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    These Formal Hairdos are Edgy Elegant

    Formal Hairdos

    Formal hairdos, graceful, well-designed, pleasing to the eye!

    I’ve been getting requests recently to see some new, updated, ‘formal hairdos.’ So what constitutes a ‘formal hairdo’?  Does it really differ from a prom updo, or a wedding hairdo?
    “What is the Difference between a Updo and a Formal Hairdo?” The line of definition may be blurred between a formal hairdo, a prom hairdo and a wedding hairdo. I believe if you are searching for a ‘formal hairdo’ you are looking for that utmost, refined, chic hairdo for an occasion that calls for the most elegant attire.

    Tyra’s formal hairdo above reeks sophistication and class! The combination of her dress, formal hairdo and stunning diamond-drop earrings distinguishes her as a deserving top model.

    Details: Unless you have great hairdressing skills, leave this one to the hair styling professionals. The formality of this hairdo is in the details. The hair should be blow-dried smooth and set in large Velcro rollers. Leaving bang area out, brush hair back from a deep side part and roll into a smooth, large curl around fingers. Pin into place, keeping the curl elongated. Create a dip in bangs and pin at crown. Finish with styling spray.

    Formal Hairdos
    Charlize Theron short formal hairdo

    This short formal hairdo looks ‘formal’ even with the soft loose structure of the style. Charlize has a layered cut for this hairdo.

    Details: Get this formal hairdo by using a volumizing shampoo and/or mousse. Rough blow-dry with fingers, against the growth for more volume. Set hair using 1” curling iron or try two finger size pin curls. Finger comb when dry and create an off-center part. Create lift on top, backcomb if needed and finish with spray.

    Formal Hairdos

    Formal hairdos with braids can look refined and elegant and Jessica is striking in this formal attire.  The formal hairdo makes even more of a stunning appearance when paired with a strapless gown and a bare neck.  The simplicity of a strapless dress sans a necklace draws the eyes to the face and hair.

    Details: Backcomb hair lightly at crown and brush hair back. From center part create two French braids, secure and pin just below occipital bone. Brush hair into low bun pinning and blending over ends of French braid. Finish with spray.

    For more great looks check out our Pinterest Wedding Hairstyles, Prom Hairstyles and Braid Boards.

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