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Winter Hair Care 101; The DIY, How To

9 Ways Winter Hair Care Can Make Your Naughty Hair Nice!

As I am creating this article we are under a winter storm warning and the predictions are for 14″ of snow. So we might as well face it Old Man Winter is upon us again. The winter season can be especially hard on hair. My furnace is blasting hot, dry forced air for several hours each day, excessive styling with holiday parties coming up and the harsh winter weather can leave hair more naughty than nice. But don’t get the winter blues over limp, dry locks, try these nine DIY how to quick hair care tips to get your mane on the nice list.

  • Step 1 ~~ Use Deep Conditioner for Healthier Hair. Be kind to your hair by using a weekly deep conditioner. If you have chemical damage from harsh perms or coloring, use a conditioner with protein to repair hair strands. For hair that has general wear and tear from heat tools & the great outdoors, opt for a moisturizing conditioner. For maximum effect, apply conditioner to wet hair and put on a plastic cap. Open the cuticle by using a blow dryer on low setting to gently heat your head. Wrap in a towel. Rinse after 15 to 20 minutes with cooler water to lock in the moisture.  Tip: Ingredients to look for in Protein Rich Conditioners: Silk, Wheat, Keratin, Collagen, Amino Acids. Ingredients to look for in Moisture Rich Conditioners: Glycerin, Oils (Jojoba, Argan, Coconut, Castor, etc.) Fatty Alcohols (Stearyl, Cetyl, & Cetearyl), and Panthenol.)

Winter Hair Care

  • Step 2 ~~ Try Velcro or Hot Rollers for a Wavy Hairstyle. Velcro and hot rollers are great options to add bounce and volume to tired tresses. Plus, with the help of rollers, you can avoid curling, crimping, and smoothing hair with harsh heat tools which will zap moisture out of your hair. When hair is 90% dry, apply Velcro rollers to give your style volume. Let your hair dry naturally, or use a blow-dryer to set. After you remove the rollers, use a curling iron or flat iron if necessary to touch up your style. If Velcro rollers aren’t for you, try hot rollers on dry hair. Use bigger rollers on the crown area to add volume. Gently run fingers through hair to relax curls that are overly bouncy. Spritz with hairspray, and you’re done.

Winter Hair Care

  • Step 3 ~~ Beat the Heat Tools with Thermal Protection Products. You’re not alone if you have a hard time breaking your addiction to your trusty flat iron, curling iron, or blow dryer. But, to avoid excessive damage from these tools, always use a thermal protection spray or serum to protect your hair cuticle. Some hair sprays and serums are specially made for damp hair, which is useful to protect hair during blow drying. I’m liking Redken Thermal Setting Mist, (splurge) or Tresemme Heat Tamer Spray Serum. There are plenty of good products for saving hair from excessive heat damage, the key is . . . to use one! Shine sprays and oils are another great option to combat heat damage and promote shiny healthy hair.

Winter Hair Care

  • Step 4 ~~ Use Hair Friendly Products. Ingredient labels are a useful tool to determine the products that are hair friendly from those that are harmful. You don’t need to be a scientist to decipher the good from the bad, just take a couple notes on what to look for. Hairspray with excessive alcohol will be drying to your hair (with the exception of fatty alcohols, Stearyl, Cetyl, & Cetearyl, and Panthenol. Many hairsprays are now available with low amounts of alcohol or no alcohol at all. The ingredients are listed in a sequence from highest quantity to lowest, so the first ingredient listed is the dominant one. Sulfate free shampoos and conditioners are the “IT” products now because they do the job of cleaning the hair and scalp without using that harsh stripping chemical.

Winter Hair Care

  • Step 5 ~~ Haircuts are Your Friend. Maintain healthy hair with a visit to your hair stylist every 2 to 3 months. Regular trims prevent split ends from traveling up the hair shaft. Stop damage in its tracks by getting rid of those ends. Remember that visiting your stylist regularly will ensure that all you need to keep your hair looking healthy is a dusting of your ends, which is especially good news for all you long haired loving ladies!

