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    Tips for Hair Highlights at Home

    Hair High lights

    Do it yourself hair highlights are safe if you follow some simple rules

    Of course my advice is always leave any hair highlights to a professional hair colorist, but I know many of you can’t afford it. So if you must do your own hair highlights at home here are the rules to follow to keep things as danger free as possible.

    • Make sure your hair is ready ~~ Don’t try to highlight your hair if you have hair that has been permed, chemically straightened or has a permanent hair color. It may result in uneven highlighting and breakages. If your hair has been treated with henna, wait until it’s grown out or the colored area has been trimmed away before doing at-home hair highlighting.
      Perform a skin test ~~ Make sure your skin is not overly sensitive to the chemicals. Perform a skin sensitivity test 36 hours before any chemical project. Place a little of the chemical on a cotton ball and apply behind your ear. Watch for redness, itchiness and swelling.
    • Don’t Start by Shampooing ~~ Start your hair highlighting project with dry, clean hair that’s free from styling and product build-up, but don’t shampoo immediately before coloring as this will strip your scalp of its natural oils, which are designed to protect.
    • Protect your clothing ~~ Always wear an old sweat shirt in case of slip-ups.
    • Read the directions ~~ It might sound obvious, but don’t stray from the instructions on the box. Straying from the processing time is especially important. Stopping early will result in orange hair.
    • Eliminate all knots ~~ Make sure you comb your hair first so that it’s knot-free, and a part if you want your hair to fall back into its natural position.
    • Do a strand test ~~ Make sure you’ll be happy with the end result. Take a small piece of hair from the underneath section and color it. Let it process and check to make sure you’re satisfied, before proceeding with a full head of hair.
    • Protect from color runs ~~ Apply a thick layer of petroleum jelly around your ears, hairline and neck before coloring your hair it’ll prevent the color from staining your skin.
    • Apply hair highlight colorants ~~ Use protective gloves, prepare the color and use immediately. Select thinner strands of hair for subtle hair highlights and larger, widely spaced pieces for a more dramatic effect. Apply the mixture to the hair starting away from the scalp a bit taking care not to touch the scalp. Continue alternating strands on each side of the part.
    • Rinse and finish ~~ Wait for the full developing time, then rinse thoroughly in warm water. Use a color care shampoo and conditioner and dry as normal.

    For more highlight ideas check out our Pinterest Hairstyles with Highlights Board.




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