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    Hot Summer Hair Ideas

    Rihanna wearing a french braid perfect summer hair

    5 Sizzling Summer Hair Styles!

    Isn’t the weather just gorgeous at this time of year? Whilst the hot August heat feels gorgeous on your skin, it isn’t always that great for your hair. When the weather’s hot most of us are trying to stay cool (literally) and want hair styles that are easy, effortless and that look great!

    But why worry about picking great hair styles when we’ve done the work for you!

    We’ve handpicked 5 amazing summer hair styles that are bound to get you noticed but also happen to be relatively easy to do. Furthermore, these hair styles won’t have you breaking out in sweat or searching frantically for hair straighteners.

    The first sizzling summer style is the French braid. This hair style has been a go-to style for women for centuries because it enables your hair to look great irregardless of what condition it’s in. We happen to love this style because it allows your hair to be worn down without being in your face.

    Another great summer hair style is the bun. What’s great about the bun is that it can be altered to suit virtually anyone. For example if you’re more into sporting an elegant hair style, brushing your hair all back and then securing it into a bun would be perfect. If on the other hand, you prefer more edgy hair styles you could have bangs at the front of your hair and a bun at the back just like Zoe Saldana in the picture below.

    Zoe Saldana wearing a bun hairstyle perfect summer hair

    The third sizzling summer hair style is the ‘short bob.’ The bob has been a girl’s best hair-friend since . . . forever! What makes it so iconic is that it frames the face and highlights one’s facial features. The bob has been loved and adorned by celebrities such as Rihanna, Vanessa Hudgens (pictured below, Hayden Panettiere and Eva Longoria because of its simplicity. It’s a classic style that makes daily styling really, really easy.

    Vanesa Hudgens summer hair the bob

    If you’re not in the mood to have your hair worn completely down, a simple but excellent alternative is to wear it half up and half down. Whilst there’s no fancy name for this hair style, it can certainly be fancy if you want it to be. For instance, if you’re going somewhere formal you could accessorize this style by adding flowery hair pins. If however, you’re in need of a casual look, simply pin half of your hair (the front part) into a bun or ponytail and leave the bottom out. You could also have bangs at the front.

    Christina Millian perfect summer hair the half updo

    There are literally dozens, if not hundreds of ways in which you could wear a ponytail-that’s why we’ve chosen it as the fifth sizzling summer hair style. Ponytails are brilliant because they allow the hair line to rest and can actually be a protective hair style. Furthermore, ponytails can be worn for just about any and every occasion and are probably the most versatile of all hair styles.

    Drew Barrymore in summer hair the ponytail

    What’s great about all of these summer hair styles is that they don’t require much time to do and are perfect for those of us who are short on time. Also, hair styles like the ponytail, French braid and bun are brilliant when you’re experiencing a not-so great hair day!

    Stay up with all the happenings in hair trends by following our Pinterest Hair Trends Board.

    Victoria Olubi is the founder of London-based natural hair company, My Curls. Victoria was recently short-listed for a Women Inspiring Women Award and is an accomplished educator, author and mentor. Victoria shares hair care advice on her blog and newsletter. You can also follow Victoria on Twitter @MyCurlsUK .

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    Summer Hair: Catwalk to Sidewalk

    Maria Kovacs doing a hair knot updo summer hair style

    Summer Hair How-To’s from TIGI Top Session Stylist!

    Want to know what catwalk hair trends are hot this summer? TIGI Session Stylist Maria Kovacs, shares with us these catwalk hair style how-to’s! Maria originates from Australia but has worked in London for the last 5 years. For the last 6 seasons she has worked backstage at New York, London, Milan and Paris fashion weeks and travels all over the world demonstrating and teaching in hair shows. Maria loves femininity and loves translating catwalk hair into wearable hairstyles that hairdressers and their clients can emulate.

    The Plaited Ponytail Perfect Summer Hair

    We ask Maria for her best summer hair ideas: 

    “We did the hair for Mara Hoffman’s SS12 show. The hair was inspired by Frieda Kahlo and is a great summer look for long hair. The first thing to do is to create texture in your hair. We used crimping irons to first crimp all the hair and then we put it into a high ponytail. We plaited (braided) this ponytail and pinned it into a knot. You could just do this and it would look fine, but we then had a fake ponytail which we plaited together with a length of fabric. We wrapped this around the natural plait to create a larger shape. The whole effect is a really fun look but is also very pretty.”

    Summer Hair Chignon

    Little chignons and knots are also big news in summer hair. Don’t just think you can just brush your hair back into a knot. Preparation is key. Apply a volumising product, such as TIGI Catwalk Root Boost to damp hair. Blow dry the hair smooth, back comb the crown area to get additional volume and gently brush back into a low ponytail at the nape. Split the ponytail into 2 and twist each section, then ‘tie’ and secure with pins.

