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Short Hair Style In For Spring

The V Haircut by Sam Villa Short Hair style

How cute is this short hair style for Spring?

This short hair style is going to be hot, hot, hot this spring, mark my words! This V haircut by Sam Villa like this one works especially well if you have a medium amount of hair that is smooth-able. Smooth-able means, you can smooth it easily with a hair dryer, a product or two will do the rest! It may be obvious to you, but this hairdo won’t work well for women with thick, straight hair or curly hair types.

The renowned hair stylist, Sam Villa has just launched, The V, the third DVD in his Aspire Tour, where hairdressers can pick up his technique used in this short V haircut. Villa says, “If there is one thing I want hairdressers to learn, it’s the art of disconnection. Today’s styles have to be interchangeable, and disconnection is the key to achieving this. When hairdressers master disconnection, they master the under-layering, sectioning and positioning needed to create modern looks.”


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Short Hair Cuts DIY Styling Secrets

Why Mom was Right about Short Hair Cuts

“Short Hair Cuts
Styling Tips”
There are so many stunning short hair cuts right now that you may be considering taking the plunge yourself.  If it’s fear of styling that’s holding you back, I’m here to help relinquish that! Go for it! With these secrets to styling short hair cuts, you won’t have to struggle with your new hairstyle. It’s as easy as badda bing, badda bang . . . and you’re out the door!


short pixie haircut

Short Hair Cut Styling Secret #1

  • Use the correct products to style your short hair cut. No matter what length hair you have, when you get a new hairstyle, always check with your hairdresser to see that you have the hair care products you need in order to make your short hair cut look the way you want. With short hairstyles, I love to use texturizing products to bring out the layers within the short hair cut. Try a texturizing product like, Enjoy – Texture Spray , while hair is damp to give subtle texture all over, or use a texture paste like, Artec Textureline Smoothing Serum, on the ends of hair when dry to really bring out the individual pieces and layers in the hairstyle.


short flat ironed crop hair

Charlize Theron curly short cut

Short Hair Cuts Styling Secret #2

  • Use the right tools. Along with the right hair care products, you’ll want to have the right tools for styling your short hair cut. The latest trend in short hair cuts are smooth, straightened hairstyles, so a professional flat iron is essential. You’ll also want to invest in a smaller round brush to give hair volume and to bend the ends while blow drying. And if you don’t have a paddle brush already . . . get one! Although, most popular short hair cuts are now being worn straight, if you find yourself wanting a curly hair look, make sure you invest in a good quality curling iron like, Hot Tools Professional Ceramic Titanium Professional Curling Iron for around $30. The 1″ inch barrel is a popular size, but if you’re confused as to which size iron is right for you, ask your hairdresser to help you out. If you are purchasing your curling iron at a beauty supply store, an employee should be able to help you select the right barrel size for your short hair cut.



Short Hair Cut Styling Secrets
Rihanna’s short hair cut!

short razor cut

Short Hair Cut Styling Secret #3

  • Less is More! What I mean is that often less styling is better than more styling. Perfect is not always the way to go when it comes to styling short hair cuts. In fact, hair that looks too done often looks old and outdated. A little bit of the bed head look ups the chic factor with short hair cuts. So if you find yourself struggling with hair that sticks out a bit here and there and simply won’t cooperate, don’t worry about it, just quit! All you need to do is add a dash more texturizing paste here and there to create a fun, funky look.

Short hair cuts can be so much fun when you know how to change them up a bit. With these secrets, you can head into the salon with confidence knowing that you’ll be able to style your short hair cut with ease. Don’t forget while you are in the chair, to ask your hairdresser to give you a lesson or two on a new and unique way to style your new ‘do!



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The New Pixie Haircut Hits Hollywood

Pixie Haircut

The pixie haircut is back, just in time for summer!

The pixie haircut made its mark back in the 50’s in Hollywood on Mia Farrow (Rosemary’s Baby) and Audrey Hepburn (Wait until Dark.) They made such a hit of the pixie haircut that virtually all Mother’s of that era ran their little girls to the beauty salon (sometimes to the barber shop) to get their little darlin’s the easiest maintenance cut of the summer!

I’ve spoken with literally hundreds of women who, back in the 50’s, were forced into wearing the pixie haircut, my two sisters and I included. Most of us went kicking and screaming into the hair salons, knowing it was going to be yet another summer we were going to feel like boys! On top of that, most families had an at home ‘barber kit’ which was used to keep up the pixie haircut for months to come. Yikes! Need I say more? But, at least there were lots of funny looking kids running the neighborhoods with short, crooked bangs (not the asymmetrical type we may covet today) so you never felt alone in your misery!

Fast forward to today’s pixie haircut . . . cute as a bug now, and still the simplest haircut to deal with in the hot summer months! Pixie haircuts look best on women with oval and heart face shapes. The short pixie haircut flatters women with petite facial features accentuate pretty eyes!

By the way, it’s good to note that the terms ‘pixie haircut’ and ‘crop haircut’ are sometimes used synonymously but describe two different cuts.  In general, a pixie cut has shorter layers than a crop cut. I suggest you bring in a picture to be sure you and your hairdresser are on the same page before snipping away. Some hairdressers call Rihanna’s do a pixie haircut, some call it a ‘crop haircut,’ but they aren’t the same.

Pixie Haircut
Hayden Panettiere’s new pixie haircut slick back 2010
Pixie Haircut
Jessica Stroup’s new pixie haircut

Looks like Jessica slightly darkened her hair, making it one shade deeper brunette. Love the pixie haircut with long and short textured layers. It not only updates her look, but is much more flattering and brings out her great bone structure.

Pixie Haircut Michelle William’s pixie haircut 2010

Michelle William’s long layered pixie haircut is a more sophisticated and modern look for her. The shorter haircut also makes her hair appear fuller with more body.

Pixie Haircut
Katie Holmes’s pixie haircut

I know this isn’t Katie’s do now, but I actually like this pixie haircut she wore in 08’ better than her current haircut . . . adorable!

Pixie Haircut
Janet Jackson’s pixie haircut 2010

Janet took the plunge into a pixie haircut recently . . . that was lots of hair cut off!

Pixie Haircut

Pink goes shorter with this pixie haircut and ‘kicks’ it up one more notch by tinting it brown!

Thanks to Peoples Style Watch for the photos!


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