Winter Hair Care

  • Step 6 ~~ Use a Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner. Pick up a moisture rich shampoo and conditioner for the winter months, preferably one with vitamins and oils. I recommend L’Oreal Professionanel’s Serie Expert Liss Ultime shampoo and conditioner.
  • Step 7 ~~ Use Argan oil. Argan oil contains fatty acids, Vitamin E and antioxidants that restore your hair’s natural luster without a greasy shine. Use about a dime sized amount and comb it evenly through your damp hair.
  • Step 8~~ Use a Thermal Protectant. When blow-drying, always use a thermal spray or serum to protect your hair. Also, be sure to go all the way. Blow-drying hair halfway will only create frizz and damage. Spending the extra 5 minutes blow-drying your hair to a smooth finish makes all the difference.

Winter Hair Care

  • Step 9 ~~ Never Go Outside with Wet Hair. Wet or even damp hair can easily freeze once temperatures drop into the 30’s, and frozen strands mean split ends or in a worse case scenario hair that actually breaks.

With all those holiday treats, late night soriee’s and other winter festivities, we can’t guarantee you’ll be “nice” all season long but, with these hair tips, you can certainly treat your hair nicely, ensuring shiny, healthy hair all winter long. Now you can focus on picking a bombshell dress to impress your coworkers at that holiday office party, you weren’t sure you wanted to go to! For more winter hair ideas, check out our Pinterest Winter Hair Tips board.

Hairstyle Blog contributing author Lindsay Hausch
Contributing author Lindsay Hausch has provided clients with professional cutting edge color and cutting techniques at exclusive Paul Mitchell and Bumble and Bumble Signature Salons for the past seven years. She co-founded Sedona Beauty Team, which represents a team of artists that offer luxury, on-location beauty services. She enjoys writing articles that share her expertise. You can follow Lindsay on Twitter and Facebook.


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Winter Hairstyles

Winter Hairstyles

Winter Hairstyle Trends Are Always Predicated on Eye of The Beholder

Hair care routine is really important this time of year as attested to by this winter hair article at Visual-Makeover. Watching the articles that are intended to give us some La-Dee-Da! hairdressers opinion on what’s going to be the hot winter hairstyles can be down right humorous. They are not consistent at all as a matter of fact none of them are predicting anything remotely close to one each other.

“Winter Hairstyles Predictions are all over the map”

For example back a few days ago I wrote a winter hairstyles article which predicted powdered hair and a few days before that I wrote a similar winter hairstyles article which predicated long, sleek, slick, and straight. Now comes this from that predicts Long, voluminous tresses, short bobs and get this, the Jackie Onassis Beehive winter hairstyle. How’s that for being all over the map.

I wouldn’t worry about what is in fashion, by the time you figure it out, it’s already too late, and you’ll look behind the curve. Just get a great looking winter hairstyle that works just for you and make it your classic.

Fall and winter are normally the seasons for rich, dark hair colors, but blondes can have fun too with color technique like “minking”.

Popular with the younger generation, minking involves putting vibrant high lights on the under layer of hair so it peeks out through the top layers to create a dramatic, attention-getting effect.


Read the entire article, New Winter Hairstyles and Latest Hair Color Trends for Fall – Winter and For more winter hair ideas check out our Pinterest Winter Hair Tips board.


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Winter Hair: How-To Handle The Three Top Complaints

Head Shot of Lindsay Lohan wearing a knit winter hat

Winter Hair Styling Tips to Chase the Depression Off

Hair care routine is really important this time of year as attested to by this winter hair article at Visual-Makeover. Every year the temperatures drop and everyone has the same complaints about their hair. That bone chilling cold, high winds, and damp freeze doesn’t only play havoc to our bodies, but it can be catastrophe to our hair. We always bring out our winter wardrobes to bundle up and protect us against the cold (like this great selection from Board It clothing that my friend swears by) yet we make no changes in our winter hair rituals to protect against Jack Frost. This winter arm your hair with the best tips to keep your hair in line so it can bloom in spring with the flowers

Complaint #1

Frizzle Frazzle ~~ When the winter temperature drops the central heating is raised. Every home is over working to keep us warm and snug, and even though it feels good to be indoors out of the cold, it is not good for our hair. Central heating sucks the moisture out of our winter hair ladies. You have to figure that you are indoors in the winter for the better part of the day so the drying affect from indoor heating is causing your hair to swell up and frizz out.