    The perfect Pontail

    How-To: Go from work to cocktail hour?

    “The perfect ponytail is a great way to go from day to evening.” Says Maria “The sleekest of ponytails, perfectly executed on very shiny hair looks fabulous with metallic fabrics and leather as well as lace and satin.  Blow-dry hair super-straight and the key to glamming up this look, is to keep it smooth with products. I use Catwalk by TIGI Session Series Styling Cream. Part hair on the side or sleek straight back and ensure there isn’t a hair out of place. Finally add some statement making earrings and you’re ready for a cocktail.”

    What’s your favorite summer hair tip?

    “Have you discovered dry shampoo? If not, do so!  It’s our backstage must have product at all the fashion shows. I’m in love with Catwalk by TIGI Session Series Transforming Dry Shampoo (but, of course there are lots of different brands around). Obviously they’re designed to restyle hair when there’s no time for a wash and blow-dry, but do you know that dry shampoo adds amazing volume to fine hair, gives lank hair extra vitality, and revitalizes hair when you want to go straight from work to a date. It’s a product no one should be without!”

    Barb Quinn on Google+  


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    The Definitive Summer Hair Guide

    Summer Hair Styles

    Summer hair can be wicked!

    Summer hair texture can change in a flash from smooth and sleek, to a poofy, frizzy unmanageable mess and it happens in a flash! It’s like the famed ‘horse of a different color’ in the Land of Oz . . . you know what I mean, when you step out the door in the height of summer’s heat and humidity and your hair takes on the attributes of a whole different species.“Summer Hair
    Tune Up Tips”

    My summer hair, when left to its own demise, hardly resembles my normal hair type at all, at least that is for the remaining three seasons of the year. This appears to be true for the majority of people and the higher the humidity where you live, the more you can relate!

    Ahhh . . . but all is not lost and you are not destined to tout the Rosanna Rosanna Danna do’ throughout summers end! Just because your summer hair has a mind of its own, doesn’t mean you can’t outsmart its mischievous ways! When summer’s heat and humidity get wicked and you feel like just burying your head in the sand . . . take a deep breath, regroup, take the path of least resistance and . . .


    Great looking summer hair starts with a fresh hair cut. We get out more in summer; it’s the time of year to’ see and be seen.’ There’s so much more to do in summer, more people to see and more places to go, so don’t delay getting a hair cut to clean up your ends. Damaged hair never looks pretty and trimming is the only way to get rid of those ragged, damaged ends.


    This most important step will strengthen damaged hair and keep healthy hair from getting damaged. Condition your hair to add moisture and deep conditioning the hair to strengthen and add body and shine.


    Think about it! In the sun’s brightest light, your hair color will either be your shinning crown of glory, or . . . not! Seriously, at garden parties, the tennis court, the golf course or the beach, your hair color is right up front with nowhere to hide, (except under a flirty summer hat, which by the way, should be part of your summer hair protection plan.)

    Find a professional hair colorist, they are well worth their weight in gold. How many times have you seen it . . . lines of demarcation, the wrong hair color, hair color too light or dark, uneven or just a dull, dried out hair color? Now, in comparison picture great hair color like that of Jennifer Aniston, Kate Middleton, Kate Winslet, Jessica Alba, J.Lo, or Helen Mirren. If you’re going to color your hair, get it right and be lovely!


    Allow your summer hair type to be what it is and find ways to work with it, not against it. Consider the Buddhist philosophy of non-resistance and go with the flow, no fighting, no worries, be happy! If heat and humidity is in the air your hair will react and . . . it will prevail. So, why fight it?

    For wavy and curly hair types – layer the hair for a wash-n-go shape that fits your face shape and your hair style. Wavy or curly hair whether long, medium or short, will look best when cut to let it air dry and styled into shape with fingers.

    Wear more updo’s like, ponytails, braids, high buns, and twists. Summer is the perfect time to change your look with these fun, quick and easy hair styles. One or two hair care products are all you need to define your curl and keep it shiny and pretty. We like: Ouidad Moisture Lock Leave-In Conditioner, Paul Mitchell Sculpting Foam and Moroccan Oil Treatment.

    For straight and fine hair types – shampoo to keep the hair squeaky clean. A daily shampooing with a product formulated for your hair type will allow for the most shine and fullness. Add a favorite dry shampoo for a quick hair refresher when unable to shampoo. Wear plenty of updo’s, braid it, wear a variety of ponytails, buns and chignons and don’t forget headbands, barrettes, scarves, hats and other hair accessories that allow for style options.

    We like: PureOlogy Hydrate, TIGI Rockaholic Dirty Little Secret

    Barb Quinn on Google+  


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