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Hair Extensions and Teens


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Hair Extensions Popular with Teens

Teens often are where hairstyle trends begin. Thanks to for this great article on hair extensions and hair falls:

Going to great lengths

Most girls know the basic requirements needed to achieve the “perfect look”: the right outfit, jewelry, handbag and shoes.

However, one equally important aspect of one’s look that might not always be regarded as a much-needed accessory is great hair. A hairstyle can make or break an entire look.

No girl, it seems, is 100 percent happy with the hair she was born with; many cut, dye, perm, straighten and curl their locks to give them a look that is unique and makes them feel good. Some of these hair treatments, however, can be damaging. Fortunately, there’s an alternative.

Once used in only the fashion world and HollywoodHair Extensions are Hot with Teens, hair extensions are becoming more accessible. In just the Modesto area, a multitude of salons offer hair extensions — from the most basic to the most exclusive.

Hair extensions aren’t necessarily expensive, either — it depends on whether the hair is real or synthetic, what kind of hair extension method you choose, and how much you want to add to your hair. And anybody can use hair extensions; it doesn’t matter whether your own hair is long or short, coarse or fine, straight or curly.


Hair salons offer several varieties of hair extensions. One of the most common, and least expensive, is the glue-in method. Strips of real or synthetic hair are basically glued onto the scalp. While this is the most affordable approach, it also is the shortest lived; glue-in extensions typically last three to four weeks. The upside to this kind of hair extension is that the tracks of hair only cost around $20 each, plus labor.


Sew-in extensions are the next step up in quality, durability and price. Tricia Harty at Mosaic Salon on McHenry Avenue in Modesto says she has a wide clientele of teenage girls who come in to get hair extensions sewn in. Typically made of real human hair, the strips of extensions are sewn into cornrows that are braided from your own hair; the extensions cover up the short braids so all you see is long, smooth hair. To have a full head of hair sewn-in, plan on investing around two hours of your time and about $200. Remember, though, that this reflects a full head of hair; the less hair you add, the less expensive it will be. Sew-in hair extensions can last up to two months.


If you have the means to pay for it, the bonding method is the optimum way to go. Using a special protein bond, the extensions are attached in portions of about 50 strands each to an equal amount of your own hair, using a tool that resembles a tiny flat iron. Bonding is the most tedious; for a full head of hair, it typically takes two to five hours.

Because bonding uses the same protein naturally found in hair, it can be removed damage-free with a special gel, said hairdressers Tanya Escobar and Jennifer Wolf of Salon 2717 on Coffee Road in Modesto. The small bonds are discreet, allowing you to wear your hair in virtually any style, without the worry of people seeing where the hair extensions attach.

Going to Lengths

The elite brand of bonded extensions is Great Lengths, which VH1 featured on its show “The Fabulous 40 of 2004.” One of the commentators said, “Great Lengths are the Rolls Royce of hair extensions; they’re the crème de la crème of hair.”



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    Comment by Blade — November 30, 2011 @ 12:52 pm

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