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    Wedding Hair Styles for Brides to Be

    Wedding Hairstyle

    Wedding Hair Styles . . . For Perfection on the Big Day!

    Wedding hair styles play a big role for every bride. As little girls we all dream and fantasize about the day when we can truly shine as princesses; our wedding day. We want nothing less than pure perfection and will stop at nothing till we achieve it. This is why photo booth rentals Austin will be essential! The problem is with all that needs to be arranged we stress ourselves out so much that by the big day we are too exhausted to enjoy it.

    “Research is the key to wedding hair style success”

    Well all you engaged gals take a deep breath and follow these simple steps to eliminate one stressful planning ordeal off your list your wedding hair style. Here are a few helpful hints to make your wedding hairstyle the picture of perfection that you had in mind.

    Tips to Take to the Altar

    • Meet Your Maker ~~ Find a hairdresser that you feel comfortable with. If you can trust the hairdresser to cut your hair and feel good when you leave and love going back . . . this is your maker. Be honest with your hairdresser, not every great hair cutter feels comfortable with up-do hair style fashions. Don’t be shy to ask if they want to do it or if they think one of their colleges are better for the job. Trust me as a hairdresser, you will not offend a professional hairdresser. A great hair care salon runs as a team and each hairdresser has different talents. A good hair care salon wants the client to look their best and matching them with the best hairdresser for the job is important.

    • Picture Perfection ~~ Research is the key to wedding hair style success. Search the internet and magazines to find the wedding hair style that best suits your hair, face shape, and dress. Talk it over with your hairdresser and make sure that you are not striving for the impossible. Find hair styles that will make you look great but still make you look like you. We all want to be fabulous on our wedding day but we have to make sure our guests know they are at the right wedding.

    • Practice Makes Perfect ~~ It is best to book a practice hair appointment about a month before your wedding day. This appointment should correspond with a dress fitting afterwards. A practice run leaves nothing to chance. Make sure you wear your hair style the whole day and take a few photos of the front and back. This will give you an idea of anything you would like to change or to ensure you have something to show your hairdresser on the big day to refresh their memory. Also wearing your wedding hair style the whole day will allow you to see how it feels. If there is any pins that feel uncomfortable later, or if you feel that some areas didn’t hold up, take a photo and write it down so you can discuss it with your hairdresser.

    • Relieve The Tension ~~ Take a day for yourself the day before the wedding day. I know this sounds impossible so book it in advance so you cannot get out of it; trust me! Make an appointment to have a head and body massage. An up-do wedding hair style, or set causes a lot of tension on the head and hair and you have a whole day in one tomorrow. The best results come when everything is at ease. The night before your wedding wash your hair with a cleansing shampoo, and work in a light weight volume mousse. Wedding hair styles with curls and pins work best when the hair is not too clean. You want to sleep on the hair and rough it up a bit, do not leave it for the morning. Your wedding day is said to be one of the greatest days of your lives. Most of the time it ends up being better for the guests, because they had less to do than you did. However, I promise you that if you take these helpful hints your journey to the big day will be a much smoother ride.

    For more great looks check out our Pinterest Wedding Hairstyles, Prom Hairstyles and Braid Boards.

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    Wedding Hair Styles Series – Saving Money

    Wedding Hair

    Bride on a Budget: How to Save Money on Wedding Hair and More!

    “Wedding Hair
    on a Budget”
    Many of my clients are feeling the squeeze of a bad economy while trying to plan their upcoming weddings. A wedding is a big expense in any economy, let alone this one! Here are some tips I usually give to my wedding hair clients on where they can save money on their hair style and more.

    Wedding Hair

    Wedding Hair on a Budget Tip #1:

    An at-home deep conditioning treatment  is a great way to get your hair in it’s best shape and save a few bucks too! You won’t hurt my feelings (or your hairdressers feelings for that matter) if you don’t come into the salon for pre-wedding hair treatments. Ask your hairdresser to suggest a great professional brand deep conditioning product that you can use weekly up until the wedding to get your hair in tip-top shape. I always suggest using Redken’s Extreme Deep FuelWedding Hair, which strengthens and fortifies hair.

