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    Thinning Hair in Women

    Thinning Hair in Women

    Dealing with the Realities of Thinning Hair in Women

    Did you know that half of all men in the world and every three in ten women will experience some form of hair loss or thinning hair in life?

    The cause of thinning hair in women and hair loss can result from several factors like your genes, meaning, hair loss is hereditary. If your mother and/or father suffer from hair loss, know that there is a possibility you may experience hair loss too. Women who develop this trait often see thinning at the hair line behind the bangs, according to Pamela Jakubowicz, MD, a dermatologist at Montefiore Medical Center in New York City.

    Pregnancy, weight loss, surgery, extreme stress, medications or medical conditions are other possible causes of thinning hair or hair loss. The scientific term for these hair loss causes is telogen effluvium and can result in about six weeks to three months worth of hair loss. Certain hairstyles and hair products can contribute to the thinning of hair as well.

    There are solutions to help prevent or conceal the appearance of hair loss or hair thinning.

    Hair Loss Prevention

    • Reduce the heat ~~ Heat is a major source of all kinds of issues with your hair. Be careful with overheating hair. When using hot tools like blow dryers or flat irons, always use the lowest or coolest settings necessary to get the job done. Excessive heat on hair can lead to damage and eventually hair loss.
    • Eat Healthier ~~ You are what you eat, keep foods high in omega-3 fatty acids in your diet. Choices like walnuts, beans, fish and dairy contain omega-3 fatty acids and will help keep you and your hair healthy and strong.
    • Loosen up Ponytails ~~ Over time, a tight ponytail can result in the loss of hair. Loosen up your ponytail holder and save your hair from the all that stress at the roots.

    Hair Loss Solutions

    • Wigs and Extensions ~~Wigs and hair pieces are a great alternative to hair loss. There is an abundance of good quality pieces in many styles and colors at affordable prices too. They work well in masking thinning or balding areas.
    • Hair Fibers ~~ Hair fibers like Infinity Hair Fibers conceal the appearance of hair loss and create a long-lasting bond between your existing hair and the hair fibers. Infinity is able to create the appearance of a full head of hair when the fibers are applied to the thinning hair areas (it is like a powder consistency). Infinity provides the illusion of a full head of hair that lasts until the fibers are washed out.
    • Hair Growth Formula ~~ There are many hair growth supplements you can get that can give your body a boost to grow more thick, voluminous and silky hair. It is a healthy way to supply your body with the extra proteins and nutrients it needs to stimulate better hair growth. Perhaps the best on the market is Kerotin Hair Growth Formula ( which are capsules filled with natural ingredients that are rich in nutrients and vitamins.
    • Creative Hair Styling ~~ Styling hair in specific ways like comb-overs, deep parts or even using hair accessories like headbands, bobby pins and bows are ways to cover the appearance of hair loss. Play around with different styles to see which best suits your hair.

    Guest Author Jessica Mosley, a beauty product expert with, who offers beauty products by top brands like China Glaze, Hempz, Spornette, Purely Pro and more. Big Daddy Beauty prides itself in customer service satisfaction guarantee and offers affordable beauty products for home or salon and spa use. For more info, visit

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    The Ultimate Guide to Hair Conditioning

    hair conditioning

    Here is what you need to know about hair conditioning

    This is a question you should ask yourself to maintain a healthy and beautiful foundation of your hair. Hair conditioning is something that is highly recommended, but can be easily overlooked. I am a manufacturer of my own hair product line, and I’m surprised to find of how often I run into women who encounter hair problems as a result of overlooking this step.

    Some of the hair problems that I hear women encounter include frizzy hair, thinning hair, and damaged hair. Lack of conditioning hair can play a factor, however is not the only reason of why women encounter some of these hair problems. There are other factors as well, including the usage of hairstyling tools like curling irons or flat irons, shampooing hair too often, or chemical relaxers. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with using chemical relaxers or a hairstyling tool from time to time. However, there has to be counter measures in place to keep hair in a healthy state and preventing those problems from occurring.

    So if you’re encountering hair problems like damaged hair, or need to promote healthy hair growth and your hair has hit a plateau, you should ask yourself these questions:

    • Am I conditioning hair enough?
    • Am I shampooing my hair too much?
    • How often am I using heat-based hairstyling tools?
    • Do I use too many chemical relaxers and perms for my hair?
    • Am I protecting my hair from outside elements like the sun?
    • Am I using hair products that contain the right ingredients?
    • How often do I get my ends trimmed?
    • How does my hair feel when I don’t condition it at the right time?

    These questions, when you answer them, will open your mind and help you realize what you may or not be doing right. It will also motivate you to take better action in taking care of your hair overall, with one of those ways being to condition your hair consistently.

    Rule of thumb is, you should be hair conditioning daily, or at least 3-4 times a week. This will help to keep moisture in your hair, and prevent your hair and scalp from drying out. Hair conditioners contain vitamins and nutrients that your hair absorbs thus helping to replenish hair and maintain its beautiful state.

    It’s also a great idea to deep condition hair at least once a week. This method really helps to lock in moisture into hair. Just apply more conditioner into your hair than you normally would, cover your head with a shower cap, and leave it on for 25+ minutes before rinsing hair. Someone with thick hair usually needs to follow this step since thicker hair needs more moisture, and it’s usually harder for moisture to fully seal into all the hair.

    When looking for the right conditioner for your hair, think about what you need for your hair type or for what you want to do with your hair. If you have fine hair and looking to add more volume, then you should look for volumizing conditioner. If your hair is weak, then a restoration/strengthening conditioner is the best fit. But if you are looking for more moisture or manageability for your hair, then a good leave-in conditioner will suit you best.

    Darlene Alexander
    Guest author Darlene Alexander has been a licensed cosmetologist for 31 years, is an author, and is a manufacturer of professional hair products. She helps salon professionals provide healthy hair solutions for their clients to give them beautiful, healthy, sensational hair! You can contact her at and visit for the latest hair care and salon business tips.

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