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    Quick and Easy Hair Styles

    Quick Hairstyles

    Quick and Easy Hair Styles for the Woman on the Go

    By guest blogger Melissa Davis“Quick and Easy Hair Styles Ideas”

    For many women today, time and complicated hair styles just aren’t compatible today’s busy lifestyles. But with these surprisingly simple hair styling ideas, you can leave the house looking young, fresh, carefree, and gorgeous in just a few short minutes and with minimal work on your part. Whether you have straight, frizzy, wavy, or curly, hair, these quick and easy hair styles will do all the work for you.

    Quick and Easy Hair Styles

    Quick Hairstyles

    The Straight and Narrow

    For most women, getting dressed in the morning can be daunting. With a closet full of turn-me-offs and a hairstyle that won’t cooperate, it’s easy to get discouraged on the way out for the day. But fret no more. The straight and narrow hairstyle is easy, fast, and will have you looking sleek and seek in no time. All you’ll need is a ghd hair straightener, your favorite no frizz serum, and a few minutes. Steam straighten your hair after applying the serum and simply part it on the side. Add a slight curl to the side bang and if desired slip on a head band. A simple one tone silk scarf can substitute for a head band, giving you a classic but smooth and sexy quick hairstyle.

    Quick Hairstyles

    Simple Hairstyles the Messy Bun

    The Messy Bun

    For those of us with waves, tousles, or unruly hair, we sometimes tend to just let it do as it pleases. Though it may seem overly uncomplicated, the messy bun may actually be the way out. Simply lift the hair into a high pony tail and wrap and pin the loose hair around the pony tail until you have achieved a bun. Though this simple hairstyle alone may appear rushed and haphazard, the addition of a flower will give you that touch of whimsical intentionality that shows that you care about your hair.

    Quick and Easy Hair Styles

    Simple Hairstyles

    The Side Braid

    While a tight braid may keep your look too orderly and boring, a looser side braid adds a touch of unpredictability to your quick and easy hair styles. Instead of a rigid, down the center French braid, try simply brushing the hair over one shoulder and twisting the braid more loosely. This allows for a sweeter, less controlled look that still speaks of confidence and style.


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