  • Answer ~~ Luckily we have some great frizz control hair care products. I suggest hair frizz control serums. This product glides through the hair gently and smooths and tames frizzy ends while leaving a glossy finish to the hair. If you feel that serums make your hair look greasy or limp than you can use a frizz control shampoo and a light weight, leave-in spray conditioner. When you towel dry the hair don’t rough it too much. The cuticles are open and vulnerable and that can be another reason why it is frizzing. Pat the hair gently, and remove most of the excess water before you apply your product.

Complaint #2

Dry Like the Desert ~~ The winter makes you think that no matter what you put on the hair nothing seems to give it moisture. Everyday makes winter hair more dry and brittle. You feel like your hair is dry and lifeless. Why is it that you can barely get a comb through your hair in the winter time; wet or dry?

  • Answer ~~ Have you ever noticed that in the winter your lips tend to be chapped a lot more often than in other seasons? Well in the winter when you lick your lips because they are dry the cold air sucks the moisture away and freezes it dry. Our hair stays wet almost twenty-four hours after it is washed. It feels dry to the touch but the moisture it stuck between the hair shaft for almost a day until it is dry.Cold wind is basically chapping your hair like your lips. Well, as we apply chap stick to our lips, we need to apply a moisturizer to our hair.You should use a hair mask or conditioning treatment on your winter hair once a week. Wash and towel dry your hair. Apply a generous amount of treatment to the mid shaft and ends of your hair and gently comb through with a large tooth comb.Wrap the hair in a towel or shower cap to lock in heat and moisture and leave the treatment to sit for fifteen to twenty minutes. Rinse the hair thoroughly and end with cool water.The extra traffic on the road and more gas and oil heating can create an abundance of pollutants in the air, so that too may contribute to dull and lifeless winter hair. Every step is blanketing you with the excess that is in our air. In order to get back the glow in your hair you have to strip off what is coating it. Wash your hair with a good cleansing or clarifying shampoo at least once a week.I suggest doing this the same time you do your deep conditioning treatment. When the hair is free and clean of buildup it can lock the moisture of the conditioner in better.

Head shot of woman with fly-a-way static hair
Complaint #3

High Static ~~ While the turtlenecks and sweaters keep the heat locked into the body they make your hair fly away. Every winter hair is at it’s all time high for static. There is nothing more annoying than spending all that time styling your hair only to have it stand on end by the time you get your coat on.

  • Answer ~~Static hair seems to plague everyone, but fortunately there are some hair care products and tricks that truly work wonders to keep those fly a ways under control. I find that if you spray your hair brushes with Static Guard; the clothing spray, it works great.Make sure to hold the spray at an eight to ten inch distance and leave them for a few seconds to dry. The product is completely safe for your hair and it doesn’t leave the hair feeling any different, but rather, with less or no static at all. Another way to help eliminate the problem is by rubbing the back of your jackets, hats and wooly sweaters with static free Bounce sheets.You can also turn the heat down on your clothes dryer to cut back on static electricity. There are some hair care products that you can purchase to spray on winter hair to reduce static, but most of them are filled with high levels of alcohol that dries out the hair. Instead, be sure to keep your hair well moisturized, with moisturizing shampoo’s and conditioners.

Invest in a humidifier which can also do wonders in keeping moisture in the hair when your hair is exposed to the ravages of winters forced indoors heat. Just keep in mind, dry air means dry hair!

Here is another hair static article for help with static electricity in your hair; Hair professional, Marc Anthony who hails from Canada, gives us good info on dealing with hat hair and the ravages of cold on your hair in another hair static article that I wrote.

So, don’t let the winter blues get you down. Now that you are equipped with the right tools battle this year’s freeze and hop on through to spring! For more winter hair ideas check out our Pinterest Winter Hair Tips board.


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