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    Trim Bangs DIY How To Secrets

    How to Cut Your Own Hair

    How to Cut Your Own Hair Bangs

    Most hairdressers will trim bangs for free, but if you don’t have time for a trip to the hair salon, you can trim bangs yourself. Here’s how:“Trim Bangs
    at Home”

    • Always Start with clean, blow-dried hair. Wet hair will shrink after it dries, leaving you with shorter bangs than you anticipated.
    • Brush everything but your bangs off your face so you don’t cut into the rest of your hair style; put it into a ponytail or use a headband if your hair is short.
    • Use a cuticle scissors, which gives you more control and prevents you from suddenly slicing off a big chunk of your bangs by mistake. Hold the scissors at a 45-degree angle as you cut—this is called ‘point-cutting.’
    • Only snip off a little bit of your bangs at a time—no more than a quarter inch.
    • If you have a cowlick, be careful when you reach the edge of your eyebrow or you could end up with a hole. In fact, women with front cowlicks have the most success with long, angled bangs.

    Here is a video that will help in your trim bangs trials:


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