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    Anne Hathaway Wins Tony Hairstyles

    Tony Hairstyles

    Tony Hairstyles Winners Include Anne Hathaway

    The Tony Award hairstyles at Radio City Music Hall in New York were fabulous! Did you see it? If not, you’ll have to check out the highlights. Personally, I just like to watch the ‘Live from the Red Carpet’ events beforehand so that I can check out the gorgeous dresses and hot hairstyles that come down the red carpet. If you are like me and just prefer to see what the stars are wearing, here are some highlights of the hottest hairstyles from the red carpet.

    Anne Hathaway Tony Hairstyles

    Classic beauty Anne Hathaway stayed true to form with a classic up-do hairstyle for the Tony Awards. Her sleek updo hairstyle is easily recreated at home with a few simple steps.

    • Step 1: Run a lightweight styling gel through damp hair and distribute evenly by combing through with a wide tooth comb.
    • Step 2: Part your hair deeply to one side.
    • Step 3: Pull all the hair back into a very low ponytail, making sure to keep everything as sleek and smooth as possible. Secure hair with a hair band with a similar color as your hair.
    • Step 4: Wrap the hair from the ponytail around the hair band and secure your ends with Bobby-pins.

    Like I said, this is such a simple hairstyle, yet elegant enough to take my top pick of the Tony hairstyles and easy enough to do at home!

    Tony Hairstyles Marcia Gay Harden

    Big winner, Marcia Gay Harden, went home with a Tony Award, but even better, she came with a gorgeous curly hairstyle. Turning her bob from an everyday look into an award winning hairstyle, she brought out her natural curl and then some. Here’s how to get a curly hairstyle like Marcia Gay Harden’s:

    • Step 1: Apply a curl enhancing cream to towel-dried hair. I like Bumble and Bumble Curl Conscious Cream, because they have one to suit any hair texture.
    • Step 2: Twist hair in one inch sections around your finger and let air dry.
    • Step 3: Once hair has dried completely (and make sure it is 110% dry before touching), shake out the curls and spray with a light hold hairspray.
    • Step 4: If needed, touch up a few curls here and there with a small barreled curling iron.

    This hairstyle is best suited for those of you with natural body to your hair. If you have stick-straight hair, you might want to pass on a curly hairstyle like Marcia’s. You would have to put in a lot more work with the curling iron and product, without the guarantee of it holding throughout the evening.

    Tony Hairstyles

    These gorgeous modern day retro hairstyles are hotter than ever, and we saw plenty of them at the Tony Awards this year with Samantha Mathis wearing one of my favorite hairstyles. Her beautiful blonde hair had a subtle s-wave on one side with the other side pulled back off her face. The look is totally alluring and here’s how to steal the hairstyle:

    • Step 1: Part your hair deep to one side.
    • Step 2: Curl the side with the most hair under with a medium barrel curling iron in the bang area.
    • Step 3: With a smaller curling iron, curl pieces around your face, working your way towards the back of your hair.
    • Step 4: Finger style your bangs into an s-wave by pulling out the curl a bit and then spray into place with a natural hold hairspray like Sebastian’s Shaper Zero Gravity Dry, Brushable Lightweight Control Hairspray.
    • Step 5: Tuck the other side of your hair behind your ear and spray the rest of the style with hairspray as well.

    Samantha paired this hairstyle perfectly with her dramatic red lips. Something else you could add to this style would be a flower on the side of your hair tucked behind your ear. It would add a dramatic element to the hairstyle.

    Most of the hairstyles I saw on the red carpet at this year’s Tony Awards were gorgeous, but even better, they are easy to re-create at home!! Follow the simple steps I’ve gone over to get one of these beautiful hairstyles from the Tony Awards.

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