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    Ultimate Hair Teasing How To

    A woman back-combing or teasing her hairBack Combing and Hair Teasing Made Easy

    Whether you’re trying to do the retro bouffant styles of the 60’s or the big hair look of the 80’s, trying to do a freaky look for Halloween or doing dreadlocks the foundation of those hair styles and many more is hair teasing (aka: back-combing).  Teasing hair is key to any big hair look.

    Step-by-Step Technique for Teasing Hair Like a Pro:

    1. Shampoo hair and let it dry naturally.
    2. Spray hair with dry shampoo, concentrating on the roots to build more volume, then wait on minute before brushing out the excess. Dry shampoo takes the shine off freshly shampooed locks and creates a better texture for back-combing.
    3. Take a section about 1-inch in diameter and holding it firmly away from you, work a brush or metal tail comb from the ends back toward the roots. This builds a cushion effect at the roots, providing support those bouffant styles.
    4. Don’t use hairspray. It’s edgier to leave hair spray-free and more matte than shiny.

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