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    Smart Wavy Hair Styles Strategies

    What Celebrities Know about Wavy Hair Styles That You May Not Have Considered

    Anyone else bored with long wavy hair styles? Hair styles on the runways lately are so predictable . . . yawn. No, I don’t watch the shows, but it appears long, wavy hair is still THE hair style trend we’ll be seeing most of this summer. I’m getting just a wee-bit bored writing about wavy hair styles. . . anyone else getting bored? I mean, do you really need any more instructions on how to get “beachy waves?”

    I’m not saying I don’t like the look, its nice, it’s sexy and for the average wavy hair beauties among us, it’s relatively easy to style. And the long layered hair style makes for quick and easy updos, braids, ponytails, chignons, buns and twists, so what’s not to like there? But, for some it’s not so easy to keep a beachy wave . . . wavy, especially in the heat of summer.

    Wavy Hair Styles

    Wavy Hair Lily Collins and Selena-Gomez

    Wavy Hair Styles

    Wavy Hair Nikki Reed and Reese Witherspoon

    Wavy Hair Styles

    Wavy Hair Emma Stone and Leighton Meester

    Even though I am becoming a bit jaded with the look, these were my favorite wavy hair styles that I’ve seen lately; Lily Collins, Selena Gomez, Nikki Reed, Reese Witherspoon, Emma Stone and Leighton Meester.

    Can you wear the style? Know your hair type

    If you have curly, straight thick or fine hair, you will have trouble maintaining this wavy hair look, especially in the heat of the summer months. You may be able to wrestle your hair into the hair style for a moment or two, but it won’t last, not if you fall into one of these hair style types. So why waste the time and effort and do more heat damage to hair in the process when it won’t last?

    This is why you hear hairdressers saying, in summer especially, it’s best to go with a hair style that works with your hair type, rather than trying to fight it into submission. (Did you notice many of the wavy hair styles became a bit more like crested and fallen waves by the end of the Awards Show? And they have pros styling their hair using the best hair products and all the tricks of the trade!

    Soft Hair Waves

    Soft Hair Waves, How To . . .

    Pretty, feminine looks are popping up all over the fashion runways Tabatha Coffey JOICO Artistic Team member and owner of Industrie Hair Gurus in Ridgewood, NJ, gave us the scoop on making waves the perfect style to flatter those floaty dresses and romantic skirts.

    “I think we will definitely see more hair waves, movement and texture in hair styles. Sculpted soft hair waves give hair such a sexy, feminine look that everybody will be wearing them in different variations to suit their lifestyle’ says Coffey.

    • Soft Waves Tip #1: Begin with dry hair and part it where it naturally falls.
    • Soft Waves Tip #2: Taking small (1-inch or less) sections. mist lightly with a working hair spray and roll hair around a curling iron. The smaller the iron, the tighter the curl.
    • Soft Waves Tip #3: Gently remove each tendril from the wand and secure with a pincurl clip.
    • Soft Waves Tip#4: After tresses have cooled completely, release the clips and use a bristle hair brush to softly comb and define each wave. (For a stronger wave, leave the pincurls in place for more time.)


    For more great looks be sure to checkout my Wavy Hair Styles Pinterest board.

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    Easy Wavy Hairstyles for All Lengths

    Wavy Hairstyles

    Take Less Time Styling, with Easy Wavy Hairstyles! 

    Tired of torturing your hair into a pin straight style with blow dryers and flat-irons? If you have wavy hair, this winter more than ever is the perfect time to embrace your gorgeous texture! Not only are easy wavy hairstyles a hit this season, but there are so many adorable haircuts that compliment waves and texture. Save time, energy, and money on your electric bill, and embrace your waves this winter with one of these easy hairstyles for short, medium, and long hair.

