks to suit your mood!

    Short Bob Hairstyles 2

    Edgy Bob with Long Spiky Fringe

    Put an edge on an ordinary layered bob with razored texturizing.

    Short Bob Hairstyles 3

    Short Layered Bob Hairstyle – Loosely Curled

    To get this choppy look, leave ends out when curling.

    Short Bob Hairstyles 4

    Layered, Chic Bob with Side-Swept Fringe

    A deep side parting with lift at the crown and dimensional color is stunning!

    Short Bob Hairstyles 5

    Flipped-Out Layered Bob with Blunt + Side Bang

    This sultry, sexy short bob will make you feel undeniably beautiful!

    Short Bob Hairstyles 6

    Heavy Fringe Bob

    This short one length bob with brow skimming fringe is sweet and high fashion.

    Short Bob Hairstyles 7

    Short One Length Bob sans the Bangs

    This simple bob can be changed by shifting the part, pulling it straight back, braiding it . . .

    Short Bob Hairstyles 8

     A-Line Stacked Bob

    A stunning shape on any face shape, this stacked bob also has face framing layers for softening.

    Short Bob Hairstyles 9

    A Faux Asymmetrical Appeal

    The effect is enchanting, n’est-ce pas?

     Short Bob Hairstyles 10

    The Curly Coquette

    Any girl can look a femme fatale in a stacked short bob with big bouncy curls!

    Short Bob Hairstyles 11

    Any hairstyles tempt you?  Share and solicit some friends advice!

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    Short Bob Hairstyles

    Short Bob Hairstyles

    Christina Aguilera Newest Short Bob Hairstyles Look

    Short Bob Hairstyles Christina Aguilera is showing off a new short bob hairstyle lately. I love the singer for her style risks, including her ever-changing hairstyles. She has been sporting this short bob hairstyle look since around November of ’09. I would describe this style as a short, choppy bob with a lot of texture. The texture could have been added-in later with hair care products.Christina Aguilera’s history includes a variety of hairstyles, including several short bob hairstyles. Here’s a look back at some of her most popular short hairstyles:

    Short Bob Hairstyles
    Aguilera’s Wavy Short Bob Hairstyles

    This wavy short bob hairstyles look was a hit for Christina Aguilera and would work for you too if you have an oval face like hers. An oval face is considered ideal and can wear just about any hairstyle, including this one. Additionally, the waves in this hairstyle would soften a square jaw line, so those with a square or oblong face could wear this look as well.

    Short Bob Hairstyles
    Christina’s Short Bob Hairstyles with Bounce

    Although I love the curl pattern on this bouncy short bob hairstyles look, I’m not a fan of the combined short hair with this type of curl. I think this curl would better suit longer hair. You can get these curls by running a styling cream like Icon Antidote Replenishing Styling Cream throughout hair and then using a ¾” barrel curling iron to curl small sections of hair all over. Pin hair with hair clips while they cool to get the staying power and bounce of Aguilera’s curls.

    Oval and square face shapes can wear these curls at any length, while round shaped faces should stick to longer hair lengths if they are curling their hair like Christina Aguilera’s.

    Short Bob Hairstyles
    Christina Aguilera’s Latest Short Bob Hairstyles

    Her latest short bob hairstyles look, which is quite choppy and piecey thanks to the help of not only a choppy haircut, but texturizing products. This haircut is best suited for oval face shapes because of the length and texture. The choppy texture could just create more sharp lines on a square face shape and the length could add even more width to a round face.

    My guess is that Christina Aguilera chose a short bob hairstyle like this for the ease of styling, like other Hollywood moms have. It also makes me wonder what’s next for the singer . . . perhaps she’s working on a new album. Some say she chopped her hair for her new movie debut, Burlesque, out this year.

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    The Short Hair Bob

    Short Bob Hairstyle

    Be Precise When Describing a Short Bob Hairstyle

    Being in the hair styling industry for as long as I have gives me a sense that I should be able to know exactly what you mean when you say, “I want a short bob hairstyle.”

    Short bob hairstyle’s are a great, flirty, sassy, classic, with flair. A look that can work for most hair types and face shapes. They are hot right now, but do you know what to expect if you ask a hairdresser for a “short bob hairstyle?”

    My educated guess is that hairdressers will have their own version of the short bob hairstyle. The version they will come up with for you may not look at all like the version you had in mind. If you name a celebrity who is currently wearing a short bobbed hairstyle you may have a better chance of getting that hairstyle.

    My suggestion is to do some research and bring in some pictures that you can discuss with your hairdresser. Check out Short Styles magazine, by Harris Publications. Or do a Google image search on the term “short bob hairstyle” you’ll find lots of great pictures you can print out and take with you to your next appointment with your hair stylist. Or checkout my favorite short hair site.

    Your hairdresser will need to take into consideration basically three things. Your hair type, face shape and your lifestyle issues.

    You should be discussing with your hairdresser how much time you are willing to spend on day-to-day styling your hair. What hair styling tools you are willing to use. What image you want to portray. What hair care products you should use. How often will you need to trim your hair?

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