    Wedding Hair

    Wedding Hair on a Budget Tip #2

    A glaze is a good alternative to costly wedding hair coloring services. If you are looking to cut corners cost wise, like many of my clients are these days, you can always opt for a low-maintenance haircolor. For example, I charge about half of my regular haircolor cost for a glazing service. A glazing service is perfect to brighten up your current haircolor. It gives it shine and depth, as well as a color boost without regular re-growth.

    Ask your hairdresser if they provide a glazing service and you can get this done every other time you come in. To save even more money on your wedding haircolor, I would suggest trying the John Frieda Collection Luminous Color Glaze. This is an at-home glazing service that you can do in the shower. I’ve actually tried it myself and was happy with the shine it put in my hair. Best of all, you can find this at your local drugstore for under $20!

    Wedding Hair

    Wedding Hair on a Budget Tip #3

    Bridesmaids can style their own hair to save you money on wedding hair services.
    Don’t worry about paying for all of your bridesmaids to have their hair styled the day of the wedding. Read my previous articles in my ‘Wedding Hair Series’ to get ideas on DIY hair ‘dos for your bridesmaids. One of my favorites is the side ponytail because it is so simple to do and looks so chic too!

    These are just some ideas I regularly dish out to my budget-conscious clients who are looking to save cash on their wedding hair style. Get creative so that you can cut corners everywhere and not just on your hair care services. When I was planning my own wedding, I cut corners by printing my own place cards and programs and getting flowers that were in season instead of ones that would have to be flown in. If you are resourceful and creative, you can do a lot of things yourself, saving you and your groom a ton of money. For more great looks check out our Pinterest Wedding Hairstyles, Prom Hairstyles and Braid Boards.

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    Wedding Hair Part 2

    Side Profile Wedding Hair Updo with white flower

    Wedding Hair: Casual Bridal Styles

    Wedding hair trends are heading more and more towards loose, casual hair styles. Summertime, which is upon us, is perfect for these wedding hair trends. Casual wedding hair goes perfectly with outdoor ceremonies, beach-themed weddings or garden affairs. With the economy the way it is, casual wedding hair styles are perfect for the bride on the budget. Many of these hair styles can be achieved with a DIY attitude and a few key products, tools and accessories..

    Wedding Hair
    Naomi Watts shows off casual wedding hair that is fuss-free

    For example, if you want Naomi Watt’s fuss-free up-do, here’s how to get it: Start by running a lightweight styling cream through strands. I like ICON Antidote Replenishing Cream because of its lightweight hold, sticky-free styling capabilities and delicious scent. Then, tease hair at the crown, giving you a slight lift. Pull hair back off your face, leaving a few strands out and secure into a ponytail (or bun if your hair is on the longer side).

    Using a 1” barrel curling iron, curl the strands that you left out directing the curls away from your face. Finish the style with a long lasting hairspray like OSIS Grip Freeze Super Hold Hairspray to keep your style lasting through the reception..

    Wedding Hair
    Barbara Bush Wedding Hair

    Want your wedding hair worn down? Copy a style like Barbara Bush did for her laid-back outdoor ceremony. Barbara incorporated a hot new trend, braids, into her wedding hair style. This style is simple and stylish all at the same time.

    If you want wedding hair like this, part hair down the middle and then scrunch a texture spray like Enjoy Texture Spray into strands before styling. Then, taking 1½” pieces on either side of your part, begin braiding each piece. Secure the braids together in the back of hair and for an added element, you can add fresh flowers like Barbara Bush did. For a less casual version of this same wedding hair style, you can choose to curl individual strands with a curling iron (your choice of size) instead of scrunching your hair..

    Casual and laid-back wedding hair is gaining popularity every wedding season because of its natural and organic look and feel. If you want a DIY wedding hair style that looks effortlessly chic, then this is definitely the way to go for your wedding. For more great looks check out our Pinterest Wedding Hairstyles, Prom Hairstyles and Braid Boards.

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