    Vanessa Hudgens with a long dark wavy hairstyle with middle part

     Wavy Hairstyles

    Wavy Styles for Long Lengths

    Celebrities like Demi Moore, Kate Hudson, and Vanessa Hudgens are letting their hair down with ultra long relaxed waves and a natural part. Long wavy hair is ideal for oval, round, and square face shapes. This look is easy to achieve whether or not you have natural waves.

    Apply a beach texture spray or a texture cream, to towel dried hair. The Healthy Sexy Hair Beach Spray is not only healthy, with nourishing argan oil, but gives light hold and smells great. Wait until hair is 90% dry, then twist and wind into a ballerina bun. Use pins to secure (a band will create a crease.)

    Once hair has dried, release, run your fingers through it, and let it part naturally. For a more defined look, touch up waves with a medium barrel curling iron. If you want an alternative to all down, try a casual side pony like Carrie Underwood.

    Wavy Hairstyles

    Julianne Hough Medium Wavy Hairstyle side swept bangs

    Wavy Styles for Medium Lengths

    My personal favorite, are this season’s adorable layered bob hairstyles for wavy hair. Take style notes from Jessica Biel with her subtle highlights, stylish middle part, and playful texture. For a more glamorous look, like Julianne Hough, try a deep side part with side bangs and a more relaxed wave.

    One thing is for sure, Julianne Hough and Jessica Biel are ultra sexy with theses flirty wavy hairstyles. Wavy bob styles are a great option for oval, heart, square, and oblong face shapes. To achieve a similar look, apply a curling creme to towel dried hair, being sure to disperse evenly throughout your entire head. Paul Mitchell Round Trip, is light and not too crunchy, but has good hold and staying power.

    Scrunch hair and let it air dry or diffuse it while scrunching, to remove all moisture. When hair is completely dry, use a medium barrel curling iron on a few pieces to create definition and polish. For a playful, messy style, finish off with spray wax or flexible hairspray and tousle with fingers. For a sleeker look, use a shine spray, and gently smooth at the roots.

    Wavy Hairstyles

    Wavy Hairstyles for Short Lengths

    A pixie haircut is a great option for a easy, girly style for wavy hair. Ask your hair stylist if you have the right bone structure and face shape to pull off a short style. Short hair is ideal for oval, heart, and oblong face shapes. If your hairstylist recommends it for you, then it’s all about getting an excellent cut. Pictures normally speak a thousand words, but for a haircut, they speak a million.

    Nothing is more important than making sure you and your hairstylist are on the same page when going for a big change, so be sure to bring in a picture, or look at several images in the salon for reference. If a pixie haircut is shorter than you want to go, short shag haircuts are always a great option for wavy hair. Jennifer Nettles (below) models an adorable and sophisticated shag haircut.

    Wavy Hairstyles

    To style short wavy hair, towel dry, then apply mousse, about the size of a silver dollar or less. Curly Sexy Curl Power, holds and defines curls without making hair sticky and flat. Scrunch hair, and allow it to dry naturally. After your mane is completely dry, use a small flat iron to relax the bangs and any unruly curls. To complete the look, use a small amount of dry wax or pomade on hair to create definition and texture.

    Tortured, peroxide fried, and over-styled hair is out this season. Instead, it’s all about easy, natural styles, which means embracing your gorgeous waves! With the right haircut and styling product, wavy hair can be flattering for everyone. From flirty pixies to glamorously long locks, waves are an easy option for any hairstyle. Say goodbye to hours of straightening and blow drying and wave hello to natural, effortless, and ultra stylish wavy hair!

    For pictures of great looks check out our Pinterest Curly Hairstyles and Wavy Hairstyles Boards.

    Hairstyle Blog contributing author Lindsay Hausch
    Contributing author Lindsay Hausch has provided clients with professional cutting edge color and cutting techniques at exclusive Paul Mitchell and Bumble and Bumble Signature Salons for the past seven years. She co-founded Sedona Beauty Team, which represents a team of artists that offer luxury, on-location beauty services. She enjoys writing articles that share her expertise. You can follow Lindsay on Twitter and FaceBook.

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