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How to Do Short Hair

Jennifer Anniston shows us how to do short hair

A Beginner’s Guide to Going with Shorter Hair

You’ve been thinking about going with a short haircut for quite some time. Trouble is, you’re really, really scared. Hey, we hear ya! To help make your haircut a positive experience, we spoke with Mark Garrison of Mark Garrison Salon in NYC, who’s renowned for his stellar snipping skills and at knowing how to do short hair.

  • If you’re going from long to short hair, begin by having it cut to the collarbone. This will keep it within your comfort zone yet still give you a fresh change.
  • Go short on the sides and back and leave the top and bangs longer, Garrison suggests, and you’ll have the best of both worlds—a longer short haircut.
  • Unless you’re aiming for a barely there pixie, don’t go shorter than your neckline in back so you don’t have to shave your neck, says Garrison.
  • Short haircuts can be super-sexy when there’s softness around the edges. Otherwise, they scream, “barbershop!”
  • “Color is a great way to spark up any short haircut,” says the hair pro. Be bold with it—when hair is short, the color will grow out fast if you don’t love it. Then, you can try something else.
  • Before cutting your hair short, consider your hair texture. For instance, if your hair is curly, you need to think about where those curls are going to end up. Also, curly hair needs to be texturized or it will have a too-solid silhouette.
  • How much time are you willing to spend on your hair? Garrison points out that while short short hair is very low maintenance, you’ll need to have it cut more often to maintain the shape.
  • Never cut your hair short if you’re pregnant—you might gain weight in the face and feel really fat.

According to Garrison, women have been flocking to his Manhattan salon, requesting Jennifer Aniston’s short(er) haircut. “It’s more flattering on women who are over 40, without being too short,” he says.

Article courtesy of Harris Publications

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